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Drug Dilemma



“(My sons) have been afflicted with Prozac, Zoloft, and some other SSRI’s that have caused them to become obese, stupefied, and are developing breasts as a result of side affects.”

In 1984 my wife died leaving me with three children in high school and twin boys that were handicapped. Before that time my wife had stated that under no circumstances would she allow my sons to be admitted into the assisted living program we had applied to if psychiatric drugs would be prescribed. They had never been on any kind of similar medication previously

Shortly after my wife’s death I was diagnosed with a “fatal” melanoma with three months to live. I agreed to whatever was necessary for my sons care.

Through God’s grace I survived, and with his help I managed to get my three other children through college.

A few years after being imprisoned at the assisted living agency I read a book that revealed that my sons were victims of a little known condition called “Hyperacusis”, An intolerable sensitivity to certain sound frequencies, that caused them to lie in bed with pillows over their ears. They read the encyclopedias in our house and became remarkable sources of information for their student siblings.

I found a treatment for Hyperacusis and had it corrected.

I feel that my sons, admitted to assisted living were lumped and labeled by the DSM, and became guinea pigs for the advance of lucrative drugs. including stelazine. (whatever happened to stelazine?)

Lately they have been afflicted with Prozac, Zoloft, and some other SSRI’s that have caused them to become obese, stupefied, and are developing breasts as a result of side affects. They have no control of their diets and get no exercise. The agency will provide marvelous ISP plans to contest this. but they do not exist. My sons appearance is visible testimony to this falsehood.

My sons have been “supervised” (imprisoned) for seventeen tears and face life without committing any crime. In spite of this atrocious isolation my sons have amassed a wealth of information through reading , and retention. I can only imagine their mental stature if they were allowed to go to the library.

They are driven to a day program where they spend the day protecting themselves form the mentally deranged clients, My son David had a piece bitten from his arm by a berserk person sitting next to him on the bus. Douglas had his head split open by one of his caretakers and was hospitalized. my request for incident reports was ignored, They endure this “snake pit” environment daily.

Before entering the agency my sons used public transportation and were free to walk the neighborhood. I feel that the threat of “drug suicide” causes the agency to supervise my sons twenty four hours a day.

I have no voice without a second professional opinion. I have not been able to get a second opinion and feel no doctor will jeopardize his career with backlash from the drug, and insurance companies, and the medical community.

George Mooney

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