Antidepressant: Church Shooter Medicated Majority of His Short Life


EXCLUSIVE: ‘He was like a brother to me… how could he be capable of such evil’: Texas church shooter’s teenage best friend tells how he cut all ties when Kelley was convicted of domestic abuse

  • Ralph Martinez, 27,  met Texas Church shooter Devin Kelley at the skateboard park in New Braunfels, Texas when he was 12 years old and Kelly was 11
  • Martinez says he was his best friend until he was 19 and they both attended the Tree of Life Church
  • Martinez said he took prescription medication for ADHD until he was 19 and Devin took prescription pills for the same thing for as long as he can remember
  • Kelley, 26, opened fire during a Sunday morning church service at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Killing 26 and injuring 20
  • ” I’m shocked by his actions, growing up he had a hair-trigger temper… He was all talk, no action. I never imagined this could’ve of happened,” Martinez said



NOTE: It appears that after joining the military the aggression becomes more physical. Consider all the vaccines added to the mix of meds plus the military’s notariaty for drugging begins to rear its ugly head as they begin to drug him for aggression according to his wife.

What we have found over the years is that Paxil was generally the antidepressant given for “anger management” but what Eric Harris at Columbine was given was Zoloft. After six short weeks on Zoloft Eric was so frightened by the intense homicidal ideation he was experiencing from the drug that he reported it to them and asked that something be done about it.

Sadly and tragically for both Eric and dozens of his classmates at Columbine their only solution was to change the brand of the antidepressant that they were giving him! So on the new antidepressant Luvox Eric went on with the homicidal ideation that Zoloft had triggered for him and we all saw the end result. So what the information that he was being given this type of drug by the military I have absolutely no doubt that this shooter was definitely taking an antidepressant drug when he killed everyone in Texas this last week as they sat in church!

Please stay tuned for the next blog post I include or you where you will hear from the Christian Broadcasting Network Pat Robertson declare with no doubt in his voice whatsoever that this Texas church shooting was the direct result of antidepressants!

The teenage best friend  of Texas Church shooter  Devin Kelley  has revealed how his former pal had a trigger-happy temper  but had always been “all talk, no action.”

Ralph Martinez  tells Daily Mail   that he was Kelley’s best friend from age 12 to 19 years old.

“He was like a brother to me at the time,” Martinez says in an exclusive interview.

“When I heard the news of what Devin did I was mortified! I never thought he could be capable of such an evil. I’m hoping this is all a bad dream.”…

Martinez said he had a lot in common, both of them were super-hyper active.

Martinez says he took prescription medicine for his ADHD until he was 19 and Devin took prescription pills for the same thing for as long as he can remember….

For Kelley’s 21st birthday Martinez flew out to New Mexico with his girlfriend, where they spent a long weekend with Devin and Tessa where they were living at the time.

“While we were in New Mexico at one point my girlfriend saw some prescription pill bottles in their kitchen and ask Tessa what they were for,” said Martinez.

“Tessa said that they were Devin’s prescription pills, that he needs to take them for his aggression. Tessa didn’t say anything more about it.”

” A short time after we had returned back to New Braunfels, some military officials knocked on my door and asked me if I ever saw Devin beat up Tessa or notice any scrapes or bruises. They also asked if I ever noticed any aggression. I told them No! to all their questions, I had no idea what they were talking about.”

“I was shocked by what I heard, then I started hearing from people on Facebook about how Devin beat up Tessa and her young child.”


Visual Effects of Medications Over the Years

If you recall seeing the drastic changes in the physical appearance of little Kara her mother took every month or two after beginning on Paxil until she committed suicide only five or six months later I think you will see the same thing in this young man’s appearance in the pictures below….the evidence of Cushing’s Syndrome is more than obvious in the last picture.:-)


Additional Information

For documentation please read the excellent original article below from the Daily Mail with detailed information on those who lost their lives last Sunday …

Original article:


Deadly Drugs – www.SSRIstories.NET

SSRIstories.NET is a database of the cases our group at the International Coalition for Drug Awareness has gathered over the past 2 1/2 decades, including nearly every school shooter and mass shooter in the country. The question remains in all of these cases as to the level of consciousness of the perpetrator – something that is never tested in the court cases and should be. (Tragically in this case that is no longer an option.) Testing is still back in the dark ages with blood levels of drugs rather than brain waves which will detect the level of consciousness and therefore culpability. These are drugs that accumulate in brain tissue at an alarming rate. Testing the blood tells us nothing about the level of toxicity.



What so many were not aware of is that an increase in serotonin by an accompanying decrease in one’s ability to metabolize serotonin was long known to produce both impulsive murder and suicide. See this study out of the Southern California:

1996 – Mutant Mice May Hold Key To Human Violence – An Excess Of Serotonin.

08/11/1996 – Mutant Mice May Hold Key To Human Violence – An Excess Of Serotonin, A Chemical That Helps Regulate Mood And Mental Health, Causes Mayhem




What the world remains unaware of is the fact is that 86% of those who are diagnosed with the most deadly sleep disorder known as REM Sleep Disorder (RBD) are currently taking antidepressants. REM Sleep Disorder is a condition in which there is no paralysis during sleep thus allowing the patient to act out the dreams or nightmares they are having. Tragically 80% of those going into this sleep disorder hurt themselves or others including both murder and suicide as a result.

This is possibly the most deadly of all reactions one can have to antidepressants. Even more frightening though is to learn that before the introduction of the SSRI antidepressants RBD was known mainly as a drug withdrawal effect. Thus the chances of going into this dangerous reaction should be expected to increase as one goes into withdrawal. This is why it is so important to avoid as much of the withdrawal effects as possible by tapering off the antidepressant very, very slowly. Feel free to join us on Facebook to learn more about this disorder on our Antidepressant-induced REM Sleep Disorder group:

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Church Shootings: Texas Church Shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley, Kills 26 Wounds 20


Yet another Baptist Church shooting in Texas. This morning in Sutherland Springs, TX Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, walked into the First Baptist Church, shot and killed 26 people and wounded 20 more.

We do know that Kelley was given a dishonorable discharge from the Air Force after four years of service in 2014. In another military case I worked in El Paso, TX a few years ago the soldier presented with knee problems so they gave him Tramadol. Tramadol is basically no different than an antidepressant when you look at the chemistry of the drug knowing that it acts on the same neurotranmitters – serotonin and norepinehrine plus and opioid receptor, but has the same side effect profile. And can also produce the potentially fatal reaction of Serotonin Syndrome – a condition in which the serotonin levels become so high it shuts down major organs producing death. Although it works like an antidepressant would it is generally used as a painkiller. As he began to have problems with that drug causing insomnia they added the antidepressant Trazodone. Then as he began to have more psychological issues from that antidepressant being added to the first one they gave him Celexa. At that point he became homicidal and wanted to kill his superior officer. He reported this to the doctor because naturally he was concerned! They diagnosed him with “homicidal ideation” a listed side effect of antidepressants. And then they actually told him if he reported the homicidal ideation to them again they would discharge him dishonorably! So with that case in mind I will certainly curious to learn why this shooter ended up with a dishonorable discharge from the service.

We do know that it was a citizen with a gun who came to the rescue and saved the rest of the people at the church. He pursued the shooter until he crashed his car. Until further investigation and testing we will not know much more about what happened in this particular case until more information is released. But from what we have seen in the past I would not be the least bit surprised to find these drugs are involved once again and yet another senseless mass killing. There are articles all over the internet releasing more and more information.

The public needs to understand that in these mass killings there is no common denominator when it comes to the weapon involved. In the Germanwings suicidal airline dive to death 150 lost their lives and in Nice, France the death toll was around 84 I believe where the weapon was a truck. In another Swiss case where 22 and children lost their lives the weapon was a bus. So is the solution to ban planes, trucks, buses, and guns? These are inanimate objects that do not act on their own. But if you look at this database of thousands of these killings which we have gathered over the past three decades you will see a common denominator which I have been shouting a warning about all these years:

All these serotonergic mind altering drugs will produce the same end result as LSD or PCP because they elavate the level of serotonin – the same chemical both LSD and PCP mimic in order to produce hallucinations/psychosis. Yet when Sandoz pharmaceutical introduced LSD they marketed it as a way to chemically induce insanity so researchers could then figure out how insanity is produced. And we wonder why the country has gone insane and mental illness and violence is becoming more and more rampant when people are using these drugs which we know produce the same effects of these two drugs now pulled from the market?!

Pulled from the market? Yes, both were patented by pharmaceutical companies to be introduced as prescription medications. LSD was patented by Eli Lilly, the same company who gave us Prozac and PCP was introduced as having “a large margin of safety in humans” by Parke-Davis, now Pfizer, the same company who gave us Zoloft. It remained on the market for 7 years before law enforcement and judges demanded its removal from the market due to the massive violence it was causing in society. Can anyone say deja-vu?

Here are 2 articles that have more information than most when I first wrote this post:


This is not the first shooting in a Baptist Church in Texas. The first thing I’m aware of happened in 1999 and Fort Worth. That shooting was committed by Larry Gene Ashworth who was on Prozac and may have been taking it sporadically after his father died who was the one overlooking is medication. In that shooting 8 died, including Larry Ashworth, and another seven were injured. You can read about that shooting on this older post below…

09/21/1999 – Prozac Found at Wedgwood Baptist Killer’s House


Then there was the South Carolina church shooting where the shooter, Dylan Roof, was on Suboxone which is so often given to wean people off of opioids. What is frightening to know is that Suboxone has such a strong effect on serotonin that it has a very high rate of Serotonin Syndrome associated with the use of that drug. With that being the case it should produce psychosis as well since serotonin is the key to the psychotic break. We know that LSD and PCP produce hallucinations by mimicking serotonin. All of which I am sure was never presented in that case and should have been mainly for the families who lost loved ones in that shooting. They needed to know there was a drug company behind that shooting which should have been held liable for the deaths of their loved ones.


In January of 2002 Michael Burgess on Effexor had begun having delusions and making false accusations against his wife about her having an affair. This is something very common with the use of antidepressants. The drugs cause such horrible nightmares which are often sexual in nature and are so vivid that the patient cannot tell the difference between the dream and reality. So they begin to make accusations about what they have dreamed which they firmly is real. One high-profile example with teeth out of comedian Roseanne Barr who falsely accused her parents of sexually abusing her as a child. Once off her Prozac and other medications Roseanne begin to realize that what she had been accusing her parents of was not real at all, but a delusion caused by the medications. She made that public statement during an interview with Oprah and appearing with her mother Helen. Rosanna stated it was the biggest mistake of her life. She has since done a wonderful job in rebuilding her life medication free! But this is why we have a Facebook group called “Antidepressant-induced False Accusations of Abuse.”

Mr. Burgess had become so convinced that something was going on which everyone agreed that there was absolutely no evidence of, that he took over the microphone at church Sunday evening and began accusing his wife and her best friend’s husband of having an affair. He was so disruptive and aggressive in his accusations that the police were called. They were able to calm things down and Mr. Burgess was allowed to go home with his family. But to show you how close that came to being a mass shooting at church let me tell you what happens next…

Tuesday evening the investigative officer called Mr. Burgess and had a talk with him to follow up on the case. The officer reported that everything seemed fine and 30 minutes later mr. Burgess shot and killed his wife her teenage daughter and chased her parents into the backyard shooting both of them before shooting himself. When I spoke with the investigative officer he stated that there was absolutely no way anyone could have ever convinced him that this man was about to kill the entire family. Even more interesting is learning where the wife worked. She actually worked for the manufacturer of Effexor and her job was taking adverse reaction reports on Effexor!

So I then called Wyeth Pharmaceutical, manufacturers of Effexor, which has since been taking over by Pfizer. I called to make the adverse reaction report on the drug. When they answered they asked me what the adverse reaction was. I replied,”Mass murder suicide.” The woman gasped, rattled some papers, and then said, “Okay, patient name?” I replied, “Michael Burgess.” She said “Micheal…” then shouted, “Michael Burgess! Do you know his wife worked right here in this office?!!” My reply? “You mean to tell me she sat right there next to you taking adverse reaction reports day in and day out on Effexor and did not see this coming soon enough to save her life, the life of her daughter, the lives of her parents, or his?” Her response was a very quiet, “I guess not.” So I said , well while I’ve got you on the phone let me report a few more cases off the top of my head the rest I will have to look through my notes and call you back . I started with, “I certainly hope you have Andrea Yates and her five children down,” and then gave her several more mothers that killed their children under the influence of Effexor, including the female physician on Effexor who stabbed her two sons, killing one, during Andrea Yates second trial.

This case should make it perectly clear just how insane it was for people to blame Rusty Yates for not knowing that Andrea, on maximum dose of both Effexor and Remeron, was about to take the lives of all their children!!!

Here is a link to the Burgess case:


There have been many other shootings at churches as well with many pastors or church leaders being killed some even as they were preaching their sermons. I do know the case of the Mormon Bishop in California who was killed in 2010 was another case for the shooter was on these medications when he went into the church and shot and killed the bishop. And the man was completely psychotic talking about Mortal Kombat just crazy things like he thought he was acting out a video game. As psychotic as this man was it was nothing short of a miracle that many were not killed in that shooting. Although he did not know the bishop he shot, he was holding a grudge against a former Bishop that he knew there years before.

When the shooter left that morning he told his family he was going fishing. But he and his wife two or three years before the shooting made very serious joint suicide attempt and even killed their two cats before making the attempt on their own lives. And the killer had been given a diagnosis of bipolar which we already know is too often caused by antidepressants. And my 2006 testimony before the FDA panel on antidepressants includes much of that information which you can view here if you would like:


HEAVILY MEDICATED IN MIDDLE SCHOOL: “Reid Mosis, 26, who attended school in New Braunfels with Kelley from 6th through 9th grades, said in an interview that Kelley was “always a bit of a loner.”

“I know his parents had him on heavy doses of meds in middle school,” Mosis said. “A lot of friends that knew him said he was too sick in the head to deal with by senior year of high school.”

NOTE: I should add here or those are not aware if someone has been on these antidepressant medications in the past and has not come off the drugs slowly enough to give the brain time to adapt they will often end up back on the drugs again. Withdrawal must be very gradual and the patient will need to work to rebuild their nutrition due to the depletion by the drugs. If that does not happen then being repeatedly put on the drugs is very common. No one should ever attempt coming off an antidepressant or atypical antipsychotic or a benzodiazepine without first thoroughly investigating how to come off of these drugs safely. And all that information is available on our website at

So with his past use it seems to appear he was going back on the drugs over and over with no one realizing that he was having serious adverse reactions which the domestic violence and stalking both indicate.


Church shooter escaped mental health facility after attacking wife

“The man who shot and killed 26 people in a Texas church Sunday was checked into and escaped from a mental health facility in New Mexico in 2012, according to a police report obtained by CBS affiliate KHOU.

“Devin Patrick Kelley: What we know about the Texas church shooting suspect
Devin Kelley was sent to the Peak Behavioral Health Services Center in Santa Teresa, New Mexico after beating his wife and stepson, who suffered a fractured skull, while Kelley was stationed at Holloman Air Force Base. But on June 13, 2012, Kelley escaped from the center, fleeing to El Paso, Texas, acording to the report.
Police warned that Kelley “was a danger to himself and others as he had already been caught sneaking firearms” onto the base, where he “was attempting to carry out death threats that (he) had made on his military chain of command.”

“El Paso police arrested him at a bus stop and turned him over to New Mexico police”

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Animals Force-fed Antidepressants

Beyond those animals being tortured in Pharma laboratories are those animals who have no choice freely prescribed prescription drugs at astronomical rates! Below is the comment on this video I posted a few days ago on the prescribing of antidepressants to animal’s. Most remain unaware that animals are prescribed far more drugs than humans. (Something those of you continuing to eat meat while working to regain your health and detox after the use of antidepressants need to ponder.)
“Before I make my comment allow me to state that I have specialized in the drugs this poor dog is being given and testifying in court cases against the drugs both to the FDA and in criminal cases involving these drugs for almost three decades. I have also been working to get them off the market with the doctor whose research was used to make them possible, yet came out against them in 1997 calling the drugs “monsters” and saying she wished she had never had anything to do with their development. I have also done media interviews with the doctor who admittedly BRIBED the approval of these drugs when he worked for Pharma who paid to bribe that approval! He too (You can find all that documentation on our website at
“Was this dog abused?! Whatever the abuse was, the abuse she is suffering now from that “behavioral vet” has to be far worse than anything she may have ever had before! Putting her on multiple medications (call them what they really are – drugs!) is little different than confining her to Auschwitz!!! The abuse is now mental and emotional, on top of physical, as she goes in and out of withdrawal from powerful mind altering drugs as with this vet switching her meds – a withdrawal humans report is at least 10 times worse than heroin withdrawal!!!
“Poor innocent thing! As if she did not suffer enough abuse already! Now if someone will VERY GRADUALLY, VERY, VERY GRADUALLY (taking months, not days or weeks after a year of being drugged wean her safely down off those drugs she will begin to go outside, get rid of her anxiety (since all these drugs CAUSE or increase anxiety), not cure it, and she will become a happy, healthy, normal dog! Our website at has an MP3 “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!) on how to wean safely & how to calculate how long someone needs to take to do so safely.
“With these drugs producing  a side effect like biting…these drugs could get her euthanized. Biting is common in humans on the drugs so how much greater a reaction would it be for a dog? Years ago the President of France was sent to the hospital after being badly bitten by his pet poodle on Prozac.
“And to show you how bad it can really get another early case involving Prozac was that of a respected Stanford professor who nearly killed her mother by taking over 20 bites out of her and answering the door for police with dried blood down her face and all down the front of her after only two weeks on Prozac!
“All antidepressants and benzodiazepines work the same upon serotonin to produce this aggressive effect. Remember Travis the TV star chimp suffering from Lymes Disease and put on Xanax? The well trained family pet went everywhere with his owners but after recently being prescribed Xanax bit off a woman’s hands and a large portion of her face before being killed by police in a effort to stop him! (2009/02/17/chimpanzee-attacks-mauls-connecticut-woman-before-being-killed-by-police.html)
“Here is a website database with about 5000 similar cases including most all school shootings: www.SSRIstories.NET. Please take a look at that list and then ask yourself how many times we as a society need to stick our hand in fire in order to realize it burns?! These drugs are a death sentence physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Just two weeks ago one of the most extensive studies I have seen demonstrated that antidepressants increase one’enhances of death by 33% and increase the rate of heart attack and stroke by 14%.
“I have seen so many humans suffer for years  due to the adverse effects of these  drugs  that the thought  of a poor helpless animal going through that kind of torture due to forced drugging just turns my stomach! If I were her I would be taking a chunk out of that “behavioral veterinarian”! Maybe someone in one of our many groups who are all trying to somehow find a way to get off of these drugs and put their life back together could take her and they could go through withdrawal together as a support system for each other. What a sad, sad state of affairs for our world!”

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Depressed Father Kills Invalid Daughter & Self After FBI Visit

Fairport on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 5:22 AM the day after the FBI paid a visit to this home John Beilman, 6o, shot and killed his disabled daughter Nichole, 27, before killing himself.

According to John’s brother John did everything for his daughter as she was completely incapable of doing anything for herself. “I think there was a long period of depression,” Metildi said of his brother. “He didn’t have a lot of good to look forward to, vacations or places to go to. You just saw a different person once this all started. The excitement was gone…I really felt there was depression and sadness and anger there.”


A Connection to the Vegas Shooting?

The following articles have several statements repeating that the FBI visit to this man to issue a search warrant the day before had nothing to do with this murder suicide and any link to the Las Vegas shooting. Apparently the FBI had questions about the shooting which most would not realize would likely prompt someone who is on an antidepressant to take an extra pill or two.

That would be the most likely reason for this murder suicide. We know the FDA has warned that abrupt changes in dose of an antidepressant, whether increasing or decreasing the dosage, can cause suicide, hostility or psychosis.

But that wouldn’t be quite as intriguing as a conspiracy theory involving the Las Vegas shooting. People don’t realize that the conspiracy goes far deeper than what they’re looking at when it comes to these drugs and what they’re doing to our society!


  Las Vegas Death Toll Will Continue to Rise

I do hope everyone realizes the extreme far-reaching effects of any tragedy like the Las Vegas shooting. Hundreds upon hundreds and in this case more likely thousands will end up taking antidepressants to cope with what happened. All those hospitalized that night most likely left the hospital with a prescription for an antidepressant. The families and Friends of all those who lost their lives that day, all those who were injured, and all those traumatized by what happened that night, along with the families and friends of all those who were critically injured have a very high chance of being placed on antidepressants as a result of this tragedy. Overtime we sadly know from past experience that this massive prescribing will lead too many more deaths as a result.

When 9/11 happened the prescribing of antidepressants DOUBLED nationwide! And pharmaceutical companies were offering  free  samples  within days  after 9/11 . We watch the same thing happened in Colorado after Columbine. Pharma loves a good tragedy since it brings in so much of an increase in business for them!

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ANTIDEPRESSANT??? Las Vegas Shooting…”A horror show” 59 Dead 515 Wounded

“It was a horror show”: Mass shooting leaves at least 58 dead, 515 wounded on Las Vegas Strip – Las Vegas Review-Journal

This happened in my own backyard. Nevada has been my home for the past seven years, living in South Vegas, and Eastern Clark County including the Mesquite area. So clearly I have been as busy as can be all day long following up on this case.

I will keep you posted on as much information as I can on the case as new info comes in. I will say this, that there is enough information on this shooting already for me to be asking some very serious questions on this case.

Several years ago I worked on the totally out of character case of Donna Fairchild in Mesquite. Donna and her husband were retired Denver, Colorado police officers. She was on the City Council and running for mayor when she decided she wanted to quit smoking.
After taking Zyban (Wellbutrin) for a period of about three months as a stop smoking aid she quit taking the drug, completely unaware that you cannot just stop taking an antidepressant (if she even was made aware that it was an antidepressant she was taking as a stop smoking aid!!!!) and two weeks later shot her husband and herself in the middle of the night. So very similar to what comedian Phil Hartman’s wife did only weeks after having her Zoloft dose cut in half.

Antidepressant-induced REM Sleep Disorder

Donna appeared to have suffered the REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) from the abrupt withdrawal, where you act out nightmares in a dream state. We do know that 86% of those being diagnosed with this deadly sleep disorder are currently taking an antidepressant even though RBD has long been known as a drug withdrawal state – so did that increase her chances of going into this deadly disorder?
RBD has also long been known to include both murder and suicide where a staggering 80% hurt themselves or others. I discuss this deadly disorder at length in my book Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare! And we have a Facebook group as well titled Antidepressant-induced REM Sleep Disorder, found at the following link:

Antidepressant Side Effect of Homicidal Ideation

Daniel P. Linskey, the past Superintendent in Chief, the second highest position in the Boston Police Department, was interviewed Tuesday morning on the Morning Show for Fox News. When asked what the police should be doing in wake of this mass shooting he replied that they should be searching his home for medications that produce “homicidal ideation” as a side effect – medications like antidepressants.
But too few understand the meaning of the term homicidal ideation. The listed side effect of “homicidal ideation” means obsessive compulsive ruminating thoughts and actions of, not just killing, but those same obsessive compulsive ruminating thoughts of various ways to accomplish the killing. When we have little children on these drugs throwing their teddy bears on the floor and screaming over and over again “Kill! Kill! Die! Die!” the feel for the term “homicidal ideation” should be more obvious to people.
One man who had been on Zoloft only three days reported that he wanted to die like he wanted a new Ferrari, but he wanted death not only for himself, but for all his friends. He wanted all of them to get together and die together. That is the side effect to antidepressants known as “homicidal ideation”!

Elevated Serotonin Levels Produce Violence

Continue reading

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Radio Show Tonight With Ann Blake-Tracy

Guest Ann Blake-Tracy

Join us Wednesday night LIVE on F.A.C.E.U.S. with Robin and Lulu, Marcie Friedman host Ann Blake Tracy, expert on SSRI Drugs causing induced-violence and how Pharmaceuticals lead to unprecedented levels in celebrity deaths, suicides and public shootings.

Approximately 200,000 die every year from prescription drug reactions,  80,000 from medical malpractice. Giving these drugs to children and the elderly is unconscionable for many reasons.

Ann Blake Tracy, is the executive director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness and author of Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare!, is an expert consultant in cases like Columbine in which antidepressants are involved.


**Listen Here Live Tonight**

September 27, 2017. 6-8 pm PST/ 7-9 pm MST/ 8-10 pm CST/ 9-11 pm EST

OR call our GUEST LINE 845-241-9962. Press 1 to join the conversation

Ann Blake Tracy has specialized for 28 years in adverse reactions to serotonergic medications Antidepressants such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor, Celexa, and the newer Atypical Anti-psychotic medications Zyprexa, Abilify, Risperdal, Seroquel, etc. and has testified before the FDA, congressional subcommittee on Prozac and SSRI related high profile court cases around the world including Andrea Yates the Texas mother who drowned her 5 children, Princess Di’s death and more.

Tune in to Blog Talk Radio Channel Hidden Truth Revealed F.A.C.E.U.S. with Robin and Lulu (Families Against Court Embezzlement Unethical Standards) The Inside Scoop.


STUDY: Antidepressants Associated With Significantly Elevated Risk Of Death, Strokes & Heart Attacks

For anyone who has read my book with all the information on the damaging physical effects of elevated serotonin along with the research ordered by Eli Lilly on Prozac demonstrating that antidepressants drastically increase the level of cortisol, known as the “death hormone” will not be surprised by the results of this study. They will only be surprised, as am I, that it would take over two decades for the damaging results of this effect to hit mainstream news especially when Lilly’s own research demonstrated back then that a dose as low as 30mg of Prozac doubled the level of cortisol with only one single dose!


In Spite of This Alarming Information Please Heed This Warning

Running Across Top of Since 1995

Antidepressant Users Have 33% Higher Risk of Death

And 14% Higher Risk of Stroke or Heart Attack

The results of this new study out just days ago, on September 14, 2017, found that antidepressant users had a 33% higher chance of death than non-users and they also had a 14% higher risk of cardiovascular events, such as strokes and heart attacks! (Please note that a study involving “hundreds of thousands” is an absolutely massive number for a research study to include.) “The researchers reviewed studies involving hundreds of thousands of people and found that antidepressant users had a 33% higher chance of death than non-users. Antidepressant users also had a 14% higher risk of cardiovascular events, such as strokes and heart attacks. The findings were published today in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics.”


Serotonin Toxicity – Serotonin Syndrome

Anyone familiar with the mode of death produced by too much serotonin, a toxic condition known as Serotonin Syndrome, should be aware that the high levels of serotonin, which accumulate from the Serotonin Reuptake Inhibition process, produce death by shutting down multiple major organs. Keeping that in mind please look at this quote about this research: “It’s widely known that brain serotonin affects mood, and that most commonly used antidepressant treatment for depression blocks the absorption of serotonin by neurons. It is less widely known, though, that all the major organs of the body—the heart, kidneys, lungs, liver—use serotonin from the bloodstream. Antidepressants [Along with any other drug that has Serotonin Reuptake Inhibiting Properties] block the absorption of serotonin in these organs as well, and the researchers warn that antidepressants could increase the risk of death by preventing multiple organs from functioning properly.”


Dr. Candace Pert’s 1997 Warning on Cardiovascular Events

Has Been Ignored By Mainstream Media For Two Decades

I AM ALARMED AT THE MONSTER (SSRI/SNRI antidepressants) I CREATED! …Dr. Candace Pert …. Why was her warning ignored everywhere but here???!!! Please read the information in the link below to learn how she worked hard to get this information out and learn about her role in the creation of these drugs and the high positions in science she held…


Be Sure Not to Miss Gary Null’s Latest New Movie On The Front Page of Our Website Featured Above – “Death By Medicine”


Additional Information & Links on This New Study

Antidepressants associated with significantly elevated risk of death, researchers find

September 14, 2017
Fluoxetine (Prozac). Image: Wikimedia Commons

Antidepressant medications, most commonly prescribed to reduce depression and anxiety, increase the risk of death, according to new findings by a McMaster-led team of researchers.

It’s widely known that brain serotonin affects mood, and that most commonly used antidepressant treatment for depression blocks the absorption of serotonin by neurons. It is less widely known, though, that all the major organs of the body—the heart, kidneys, lungs, liver—use serotonin from the bloodstream.

Antidepressants block the absorption of serotonin in these organs as well, and the researchers warn that antidepressants could increase the risk of death by preventing multiple organs from functioning properly.

The researchers reviewed studies involving hundreds of thousands of people and found that antidepressant users had a 33% higher chance of death than non-users. Antidepressant users also had a 14% higher risk of cardiovascular events, such as strokes and heart attacks. The findings were published today in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics.

“We are very concerned by these results. They suggest that we shouldn’t be taking antidepressant drugs without understanding precisely how they interact with the body,” says author Paul Andrews, an associate professor at McMaster University who led the research team.

Taken by one in eight adult Americans, antidepressants are among the most frequently used medications. They are often prescribed by family doctors without a formal diagnosis of depression, on the assumption they are safe. Since depression itself can be deadly—people with depression are at an increased risk of suicide, stroke and heart attack—many physicians think that antidepressants could save lives by reducing depressive symptoms.

However, McMaster researcher and co-author Marta Maslej, says, “Our findings are important because they undermine this assumption. I think people would be much less willing to take these drugs if they were aware how little is known about their impact outside of the brain, and that what we do know points to an increased risk of death.”

Benoit Mulsant, a psychiatrist at the University of Toronto who was also involved in the study, says the findings point to the need for more research on how antidepressants actually do work.

“I prescribe antidepressants even though I do not know if they are more harmful than helpful in the long-term. I am worried that in some patients they could be, and psychiatrists in 50 years will wonder why we did not do more to find out,” Mulsant says.

Interestingly, the news about antidepressants is not all bad. The researchers found that antidepressants are not harmful for people with cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. This makes sense since these antidepressants have blood-thinning effects that are useful in treating such disorders. Unfortunately, this also means that for most people who are in otherwise good cardiovascular health, antidepressants tend to be harmful.

Journal Reference:

  1. Marta M. Maslej, Benjamin M. Bolker, Marley J. Russell, Keifer Eaton, Zachary Durisko, Steven D. Hollon, G. Marie Swanson, J. Anderson Thomson Jr., Benoit H. Mulsant, Paul W. Andrews. The Mortality and Myocardial Effects of Antidepressants Are Moderated by Preexisting Cardiovascular Disease: A Meta-AnalysisPsychotherapy and Psychosomatics, 2017; 268 DOI: 10.1159/000477940

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ATTENTION UTAH: Meet Me SLC Friday Morning Meeting on Youth Suicide

Maiya, age 6, on Zoloft cries, ‘Mummy I want to go with the angels now.’

Seth, age 5, on Paxil begs, “Daddy Please Kill Me! I Cannot Take This Anymore!

Utah has the highest rate of youth suicide in the world. It is the leading cause of death in youth in Utah where they are losing over 600 children per year!! Never yet that I am aware of in tracking this have antidepressants been discussed as the CAUSE of the high rate of suicide. They are only encouraged as the cure for suicide. Ironic in light of the FDA Black Box Warning issued in 2004 indicating a doubling of suicidal ideation by antidepressants when given to children! PLEASE those of you in Utah join me in standing up for this cause tomorrow morning or I will go alone as I have so often in the past. Someone has to speak up for this atrocity! If we can wake up Utah where the problem is the worst perhaps we can wake up the world! You will find me under the signs that say “Prevent Youth Suicide, Ban Antidepressants!”

Thanks to my ex-Senator Charles Grassley we learned that NAMI (the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) were funded 81% by Pharma explaining why their only solution for mental illness is medication. The head of NAMI was so embarrassed by the disclosure that he stepped down. Now there are other groups like the ones behind this gathering. How much are they getting from Pharma to do the same thing? As I searched through their website it was full of suggestions of medicating children with antidepressants. THIS NEEDS TO END!!!!!!! The announcement for this event follows:

Watch the recording: Here

  • 9:00 AM – 10:00AM
    50 West Cafe
    50 W Broadway
    Salt Lake City, UT 84101

    Downtown, Salt Lake City

  •  Phone number(801) 961-1033

______Broadway Media radio stations: Mix 105.1 (KUDD), X96 (KXRK), U92 (KUUU), Rewind 100.7 (KYMV), Eagle 101.5 (KEGA), ESPN 700 (KALL) and ESPN 960 (KOVO)______

On the morning of September 15th, 2017, from 9-10AM, radio personalities Jon Watkins of Mix 105.1, and Bill Allred of X96, will host a town hall style discussion along with a panel of guests, which includes: Attorney General Sean Reyes, Lt. Governor Spencer Cox and other leading local health experts (health experts best described as drug pushers?!) who will address questions from participating high school students and listeners to start an open discussion about suicide prevention. This event will be broadcast live on all Broadway Media radio stations: Mix 105.1 (KUDD), X96 (KXRK), U92 (KUUU), Rewind 100.7 (KYMV), Eagle 101.5 (KEGA), ESPN 700 (KALL) and ESPN 960 (KOVO), and will be live streamed on radio station Facebook platforms, and online at Broadway Media hopes that leading this open discussion will help the local community feel empowered to openly engage their friends, family members and neighbors about prevention, and bring the topic of suicide out of the shadows.

“After learning about the statistics of suicide in this state, I decided it was time for us to use our voice to shine a light on this growing health crisis. This event is not about doom and gloom. This event is about starting a conversation no one wants to have and sharing the unbelievable and free resources that are available to anyone in despair. This broadcast is about hope.” – Kayvon Motiee, President, Broadway Media

X96 and Broadway Media invites their media peers, clients and partners, and members of the community who would like to attend, to join them on-site the morning of September 15th at 50 West Café, to take part in this discussion and learn how to take action, and raise awareness about suicide prevention. X96 and Broadway Media would like to implore the community for their support in this endeavor. As this crisis continues to take the lives of Utahn’s and their loved ones, it is time to move past the fear and speak out about this growing public health issue, and open a safe forum for support, information and local resources.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, established in 1987, is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide. As a critical resource in the community, the AFSP provides funding for scientific research, education to the public about mental health and suicide prevention, and support and aid for those affected by suicide. If you or a loved one is in distress, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline





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Hurricane Alert & Prescription Medication Concerns

One of the strongest Atlantic storms ever recorded has caused damage on several islands, including Barbuda, Anguilla and St. Martin



For years I have warned about the issues that could arise due to any type of emergency that could lead to patients not being able to get their medications for a period thus being forced into abrupt withdrawal. When the FDA has warned that any abrupt change in dose, whether increasing or decreasing the dose can cause suicide, hostility or psychosis this is a serious concern. And when you know how many pharmaceutical company manufacturing plants are based in Puerto Rico, North Carolina and New Jersey which may all be in the wake of this storm it could cause even some longer term problems with availability.



Florida officials began ordering evacuations as Hurricane Irma intensifies to a Category 5 storm. Anyone in the target zone of Irma please be safe and don’t forget your medical directives and medication. See if it’s possible to get early refills due to the storm. People were forced into cold turkey withdrawal in recent hurricanes from their prescription medications because they didn’t anticipate the damage and the difficulties in getting refills after the storms.

Latest Alert from Florida: The state of Florida has ordered all prescriptions to be refilled even if it is not time yet. Basically they said “get all your prescriptions now because the pharmacies have been told to fill them, then get out of harm’s way.”



(1) In the event a pharmacist receives a request for a prescription refill and the pharmacist is unable to readily obtain refill authorization from the prescriber, the pharmacist may dispense:
(a) A one-time emergency refill of up to a 72-hour supply of the prescribed medication; or
(b) A one-time emergency refill of one vial of insulin to treat diabetes mellitus.
(2) If the Governor issues an emergency order or proclamation of a state of emergency, the pharmacist may dispense up to a 30-day supply in the areas or counties affected by the order or proclamation, provided that:
(a) The prescription is not for a medicinal drug listed in Schedule II appearing in chapter 893.
(b) The medication is essential to the maintenance of life or to the continuation of therapy in a chronic condition.
(c) In the pharmacist’s professional judgment, the interruption of therapy might reasonably produce undesirable health consequences or may cause physical or mental discomfort.
(d) The dispensing pharmacist creates a written order containing all of the prescription information required by this chapter and chapters 499 and 893 and signs that order.
(e) The dispensing pharmacist notifies the prescriber of the emergency dispensing within a reasonable time after such dispensing.
History.—ss. 19, 27, ch. 86-256; s. 3, ch. 89-77; s. 59, ch. 91-137; s. 6, ch. 91-156; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 30, ch. 93-211; s. 24, ch. 2016-230.

IF NARCOTIC- Pharmacist MUST get oral RX and permission from doctor for 3 day supply.

(f) A prescription for a controlled substance listed in Schedule II may be dispensed only upon a written prescription of a practitioner, except that in an emergency situation, as defined by regulation of the Department of Health, such controlled substance may be dispensed upon oral prescription but is limited to a 72-hour supply. A prescription for a controlled substance listed in Schedule II may not be refilled.

The 2017 Florida Statutes

Title XVII
Chapter 252
View Entire Chapter
252.358 Emergency-preparedness prescription medication refills.—All health insurers, managed care organizations, and other entities that are licensed by the Office of Insurance Regulation and provide prescription medication coverage as part of a policy or contract shall waive time restrictions on prescription medication refills, which include suspension of electronic “refill too soon” edits to pharmacies, to enable insureds or subscribers to refill prescriptions in advance, if there are authorized refills remaining, and shall authorize payment to pharmacies for at least a 30-day supply of any prescription medication, regardless of the date upon which the prescription had most recently been filled by a pharmacist, when the following conditions occur:
(1) The person seeking the prescription medication refill resides in a county that:
(a) Is under a hurricane warning issued by the National Weather Service;
(b) Is declared to be under a state of emergency in an executive order issued by the Governor; or
(c) Has activated its emergency operations center and its emergency management plan.
(2) The prescription medication refill is requested within 30 days after the origination date of the conditions stated in this section or until such conditions are terminated by the issuing authority or no longer exist. The time period for the waiver of prescription medication refills may be extended in 15- or 30-day increments by emergency orders issued by the Office of Insurance Regulation.
This section does not excuse or exempt an insured or subscriber from compliance with all other terms of the policy or contract providing prescription medication coverage. This section takes effect July 1, 2006.
History.—s. 29, ch. 2006-71.

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REM Sleep Disorder: Aspiring Pastor Accused of Stabbing Wife to Death


Aspiring Pastor Accused of Killing Wife in His Sleep Blames Cold Medicine: ‘I Can’t Believe I Did This’

A 28-year-old North Carolina man is facing a murder charge after allegedly stabbing his wife in bed — but the newlywed claims he doesn’t remember carrying out the alleged crime because he might have done it in his sleep, PEOPLE confirms.

Matthew Phelps, of Raleigh, called police distraught early Friday morning, declaring that his wife, Lauren, was dead on their bedroom floor covered in blood.

“I had a dream and then I turned on the lights and she’s dead on the floor,” he says in a 911 call obtained by PEOPLE. “I have blood all over me and there’s a bloody knife on the bed and I think I did it. I can’t believe this.”


Warning went out to NC pastors in 2008

What is really extra sad about this is that my article Sorcery and Spirituality came from an article a minister, Rev. George Malkmus, at Halleluah Acres, in NC asked me to write for his followers back in 2008. This is an article I ask all the time for everyone to take to their church leaders so that they will have this warning from the scriptures about this terrible plague of these deadly drugs that we were told would deceive the whole world in our day and would be the cause of death for many.

The Deception:

#1 We now know the approval for these drugs was bribed.  “I indirectly contributed to the death of . . . people, whose shadows now haunt me.”…. Dr. John Virapen Listen to him confess that here:
#2 But that was only the beginning of the deception. From there it has gotten worse with Dr. Candace Pert whose research made all these drugs possible coming out against them in 1997…I AM ALARMED AT THE SSRI MONSTER I CREATED….
#3 The serotonin hypothesis is backwards – serotonin never was low in depression, anxiety, etc. Research demonstrated it was elevated in those disorders due to an inability to metabolize serotonin – exactly what antidepressants do – inhibit the reuptake (metabolism) of serotonin! As I explained at the FDA hearing in September of 2004:

September 2004 Mark Taylor & Spoke of Antidepressants on the 700 Club

After we finished testimony at the FDA and learned of the Black Box Warning to be put into place Mark Taylor, his mother, Donna, and I drove down the East Coast to Florida for a case I had there very similar to this young aspiring pastor which had been the result of cold turkey withdrawal from Effexor. On our way we stopped in NC to film a piece with the 700 Club which you can see on the video about Mark and his case against Pharma and the retaliation they have taken against him for speaking out – which has only grown increasingly far worse since the film was put together in 2013:  Mark Taylor’s Fight for Columbine:


Dextromethorphan in Cough, Cold & Sleep Medications is Serotonergic

We have been warning about cough medications and antidepressant use forever! The ingredient Dextromethorphan is a serotonin reuptake inhibitor and will magnify the adverse effects of these drugs while on them or in withdrawal from them. I would suspect one would need to avoid them for many years after coming off. Kids call this ingredient Dex and they have been getting high on it for decades. It can produce a PCP effect, but as most of you should now know all of these antidepressants can do that as well. If you have not yet spent hours on our main website to learn all the cautions you need to take, I would suggest you commit yourselves to do that NOW! Something like this is certainly not worth taking a chance on! But learn from this article on this deadly sleep disorder that 86% of these cases involve someone who is currently on an antidepressant or making changes in the dose of an antidepressant. It has long been known as a drug withdrawal state. We do not yet know if this young man was on an antidepressant, but NC has long been known for having one of the highest rates of use nationwide. So chances of him being on one or having been on one in the past are high.  If you look at this case out of Washington State you will see a REM Sleep Disorder explained by a young man who took a gun to school when he was 16 and held his classmates at gunpoint for 45 minutes and today, almost 20 years later still has no memory of it. He was being switched over from a year on Paxil to Effexor…

Dangerous RBD Sleep Disorder From Antidepressants

During normal REM sleep the muscles in the body become paralyzed and only keeps the necessary functions of the body working such as respiration, heart beat, etc. There are a small group of cells in the brain stem that control REM (dreaming sleep). When these cells become injured or diseased, people do not experience the muscle paralysis associated with REM sleep, which can lead to REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD)-a serious condition in which the afflicted violently act out their dreams.
In this sleep state known as RBD, people have been known, not only to drive, but to do things completely uncharacteristic of themselves such as fight like a military person although never serving in the military, become promiscuous, but also even to murder those close to them and to take their own lives in this sleep state. Murder and suicide have long been known to be a symptom of REM sleep disorder. This is an unconscious state without normal inhibitions and full of automatic behavior based on whatever dream you may be having.
This link will show you some of the MANY possibilities when you are acting out your dreams or nightmares while experiencing RBD. At we have many of these types of cases which were induced by the use of antidepressants. Keep in mind that the most common side effect of antidepressants is insomnia, especially in withdrawal, so those in antidepressant withdrawal often have their chances of experiencing RBD increased by being prescribed drugs similar to Ambien.
Over 80% of those who go into RBD hurt themselves or others. I have one book I have written on RBD and am finishing up an ebook now. Although rare in the past we are seeing more and more of this deadly disorder. While drugs similar to Zolpidem (Ambien) are found in 3% of these cases what few are aware of is the research by America’s two foremost experts on this disorder showing that 86% of the cases they are diagnosing with RBD are patients currently taking an antidepressant. But because RBD has long been known as a “drug withdrawal state” the risk of RBD in antidepressant withdrawal or Zolpidem and similar drugs could be far greater!
The worst of this disorder is when it is a nightmare you are experiencing when you go into this sleepwalk state. For two decades I have listened to people repeat over and over to me after coming safely off an antidepressant, “I acted out my worst nightmare on this drug!” And, as I testified before the FDA, this previously rare sleep disorder of RBD is exactly what comedian Phil Hartman’s wife experienced when she shot her famous husband under the influence of two serotonergic drugs: Zoloft and Ultram (Tramadol).
Please note that there is a Facebook group antidepressant-induced REM Sleep Disorder at:
Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director, International Coalition for Drug Awareness

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