Survivor Story 212:30/77 – One Month on Celexa, Son Kills Himself.


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One Month on Celexa, Son Kills Himself



“I believe that CELEXA caused my son to become suicidal. My research into the adverse effects of SSRIs has strengthened that belief.”

My 46 year old son Bob had successfully managed his depression for a number of years with older antidepressants. But in early June, 2001, his psychiatrist prescribed CELEXA, a newer SSRI.

On June 18, my son reported to the psychiatrist that his depression had worsened, but evidently was encouraged to keep taking the drug. On June 28th, 2001, he went to work as usual.

I saw him at 4 that afternoon, and he was not upset or distressed. He went home, and at 5 pm called his wife at her workplace and asked her to pick up a prescription for him on her way home. They discussed where they’d go for dinner that night. But when she arrived home shortly before 6 pm, he was dead.

He’d shot himself in the head. Between 5 and 6 pm that day, something catastrophic occurred in Bob’s brain that created a sudden impulse to kill himself. A man planning to commit suicide within the next hour wouldn’t bother to ask his wife to pick up his prescription. I believe that CELEXA caused my son to become suicidal. My research into the adverse effects of SSRIs has strengthened that belief.

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Mrs. Robert J. Murphy

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