Memorial to Carol Christmas: I Just Lost One of My Dearest Friends to Cancer

Carol Christmas

Carol Christmas

For the past 35 years this woman has been one of my dearest of friends. If there was ANYTHING you needed to have done she was the one to call. If you had a problem in life she did not see it as such. She would go under it, around it, through it….and before you knew it she had always found a way to handle it for you. She was amazing! Her life was one of total love and service to others.

She found the love of her life about 10 years after we first met and she died this afternoon almost 25 years to the minute of when they were married/sealed for time and all eternity in the Los Angeles Temple of the LDS Church. But that was Carol. She would not leave Bob alone on their anniversary. What they accomplished together was amazing as she brought her four children together with Bob’s four children and you would never ever know that they were not the parents of each of those children! Step-child was not in the vocabulary of either of them.

Carol took care of everyone always. And everyone always got a laugh out of her new married name, especially her, Carol Christmas. She was unforgettable with a name like that and unforgettable for the fact that she was a best friend to everyone she came in contact with. No one was a stranger. Everyone was family to her. She and Bob served several missions to Switzerland and Southern France. They loved that area so much and and Carol hoped to be able to go on one more mission there before she had to leave us. Sadly that did not happen.

I spent several days with her a couple of months ago and we were both quite sure that she had little time left so I gave her a “To Do List” for when she gets to the other side – like they do in the islands. She has a whole lot of people to contact and organize there to help us here with what we are all trying to do to wake up this world to this antidepressant nightmare. I have always known that if anyone can ever get something done that needs to be done, Carol can! Please pray for her efforts and pray for her family who will be lost without her.

I will miss you Carol. Not sure who to call now when I need something done. We will all miss you….until we meet again….and to her family I pray for your peace and strength to go on without her. The greatest blessing I have had in my life other than my family are the best friends ever! I am so very grateful for them all and the impact they have all made in my life.

I love you Carol!!! Always….


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