SSRI ANTIDEPRESSANT: 2008 Finnish School Shooting: 10 Dead

NOTE FROM Ann Blake-Tracy ( Although this is
a poor automatic translation of the document you can tell by what is translated
that it was found that as the large majority of school shooter, this shooter was
on an SSRI antidepressant when he shot himself and 10 others in the Finish
school shooting in September of 2008.

On September 23, 2008, at Kauhajoki in Finland, a 22 year old
culinary student named Matti Saari shot and killed ten students before
killing himself.
The official report on the shooting has been released
by the Finnish Ministry and on page 58 of that report [PDF file] it states that
Matti Saari was taking an
SSRI medicinal product and
also a benzodiazepine.

Following the official report is
another newspaper report attached to this email which also explains about the


Automatically translated from Finnish into
58 reads:  “Copies terveyskeskuslääkäri was ordered medicines at the
request of depressiohoitajan
are (ssri– medicinal product) that
ahdistuskohtauksiin (alpratsolaami) patients nothing
ahdistuskohtaukset and paniikkihäiriöt esiintymistilanteisiin and
related, social situations
that well alone. verkostokartoituksessa months
before taking any
factor network has proved to be quite a present. Apparently
factor which
medicines used properly and in any case, we had hoitomyönteinen
use and open. However, he has avoided katsekontaktia depressiohoitajaan.
hoitokontakti retained until an act, but factor will act was passed on a Friday
meeting agreed later.” ; filename=OMSO 11_2010 Selvitys_180 s.pdf&SSURIsscontext=Satellite

koulusurmaajan medication aggression

may increase does not recommend medicinal products in the United
a young people a 04: 03 (last 08: 08)
figure: anu
kauhajoella ten people in 2008 and itself was fired by Matti
mielenterveysongelmiinsa tried to obtain aid until

freija metsähalme

kauhajoen koulusurmaaja Matti island
ssri– ate are medicinal product which is not in the United States to recommend
to less than 18 years of age.

ssri– medicines are available in the wider
young people in Finland.

-according to the studies uncontrolled use of
medicinal products ssri– aggression and may increase itsetuhoisia incentives.
These medicinal products should always be used only under medical supervision.
under 15 years of age should be a specialist, under the supervision Kuopion
university hospital (PCA) nuorisopsykiatrian Professor Päivikki laukkanen

Island psyykelääkityksen had nothing ever in specialised

terveyskeskuslääkäri was ordered him on request. medication
depressiohoitajan the medicinal product ssri– grant ate ahdistuskohtauksiin
another medicinal product.

22-year-old island
kauhajoella killed in September 2008 and itself ten

ANTIDEPRESSANT: Famous German Football Goalkeeper Kills Self

Automatically translated from German into

Paragraph seven reads:  “In Enke, the illness seems early
recognized, at the latest for its time in the FC Barcelona. Enke took
Herewith it concerns medicines, that
interfere in the brain metabolism; that is disturbed in the very most
depressive.  Antidepressants provide that certain messenger materials and
neurotransmitter such as the  ‘good fortune hormone’  serotonin are
more long available at its cause place.  That applies above all to
medicines out of the group of the  ‘selective
serotonins resumption inhibitors’.”

Hanover (RP).  Robert Enke has suffered for years from the mental
disorder.  It was treated with medicines.  Experts appreciate that
four million German suffer from depression.  Often they are the reason of

People illnesses make before athletes not simply.  Also
depressions stand in the arenas of the trained, robust and successful in the
sick document of the treating physicians.  The difference to other
sorrows:  None speaks about that.  A tunnel in which from outside no
one looks in, and it is is the depression as an illness far more than an only a
November blues.

Another difference, about to pain phenomena:  Hardly
one can imagine, issued like it a depressive ­ unless, it experienced
depression itself.  It concerns one “affective interference” that partially
hereditarily is and combines several symptoms.  Information

power of the family

Psychoanalysts consider the depression to be an
expression of aggression against the self, whose roots in the families of the
become ill is to be seen, where children must adapt themselves too strongly the
needs of the parents.

Enkes family counted as extremely sporting and
performance-related.  Its father, by profession psychotherapist, was
successful 400-Meter-Läufer.

Depressive suffer from brood compulsion,
unrest, drive inhibition, mood narrow, irritability, anxiety, insomnia,
sadness.  Depressive live frequently in disguise before the world.  In
Robert Enke, that was the case.  Only dedicated know the true size of the
illness that passes and recurs (Rezidiv) frequently in phases.  Experts
appreciate that that of the about 12,000 suicide are committed per year in
Germany by persons, who suffer from depression.

In Enke, the illness
seems early recognized, at the latest for its time in the FC Barcelona. Enke
took antidepressants.  Herewith it concerns medicines, that interfere in
the brain metabolism; that is disturbed in the very most depressive.

Antidepressants provide that certain messenger materials and neurotransmitter
such as the “good fortune hormone” serotonin are more long available at its
cause place.  That applies above all to medicines out of the group of the
“selective serotonins resumption inhibitors”.

That Düsseldorfer medicine
sociologist Johannes Siegrist the model of the “gratification crisis” developed
according to what manifold illnesses emerge, if an employee attains achievement
high, that the employer lauds however hardly or not at all.  This imbalance
between high claim from within and weak encouragement from outside leads
frequently to heart illnesses, but also to depression.

Is certain that
this crisis also well earning top athletes can encounter.  Who in its
active life frequently setbacks, insult or non-recognition register must ­
because it is banished about again and again on the replacement bank, can
develop mental disorders.  Therapists would say:  No one can praise
herself so often even that it balances the depreciation experienced from outside
of the own competence.  Quotations

Our readers to death of Robert
Enke say took themselves that the soccer national goalkeeper on the 10th
November 2009 itself life.  We assembled reader voices to its suicide.

Frequently persons who give himself deliberately controlled
disguise, its sensitiveness ­ and also its stress.  Just chronic stress
releases however depression, one knows that out of laboratory analyses.  In
the blood and urine, one more depressively finds often clearly increased
concentrations of the stress hormone Cortisol.  It becomes overstrained
formed Stimulation of the axis between areas of the brain and the adrenal cortex
with them through one.  The so to speak unceasingly firing neurochemistry
provides for an increased excitement level, that is softened by those medicines

Nevertheless, its effect is not can suffer purely symptomatic,
healthy it that.  That succeeds only in a psychotherapy or psychoanalysis,
at times in a special clinic.  Many depressive fear this way into the
clinic because through it its disease could become public.  Also on Enke,
this fear weighed.  Its suicide the last way seemed to it to get rid of all
anxieties finally.

ZOLOFT: Charges of DUI & Child Endangerment: Florida

Paragraph seven reads:  “Smith told deputies she had not
been drinking, but was on several medicines including Zoloft.
According to the report, Smith would not blow the required amount of air
into the Breathalyzer. The small amount that registered recorded a 0.13 blood
alcohol content.”

Mother arrested in McDonald’s parking lot, charged with child neglect,

Staff report

Published: Monday, October 26, 2009
at 11:41 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, October 26, 2009 at 11:44 a.m.

OCALA – An Ocala woman was arrested on Sunday and charged with drunken
driving and child neglect after she reportedly drove to McDonald’s while she was
drunk and transporting a 5-year-old boy.

According to a Marion County
Sheriff’s Office report, Nekisha Smith, 29, drove to the McDonald’s at 9737 SE
Maricamp Road in a blue Kia.

An employee became concerned after the woman
ordered with slurred speech and smelled of alcohol, according to the report.
Smith then asked for things she didn’t order, such as a “double chicken burger

The employee told Smith to pull forward while her food cooked and
called deputies, according to the report.

When Deputy Gary Miller
arrived, Smith was parked in the car eating. Smith told deputies she was just
tired and had been drinking the day before.

According to the report,
Smith failed all field sobriety tests and was arrested. The child‘s father
picked up the boy and the car.

Smith told deputies she had not been
drinking, but was on several medicines including Zoloft. According to the
report, Smith would not blow the required amount of air into the Breathalyzer.
The small amount that registered recorded a 0.13 blood alcohol

Deputies then contacted the Department of Children and

Smith was being held in the Marion County Jail in lieu of

$5,500 bail. Smith was arrested in 2006 for DUI with property

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Paxil Psychotic Event Required Hospitalization

“No one explained to me what happened.”

In November 2001 I was on Paxil. The drug was making it hard for me to concentrate and other effects… then one day I woke up from a horrible nightmare and ended up in the emergency room since I suffered a psychotic breakdown.

No one explained to me what happened. A year after the psychotic event the new psychiatrist told me Paxil can have a psychotic side effect in some people.

Since the hospitalization I was given more medicines to take daily. I’m suffering through withdrawal now. And I’m trying to get off one prescription.


Is there a steroid effect with Prozac

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I regain my desire to write and paint when I finally get off Prozac?”


I was placed on Prozac a few years ago and tried to stop using it several times. Each time I did, I begin feeling dizzy at times and nauseous. Not long after I begin using Prozac, I started to ‘itch’. My ears itched especially, and the palms of my hand began to appear dry. Are there some ‘corticosteroids’ in Prozac?

[Note: You will find in Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? that there is a DOUBLING of Cortisol levels with only one 30mg dose of Prozac. This would give a VERY powerful corticosteroid effect.]

Now there’s a claim that antidepressants help women in menopause. What’s next?

Prozac is supposed to be now OKed for OCD. Well, it didn’t work for me. I did realize a particular habit it produced for me that was OCD. Every day at noon, I would drive to the same thrift shop stay for about 45 minutes then return to work. If I didn’t go I felt as though something was wrong. I really felt I had to go.

I must say, I believe MOST individuals have some form of OCD. Of course if a company can market a drug, initially meant for one disease, for another disease (problem) whatever euphemistic title applied, then the more $$$ for their corporation. I wonder if someday there will be a “Antidepressant,” rebellion because of the medicines/drugs/chemicals prescribed to persons.

Children are being doped up to keep them quiet so their parents can go to work and not worry about their ‘normal’ activities. I suppose certain mental problems are a continuing trend. “My kid is more of a problem than yours?” “I’m on more med that you?”

I realize I am ranting by writing, but I am so frustrated and disappointed. And, when one complains about such things, what’s one of the first, if NOT the first question one is asked, “How old is the person.” Then, too often, it’s the VICTIM on whom the FAULT is placed.

I know there was a time while taking alprazolam that showed bizarre conduct on my workplace in NJ. I told my supervisor I would apologizes to the person, but I was told NOT to because apparently my conduct was to be kept quiet. I was placed on leave of absence because of my condition. While that conduct occurred, I was under treatment and had been for some time. My conduct was definitely out of character, impulsive, and destructive to my reputation.

The snowball began when I commenced having panic attacks and was ultimately depressed I needed to see a doctor/psychiatrist/counselor. I saw all three. The first med. I was given was Xanax, then Imipramine, I have a list written somewhere, although the list may be got from my former physician, in NJ. Although, with the patient/physician confidentiality law, I suppose one has not access to the files.

I truly hope I can stop using Prozac. Presently I am not under a Dr care and auspices. When we left NJ nearly a year ago, I was given a Prozac prescription 3 month supply, I have been opening the capsules and dividing the contents by thirds. Every other day I would use a third. I suppose when the company I worked for 12 years downsized me in March 1999, I was also egotistically downsized.

That’s another thing, in the past I wrote poetry well, and in an instant. While using Prozac, I lost so much of my artistic desire that I actually became more depressed. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I regain my desire to write and paint when I finally get off Prozac?


Lorraine B. Jacobs



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10/01/1999 – Doctor: Link Between Medicines, Killing

Recent article in the Smithville Review regarding Robert Kirkwood’s
tragic experience with anti-depressants.

Two area cases involved anti-depressants
(Editor’s Note: This is the second of a two-part series.)

In October, 1993 Wilma J. Adcock of the Antioch Community shot her
nine- and 15- year-old sons in the chest twice with a .357 revolver and
then turned the gun on herself.

In July this year, Rosemarie Kirkwood of Lebanon drove to a scenic
overlook above Center Hill Lake in DeKalb County and shot her two young
children and then shot herself.

Is there a connection? Ann Blake-Tracy, Director of the
International Coalition For Drug Awareness, thinks there’s a definite
connection — anti-depressant medication.