Survivor Story 207:25/77 – I Lost My Son to Paxil “6 months after first starting Paxil – we are devastated.”


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I Lost My Son to Paxil



“He died 6 months after first starting Paxil -we are devastated.”

To whom it may concern: I’m a Canadian but will do whatever it takes to join and speak at the subcommittee.

I lost my son to Paxil-he was 18 and half-bipolar and put on the wrong medication-he went from being kind to angry-violent and suicidal- we tried hospitalization and withdrawal etc.

He seemed as though he was just coming out of this when he died. He died 6 months after first starting Paxil -we are devastated-I have two other children but our horror and devastation can never be explained. My husband killed himself six weeks ago-he could not deal with the loss of our beautiful boy-even though he was treated he became severely depressed and could not fight his depression-he had never been suicidal.

Paxil has destroyed our beautiful family and I would go to any measure to speak or discuss this. It should never have been put on the market and the effects are so dramatic and devastating that we will never be the same.

My e-mail is and phone 604-926-5096 in West Vancouver. My son was a graduate of high school, with hundreds of friends, artist, athlete, starting college and just starting his own snowboard company. I send a picture of him to you-he is now one of the many that has joined the Paxil statistics-loved and lost to a prescription drug that should never have been approved. Leslie mother, widow and a family of statistics.

Leslie Fennchristian

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