Richard Henry Bain, 61, shooting suspect

Suspect in Quebec shooting identified as Mont-Tremblant businessman who has now been hospitalized

Wednesday morning the Quebec political victory party was marred by a shooting that killed one & seriously injured another as a man in a blue bathrobe carrying an assault rifle opened fire, then set a fire outside the building before he was apprehended.

As usual in most antidepressant-induced shootings the man’s previous offenses were minor traffic violations only. His actions were completely out of character and according to friend’s they are in shock by the behavior.

“The man police say opened fire outside the Parti Québécois victory party at midnight, killing a technician and wounding another man, is a trained engineer with a ski lodge near Mont-Tremblant, says one man who was shocked to see his friend Richard Henry Bain on TV early Wednesday morning.

“I can’t believe he would get to that point,” the man told The Globe and Mail. “He’s a businessman who’s very generous with his time. He’s not a man who needs money.”

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9/26/2000 – Adderall Maker Sued in Case of Death and Attempted Suicide

Andy Vickery, who has led the way in filing SSRI
death cases, has taken on the case of Ryan Ehlis
who was aquitted last year in the death of his baby
daughter while in a psychotic break produced by
the prescription drug Adderall.

Notice in the following article that the drug makers
admit that in a “small number” of patients the drug
does produce psychois and that they are sorry
for what happened in this case, BUT they still
stand by the safety and effectiveness of their drug.

Obviously they are not sorry enough to stop what they
are doing. So now we will hear that they are sorry for
the next death, and the next, and the next?

If you happen to be that individual for whom this drug,
or any other drug, opens the flood gates to hell via a
“rare” psychotic break, who cares if it is listed as a “rare”
reaction! For you it was not “rare”!

How can what happened to the Ehlis family be considered
an “acceptable risk”?

And yet for Eric Harris at Columbine High School who was
on Luvox the psychosis was listed as a “frequent” reaction, not
even “rare,” and the FDA considers that as an “acceptable
risk” while the whole country clammers for safer schools
because of Eric’s Luvox-induced psychotic break that took
15 lives at Columbine.

Thanks to these drugs we live in a world gone mad!
Hats off to the Ehlis family for having the courage to
fight back for the damage they have suffered! It is not
an easy task!

Ann Blake-Tracy

Man Sues Prescription Drug Maker

Associated Press Writer

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A man acquitted of killing his
infant daughter after taking a prescription drug that he
says put him in a psychotic state is suing the drug’s maker
to recover medical, legal and funeral expenses.

Ryan Ehlis, 26, of Grand Forks, had been taking Adderall,
designed to improve mental concentration, when he shot
5-day-old Tyra on Jan. 30, 1999.

Psychiatrists testified in court and the judge agreed that
Ehlis lacked the capacity to understand what he was doing
because of the drug. Its label warns that in very rare
circumstances, it can cause ”psychotic episodes at
recommended doses.”

Ehlis said that through the lawsuit he hopes to bring
more attention to the danger of some prescription drugs.

”I think more needs to be known about these drugs in
general,” he said.The lawsuit, filed Friday in federal
court, asks drug maker Shire Richwood Inc., of
Florence, Ky., for more than $100,000 in damages,
said Ehlis’ attorney, Andy Vickery.

Shire Richwood spokesman Stefan Antonsson
declined comment on the lawsuit, but said: ”We
are deeply saddened by the tragedy that took
place in North Dakota.”

Medical experts and the drug’s manufacturer say
Adderall remains a safe and effective drug for
controlling Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder,
or ADHD.

Ehlis, diagnosed with ADHD as a child, was a student
at the University of North Dakota when he started taking
Adderall in January 1999 to help him manage the disorder.
Weeks later, he fatally wounded his newborn, then shot
himself in the abdomen.

The drug is to be prescribed under close medical supervision.
But Ehlis did not seek medical attention at the time of the killing,
apparently because he did not realize he was having a psychotic
event, Vickery said.

AP-NY-09-23-00 2007EDT

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