‘I Did It To Kill People’: Autistic Girl,11, Rams Truck Into Home

See link to original news story below…..and keep the following information in mind as you read what happened in this case. Then ask what on Earth we are doing to the future generation with our mass drugging of children!

A shocking 63% of Autistic children are given antidepressants! So should anyone be surprised by this kind of action taken by a child on one of these drugs? Not when you look at the science behind it….

#1 Autism is a condition of ELEVATED serotonin

#2 63% of Autistic children have been prescribed

#3 ELEVATED serotonin has long been known to produce…


Research over the last 50 years show that increased serotonin levels produce impulsive behaviour, murder and suicide, arson, violent crime, reckless driving, depression, anxiety, irritability, pains around the heart, insomnia, abuse of alcohol and other drugs, difficulty breathing and tension.

In one research study, patients with poor serotonin metabolism (which therefore produces high serotonin levels) were observed to suffer from irritability and sleeplessness, tending to sleep on the edge of consciousness, awake at the slightest provocation and not be able to return to sleep. Other symptoms observed were pains around the heart, difficulty breathing and worsening of bronchial complaints. They tended to suffer spontaneous abortion. One of the main functions of serotonin is the constriction of muscle tissue.

Serotonin levels are high in schizophrenia, autism, mania, mood disorders including depression and anxiety, organic brain disease, mental retardation, Alzheimer’s and anorexia.

ORIGINAL NEWS STORY: http://www.wdrb.com/story/36927841/i-did-it-to-kill-people-11-year-old-louisville-girl-crashes-truck-into-home

Suspect Dead: Antidepressant Withdrawal: Thursday Afternoon Woman in Capitol Car Chase With Toddler in Car

capitol shooting

Antidepressant Withdrawal: Thursday Afternoon Woman in Capitol Car Chase With Toddler in Car Gunned Down by Police

This sounds like it could be yet another case when it is a woman who rammed a barrier at the Capitol Building before going on a high speed chase with police while a toddler was in the car with her. No word yet on the condition of the child who was rushed to a hospital.

The impulsive actions, the high speed chase, the road rage in ramming a barrier, and doing all of this with a toddler in the car also might include suicide by cop or even murder/suicide by cop. We see all of this far too often with antidepressants and have from the beginning. The term “road rage,” “suicide by cop,” “high speed chase” … all seemed to appear after the introduction of Prozac to the market.

We will keep you updated as it progresses as it has just happened.

Update: The woman was  it was yet another medical professional, a dental hygienist this time, with a “history of “mental illness” which almost always means she had been on antidepressants to induce that mental illness before endangering her child as she did this afternoon in this high speed chase with police after ramming a police car. She had a one year old child in the car with her that was not hurt. So was she given on of these drugs for Post Partum depression?


This is yet another sad and tragic case for this woman and her family. If this was her child there is yet another little one who will be growing up without a mother.

I have long said that the largest single group I have in serious trouble on antidepressants are medical professionals. I have gathered a few cases that have just popped up as I have looked for some other articles in the past week. I should have that list ready for you ASAP

Update #2: If you understand these drugs and their effects these cases are so easy to predict. The latest report is according to ABC News, Carey had a history of mental health issues and suffered from post-partum depression.

Miriam Carey has been identified by authorities as a dental hygienist in Connecticut.

Former boss Dr. Barry J. Weiss told The New York Times that he and his partner fired Miriam Carey from their periodontics practice last year and cited her “temper” but would not go into detail.


Then the Washington Post reported that she has a sister in Brooklyn who is a nurse and another sister who has been a long time New York City police officer.

She was at home in Connecticut two days ago and no one knew she was in DC and were shocked to learn that. She also had no identification with her.


Update #3: Friday morning reports surfaced that she thought Obama was stalking her and they found the meds we all expected to be there! (Article directly below) Remember all the false accusations of abuse that come with antidepressants. False Memory Syndrome is a term coined not long after Prozac was introduced to the market and has been a main issue in some high profile cases including that of Kobe Bryant and the Wenatchee, Washington sex ring case where the state had to pay out $100 Million for wrongfully imprisoning 43 people for as much as two years on false allegations made by a 10 year old girl in foster care who had been on first Prozac and recently switched to Paxil.


BREAKING NEWS: “Investigators found two medications in the apartment of Miriam Carey: one used to treat schizophrenia and symptoms of bipolar disorder; the other an antidepressant, a law enforcement source briefed on the investigation told CNN.

“Carey’s boyfriend contacted police in December saying he feared for the safety of their child, who was 4 months old at the time, according to a law enforcement source involved in the investigation. The boyfriend said the woman was acting delusional, claiming the president had placed Stamford under lockdown and that her house was under electronic surveillance, the source said.

“He told police that she was suffering from post-partum depression, was having trouble sleeping and was on medication. Carey underwent a mental health evaluation, said the source, …”


Update #4: She had been taking the antidepressant Lexapro and the atypical antipsychotic Risperdone….”Authorities who searched Carey’s apartment in Stamford found discharge papers that listed risperidone, a medication to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, a law enforcement source said. They also found paperwork listing escitalopram, an antidepressant commonly prescribed under the brand name Lexapro, according to the source.”


Update #5: In an interview by Fox 5 out of DC we learn she was in medically supervised withdrawal which will help you understand why the International Coalition for Drug Awareness has since the mid 90’s warned of extreme caution in withdrawal indicating that it should be extremely gradual to avoid serious reactions and a warning now goes out with all our posts. Few doctors know what they are doing in safely withdrawing patients from antidepressants as they are always trying to withdraw patients far too rapidly than they should which the FDA warns can cause suicide, hostility and/or psychosis:

“Her family said she had been suffering from postpartum depression with psychosis but was not dangerous.

“Carey-Jones said her sister had been on medication for postpartum depression but was being taken off the drugs under medical supervision.

“They told her she could get off medication,” Carey-Jones said, adding, “There were no indications she was unstable.”

Read more: http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/23616040/sisters-of-woman-killed-in-dc-chase-question-police-actions#ixzz2gsLxQy4N

WARNING: In sharing this information about adverse reactions to antidepressants I always recommend that you also give reference to my CD on safe withdrawal, Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!, so that we do not have more people dropping off these drugs too quickly – a move which I have warned from the beginning can be even more dangerous than staying on the drugs!

The FDA also now warns that any abrupt change in dose of an antidepressant can produce suicide, hostility or psychosis. And these reactions can either come on very rapidly or even be delayed for months depending upon the adverse effects upon sleep patterns when the withdrawal is rapid! You can find the CD on safe and effective withdrawal helps here: http://store.drugawareness.org/

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness
www.drugawareness.org & http://ssristories.drugawareness.org
Author: ”Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare – The Complete Truth of the Full Impact of Antidepressants Upon Us & Our World” & Withdrawal CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!”

Original article: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/US-Capitol-Lockdown-shots/2013/10/03/id/529169?ns_mail_uid=37919261&ns_mail_job=1540175_10032013&promo_code=1513A-1

And finally from one of our Facebook friends Nick Cole comes this warning:

Death by Cop warning


article-0-04CBD181000005DC-108 233x381[1]

As usual early warnings about driving risks went unheeded.

FINALLY someone has done a study to investigate the problems with antidepressants & car accidents….and it only took 25 years since the drugs were introduced to get around to someone doing it! Let’s put it on record here that I approached a group focusing on prescription drug DUIs in 1991 asking them to seriously consider looking at the problems with Prozac & driving. Obviously it fell on deaf ears as so many other warnings I have given over the years.

When I first began interviewing patients about their reactions to the SSRI antidepressants in the early 90’s I stopped driving on freeways whenever possible. Why? Because patient after patient reported that although back then it was not allowed for pilots to fly planes while on SSRIs, they while on Prozac were:

#1 “flying their cars” down freeways,

#2 “having compulsions to ram other cars” as they drove the freeway, and

#3 “dreaming while driving” and having little recollection of how they got from Point A to Point B.

I also began watching my rear view mirror closely to make sure no one dreaming on Prozac had neglected to include my car in their dream so that they could react properly & allow for it being in front of them.  And  I began watching for cars coming at me going the wrong direction since so many attempted suicide reports came in of crossing into oncoming traffic & driving on the wrong side of the road to attempt suicide.

I would also encourage you to read the Road Rage document written by Rosie Meysenburg & posted in the mid 90’s on our www.drugawareness.org website.

From this recent study we learn:

“They have found that taking common antidepressants such as Prozac and Seroxat [Paxil] heightens the risk by 70 per cent.

AND in looking at drugs like Xanax, Valium, Ambien, & the newer atypical antipsychotics like Zyban, Abilify, Geodon, Risperdol, etc. the antidepressants are far worse: “Those taking a common group of antidepressants known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) which include Prozac and Seroxat [Paxil] were 72 per cent more at risk.”

But what if someone had just started on an antidepressant?

According to the study: “Even patients who have only been on the pills for a few hours are far more likely to have a crash if they get behind the wheel.”

Now keep in mind that patients are told when they are given an antidepressant that it will take two weeks before the “beneficial” effects begin to appear. Bear in mind that the adverse effects DO NOT wait two weeks to appear. This is one example. The Paxil-induced murder/suicide case of Donald Schell is another glaring example after the jury ruled after hearing all the evidence (which few have ever heard), that taking only two Paxil pills over two days was the main cause of him shooting his wife, daughter, infant granddaughter, & himself. (Read more on this case called Tobin vs Glaxo Smith Kline at www.justiceseekers.com)

Two years ago I got a report out of Utah where the officer in a Ogden, Utah area reported that in a one month period he had 150 DUIs issued. ONE of those involved alcohol & all the rest were prescription drugs! But many remain unaware that you can face a DUI for driving while taking one of these medications. And now these researchers were so completely appalled by what they found in the way of impairment of driving skills by antidepressants that they are recommending that users be banned from driving!

Ban all antidepressant users from driving?

“Researchers say the study shows that doctors should be banning patients from getting behind the wheel as soon as they put them on a course of drugs.”

Now that would certainly clear up traffic congestion in Utah, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Florida, & North Carolina – long known as hot spots for these meds! But the use of these drugs is so widespread at this point it would likely clear the traffic nationwide & if imposed in Australia, 25% of the Australian parliament would have to take a cab to work. I am sure far more American law makers would have to do the same!

What is even more frightening to consider is that truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, and now pilots are allowed to take these medications that severely impair driving skills.

Revisiting Princess Di’s Death

Remember that Princess Di’s driver, Henri Paul was on Prozac. When I saw his blood alcohol level of three times the legal limit coupled with the reports from his family that he was not a drinker yet was drinking hard enough to be on a medication like antabuse, I knew he had to be taking Prozac. It was the only thing that added up. (See my article on SSRIs & alcohol cravings as an excerpt from my book just below the book picture at www.drugawareness.org)

So I called the police in Paris & explained that Prozac was the only thing I knew that would cause someone to crave alcohol like that & raise the level of alcohol so high in a man who was reportedly a non-drinker. The following week the Paris police announced publicly that they had confirmed that Henri Paul was indeed on Prozac at the time of the crash that took the lives of Princess Di & Dodi Al-Fayed. This report only adds to my conclusion that Prozac was the main cause for their deaths with the chances of an accident being increased by 70% with Prozac alone & who knows by what percent with the alcohol cravings producing a synergistic effect between the alcohol & Prozac & forcing the blood alcohol content even higher than normal.

Was there a failure to warn by manufacturers? Without a doubt!

“Although some manufacturers put warning notices on boxes telling patients their judgment may be impaired, they don’t specifically tell them not to drive.
“But it is now thought that the same chemical changes that improve mood among those who take the pills also slows down reaction times.”

That last sentence should read: “But it is now thought that the same chemical changes that DESTROY mood among those who take the pills also slows down reaction times.” But if they have not yet read my book, Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? Our Serotonin Nightmare they likely are not yet aware of that fact either.

Read full article here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2202434/Taking-Prozac-Don-t-drive-Pills-raise-risk-having-accident-70.html#ixzz26ln3sPqE

About the Author: Ann Blake-Tracy is the author of PROZAC: PANACEA OR PANDORA?, and the director of the International Coalition For Drug Awareness [www.drugawareness.org]. She has testified before the FDA and testifies as an expert in legal cases involving serotonergic medications.

Ann Blake-Tracy, Executive Director,

International Coalition for Drug Awareness
www.drugawareness.org & www.SSRIstories.com
Author: “Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare – The Complete Truth of the Full Impact of Antidepressants Upon Us & Our World” & Safe Withdrawal CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!”

BOOK: Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare! Anything you ever wanted to know about antidepressants is there along with everything drug companies hope you never find out about these drugs. SAFE WITHDRAWAL CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!” on how to safely withdraw from antidepressants & most psychiatric medications is saving lives! Available at www.drugawareness.org






“I was stunned at the amount of research Ann Blake-Tracy has done on this subject. Few researchers go to as much trouble aggressively gathering information on the adverse reactions of Prozac, Zoloft and other SSRIs.”


“Ann, I just wanted to let you know from the bottom of my heart how grateful I am God placed you in my life. I am now down to less than 2 mg on my Cymbalta and I have never felt better. I am finally getting my life back. I can feel again and colors have never been brighter. Thanks for all that you do!!” … Amber Weber

“Used your method of weaning off of SSRI’s and applied it to Ambien. Took 6 months but had been on 15 mg for years so what was another 6 months. I have been sleeping without it for 2 weeks and it is the first time I have been able to sleep drug free for 15 years. What a relief to be able to lay down and sleep when I need or want to. Ambien may be necessary for people at times but doctors giving a months worth of it at a time with unlimited refills is a prescription for disaster. It is so damn easy to become dependent on. Thanks for your council Ann.”… Mark Hill

“I’m so thankful for Ann Blake-Tracy and all her work. Also for taking the time out to talk to me and educate everyone! She has been a blessing to me during this awful time of antidepressant hell!” … Antoinette Beck

ANTIDEPRESSANT WITHDRAWAL: Road Rage Driver Attacks School Bus Children

Paragraphs one through three read:  “Youngsters were
terrified when a roadrage driver smashed a school bus window with a
crook lock.”

“Glass shattered over the driver, while children were on
their way home from school.”

“Robert John Alan Campbell (30) had

earlier attacked two other vehicles, frightening the occupants, including
an elderly couple.”

Paragraphs 19 and 20 read:  “He said Campbell
was unable to cope while suffering from a personality disorder brought on by
stress and depression.”

“Campbell’s medication
stopped a few weeks before the road rage outburst,
but when he tried
to seek help he ran out of patience waiting in the doctor’s

SSRI Stories note: Withdrawal can
often be more dangerous than continuing on a medication.  Withdrawal must
be done slowly, over a period of a year or more, under the supervision of a
qualified specialist.


Roadrage attacker who terrified pupils in Leicester is

Wednesday, November 25, 2009,

Youngsters were terrified when a roadrage driver smashed a school
bus window with a crook lock.

Glass shattered over the driver, while

children were on their way home from school.

Robert John Alan Campbell
(30) had earlier attacked two other vehicles, frightening the occupants,
including an elderly couple.

Campbell, a married dad of three, was jailed
for 16 months after admitting three counts of causing damage and one of having
an offensive weapon – the crook lock.

Janet Hall, prosecuting, told
Leicester Crown Court that Campbell, who had run out of medication for a mental
health problem, committed the offences between 3pm and 4pm, on September

The first happened when a pensioner in Groby Road, Leicester, braked
suddenly at red lights.

Ms Hall said: “The defendant was behind her and
very angry, gesticulating.

“To her horror, he got out of the car and
began throwing his arms around, shouting aggressively, causing her to lock her
door and feel very intimidated.”

Her husband, who suffered from ill
health, was also in the car.

Campbell kicked the driver‘s door, causing
£1,109 damage.

A short time later, Campbell lost his temper with a
motorist coming out of the Tesco car park in Beaumont Leys,

The driver, who was with his girlfriend, locked the doors when
the defendant got out of his vehicle and shouted “What’s your

The defendant wielded what looked like a baseball bat, but was
a crook lock, which he used to strike the victim’s bonnet, causing £554 of

The school bus driver, travelling from Birstall towards
Glenfield, encountered the defendant when taking a wide turn, causing Campbell
to brake.

The defendant got out and, armed with his crook lock, smashed
the driver‘s window.

When the police went to Campbell’s home in Dominion

Road, Glenfield, he said: “The crook lock I used is in the front of my

The defendant also admitted damaging a TV set at Cash Generators,
in the city centre, on July 10, following an argument with staff.

Trotter, defending, said: “He’s not a man hell bent on criminality but a man
with problems and needs his medication properly managed.”

He said
Campbell was unable to cope while suffering from a personality disorder brought
on by stress and depression.

Campbell’s medication stopped a few weeks
before the road rage outburst, but when he tried to seek help he ran out of
patience waiting in the doctor’s surgery.

His health had since greatly

Judge Sylvia De Bertodano said the incidents had particularly
frightened the “vulnerable” elderly couple and the schoolchildren.

said: “If you smash windows of a bus with people on it, you take the risk that
someone inside will be injured.

“It’s no thanks to you that no-one was

“I’ve seen a psychiatric report and have heard you’ve had
difficulties with your mental health, but the disorder you’ve been suffering
from doesn’t mean I’m not required to send you to prison.

“This sort of
behaviour was quite terrifying to members of the public going about their daily

PAXIL: Road Rage Death: Woman Drives on Wrong Side of Freeway: No Alcoh…

Note from Ann Blake-Tracy: Why are police still looking for the reason why she
was driving the wrong way on the freeway when they already know she was on
Paxil? A large number of these cases of driving the wrong way on the freeway
involve these antidepressants.

Paragraph one reads: "A Monroeville woman who died in a crash while
driving the wrong way on the Pennsylvania Turnpike was awaiting trial on two
cases involving drugged driving, according to court records."

Paragraphs eight and nine read: "Allegheny County Judge Jeffrey Manning
had issued an arrest warrant for Baker because she failed to appear July 15
for a hearing on drugged driving charges filed in April by Monroeville
police. Baker was found at 1:39 a.m. April 26 in a sport utility vehicle that
was hanging over the edge of a hillside, according to a police affidavit."

"Baker was incoherent and unable to pass three field sobriety tests but
there was no noticeable odor of alcohol on her breath, the affidavit says.
She told the officer she was on Paxil, an antidepressant."


By _Brian Bowling
_ (mailto:bbowling@tribweb.com)
Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Monroeville woman who died in a crash while driving the wrong way on the
Pennsylvania Turnpike was awaiting trial on two cases involving drugged
driving, according to court records.

Andrea Baker, 36, died Tuesday night after striking two east-bound
tractor-trailers near Monroeville as she drove her sport utility vehicle
west-bound, state police said.

Her son, Aiden Baker, 2, who was strapped into a child seat in the SUV,
escaped with a bruised left cheek, police said.

The Allegheny Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Baker’s death accidental and
concluded she died from blunt force trauma to the abdomen and legs.
Toxicology results will be available in three to four months, a medical examiner

The truck drivers were not injured.

State police are still investigating why Baker was traveling in the wrong
direction. A toll ticket found in her vehicle shows that she may have
entered the turnpike at the Allegheny Valley interchange.

Court records show Baker was cited twice in the last year for driving in
the wrong lane. Other citations from police in Pittsburgh, Springdale, East
Deer, West Deer, Tarentum, North Versailles and Edgewood include careless
driving, reckless driving, running a stop sign and ignoring a traffic
control device.

Allegheny County Judge Jeffrey Manning had issued an arrest warrant for
Baker because she failed to appear July 15 for a hearing on drugged driving
charges filed in April by Monroeville police. Baker was found at 1:39 a.m.
April 26 in a sport utility vehicle that was hanging over the edge of a
hillside, according to a police affidavit.

Baker was incoherent and unable to pass three field sobriety tests but
there was no noticeable odor of alcohol on her breath, the affidavit says. She
told the officer she was on Paxil, an antidepressant.

Monroeville police charged Baker with drugged driving again on May 6 after
another motorist called because her sport utility vehicle was weaving.
Baker slurred her words and her eyes had a dazed look, but there was no odor
of alcohol, the police affidavit says. She failed three field sobriety tests.

10/13/1999 – Attempted Murder by Man on Zoloft

This case out of Maryland is so tragic. The perpetrator took Zoloft
and now has no memory of the incident. Even his mother said he
“hallucinated” on the drug. The young couple were deeply in love and
had a great relationship. This story, too, combines elements of “road
rage” with the attempted murder.

This is just one of many stories we continue to review, now almost
daily, on how these drugs can cause psychotic breaks in some
individuals and no memory of the violence later. Notice also, how sleep
deprivation, a known side-effect of these drugs, contributed to this

Thanks to one of our ICFDA directors for passing this along.

As a reminder to interested subscribers, if you see articles like
these, please bring them to our attention by forwarding them to

Sep. 22, 1999, The Capital

Police Say Man Tried to Kill Wife

An Annapolis man with no history of prior violence was charged
yesterday with trying to kill the wife he adored in a car crash near
the State House earlier this month.

In a mysterious case that still puzzles city police, Douglas Lund, 36,
of 1 Colonial Ave., was ordered held without bond on a charge of
attempted second-degree murder.

He awaits a competency evaluation today in the county detention center,
where he’s being held. Another bail review hearing will follow within
the next few days, a spokesman for the State’s Attorney’s Office said.

Police have found no motive for Mr. Lund’s actions on Sept. 7, when he
crashed his car on Bladen Street and allegedly beat his wife, Amy Lund,
32, an assistant state’s attorney for Dorchester County.

“They were doing great,” said city police Detective Jim Bryant, who
investigated the case with the State’s Attorney’s Office. “He never
abused her in any way. This was one of those off-the-wall things.”

But Mr. Lund’s mother, Jo Ann Lund, blames the drug Zoloft, which her
son was taking for depression.

“He took the drug and started hallucinating,” she said.

Mr. Lund, a full-time student at Bowie State University, had been
suffering sleeplessness for several weeks and had asked his wife to go
for a drive.

About 3 a.m., they were headed home when Mrs. Lund saw her husband run
a red light and switch lanes on Rowe Boulevard, heading toward the
State House, police said.

Driving toward construction site barriers on Bladen Street, he
allegedly unfastened his wife’s seat belt before intentionally crashing
his 1990 Honda Accord into a metal fence, running over several “Road
Closed” signs without hitting the brakes, police said.

Mr. Lund forced his wife from the car, grabbed her neck and hair and
beat her head against the pavement several times, police said.

Grunting, but never speaking, he dragged her about 30 feet from the
scene, Detective Bryant said. Then he slung her body over his shoulder
and carried her across the grassy median between Bladen Street and Rowe

Crossing Rowe Boulevard, he dumped her on the grass behind low-hanging
tree branches and flagged down a passing vehicle.

It took six hours of surgery to repair her shattered vertebrae,
Detective Bryant said. She also suffered a broken collarbone and
finger, abrasions and a black eye.

She was released Sept. 15 from the Shock-Trauma Center at University
Hospital in Baltimore and is no longer staying in the area, police

According to Mr. Lund’s mother, the Lunds had a loving relationship,
still holding hands after 11 years of dating and marriage.

The message on their anniversary cards this summer was identical:
“Thank you for the best six years of my life.”

With no children, the Lunds, who lived in Annapolis sporadically for
eight years, were apparently on a career track. Mr. Lund had just begun
student teaching in his final semester of college.

According to his mother, he never suffered mental problems, other than
worrying too much. His family calls him “Mr. Applesauce” for his
healthy lifestyle and eating habits, she said.

But Mr. Lund is dyslexic and has Attention Deficit Disorder, and in the
past few months his worries and stress over student teaching became
overwhelming, she said.

“He just panicked about going to the board, and the children being able
to spell better than he did,” Mrs. Lund said.

One morning he visited his mother in tears, and gave her his guns for
fear that he might kill himself.

After three weeks without sleeping and eating, Mr. Lund went to a
doctor who prescribed Zoloft — a drug with warnings of fatal reactions
and mental status changes. He was told to take it on a weekly basis.

Mrs. Lund believes her son was overcome by hallucinations on the
morning of the attack.

Mr. Lund was committed to Sheppard Pratt Health System in Baltimore
County following the offense after he told police he felt like hurting
himself, Detective Bryant said.

He told Detective Bryant he was “dazed” and has no memory of the

“All he remembers is driving down the road and carrying his wife to the
hospital,” Detective Bryant said. “I thought it was strange that he was
headed the wrong way.”

Mr. Lund had no history of violence, and his wife’s main concern was
that the arrest would tarnish his clean record, Detective Bryant said.

Annapolis Attorney Gill Cochran, who is tentatively representing Mr.
Lund, said he plans to seek detention for his client at a medical
facility such as Sheppard Pratt. He will eventually enter a plea of
“not criminally responsible,” he said.

“Psychological difficulties are clearly involved in this case,” he
Copyright © 1999 The Capital, Annapolis, Md.