I indirectly contributed to the death of . . . people, whose shadows now haunt me.

Meet Dr. John Virapen – The Man Who BOUGHT Prozac’s Approval

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Candace Pert, the discoverer of the opiate binding process.

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Read the Kauffman SSRI Study Bombshell!

by Joel M. Kauffman, Ph.D. March 31st, 2009

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Why I took a gun to school.

First hand account of a boy who could have been Adam Lanza or Eric Harris

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“Ann B Tracy has boldly gone where few dare to tread…”

Everything your doctor does not know and drug companies hope NO ONE ever learns about serotonin and Serotonergic medications (all antidepressants, atypical anti-psychotics and some pain killers)
Also contains information on safe and successful withdrawal.

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Book Excerpts

The Aftermath SSRI-babies SSRIs-Alcohol

How to withdraw safely from antidepressant medications (Details safe and successful withdrawal from antidepressants, benzodiazepines, or any other type of mind-altering medications) [Mp3 download]


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Help! I can’t get off my antidepressant! [Mp3 Download] Order help MP3 Today
Everything your doctor does not know and drug companies hope NO ONE ever learns about how to safe and successful withdrawal from serotonin and Serotonergic medications (all antidepressants, atypical anti-psychotics and some pain killers)

Breaking News – Our Most Recent Serotonin & SSRI Nightmares.

Hurricane Alert & Prescription Medication Concerns

One of the strongest Atlantic storms ever recorded has caused damage on several islands, including Barbuda, Anguilla and St. Martin   FOR ALL THOSE ON MEDICATIONS & HOW THIS STORM MAY IMPACT YOU For years I have warned about the issues that could arise due to any type of emergency that could lead to patients […]

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REM Sleep Disorder: Aspiring Pastor Accused of Stabbing Wife to Death

  Aspiring Pastor Accused of Killing Wife in His Sleep Blames Cold Medicine: ‘I Can’t Believe I Did This’ A 28-year-old North Carolina man is facing a murder charge after allegedly stabbing his wife in bed — but the newlywed claims he doesn’t remember carrying out the alleged crime because he might have done it […]

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Neurontin and Lyrica are a Death Sentence for New Brain Synapses

A shocking study shows that these two drugs block the formation of new brain synapses1, drastically reducing the potential for rejuvenating brain plasticity – meaning that these drugs will cause brain decline that apparently robs one of the ability to rebuild. The study demonstrating this type of brain damage with these two drugs came out in […]

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RIP DIANA: The Most High Profile Victim of Prozac

Diana, the Princess of Wales Antidepressants do not care WHO you are – – The most talked about and most photographed woman on the planet, Diana, the Princess of Wales, who was given these drugs for postpartum depression after the birth of her first son … the drugs take their toll no matter who you […]

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Ann Blake-Tracy on Radio: Join us Thurs Nite LIVE: Who Judges the Judges with Katherine Hine hosting Ann Blake Tracy, expert on SSRI drug-induced violence. HOW JUDGES HIDE THE VIOLENCE CAUSED BY SSRI DRUGS. Pharmaceuticals and even food additives have directly led to unprecedented levels of public shootings, parents murdering their children, celebrity deaths, and more. […]

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REMERON & SEROQUEL: Robin Williams July 21, 1954 – August 11, 2014

ROBIN WILLIAMS Born: July 21,1951 Died: August 11, 2014 This weekend should not pass us by without addressing the anniversary of the passing of one of the greatest comedians of all time, Robin Williams. He died three years ago of Antidepressant-induced REM Sleep Disorder (RBD). He had at least 2 serotonergic drugs in his system when […]

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Serotonergic Drugs: Carrie Fisher Toxicology & Cause of Death Released

According to a CNN report, medical examiners concluded that “sleep apnea and other undetermined factors” contributed to her death.” They also reported multiple drugs, legal as well as illegal: methadone, heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy,and others they do not mention including her favorite Prozac. If everyone will recall her ashes were placed into a large Prozac pill […]

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COLD TURKEY WITHDRAWAL: SEROQUEL: Triple Murder Demonstrates Why Not To Do This

Derek Saretzky above stopped his “sleeping pill,” the atypical antipsychotic drug Seroquel (Quetiapine) abruptly two months before this tragedy…. Thinking about stopping your medication cold turkey, switching medications, starting Seroquel or any other serotonergic drug???? Read this current ongoing triple murder case and think again!!!!! You may also want to visit our Facebook group “Seroquel […]

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