sean petrozzino

Sean Petrozzino

When we first heard about the murder case this past week of Michael and Nancy Petrozzino I suspected we would soon hear about the suicide of their son who was the suspect in their deaths. The story of Sean’s suicide broke in Memphis, TN late last night. Cases involving antidepressant-induced homicidal ideation will generally produce the antidepressant-induced suicidal ideation next. Orlando, FL has long been a hotbed for these cases, as has all of Florida actually, so I suspect to hear about the use of antidepressants soon as well.

In fact I have worked with two different doctors there as a support to them in their very serious reactions to antidepressants – one, a previously happy married man and father of several children, lost his business, became an alcoholic, cocaine addict and became gay on the antidepressants and the other shot and killed his wife.

And the last time I stayed in Orlando I was the house guest of a fellow I helped in MI when his wife, a nurse, killed their two small daughters, her sister and herself on Prozac. You really need to see how extremely widespread these tragedies are.

Michael and Nancy Petrozinno

Michael and Nancy Petrozzino

Anyway as this case develops please watch for all the clues as to the medication use of this young man. He suffered a serious disease which cost him all four of his limbs which is more than reason enough for any doctor in this country to suggest the use of an antidepressant.


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