11/15/1999 – Rocky Mountain News Editorial

Denver’s Rocky Mountain News has an editorial about the Resolution the
State Board of Education passed a couple of days ago. Now there are
TWO places to vote. In one you vote if you agree with the editorial.
Vote NO.

This editorial states Board has entered the medical arena where they
have no business being when in fact the resolutions directs schools to
refrain from giving medical advice.


Below that it asks “Was the state board right to attack the use of
Ritalin?” While this isn’t exactly what the state board did, you want
to vote yes. Vote now, forward this and get others to do so.

Here is this link


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11/1/1999 – Colorado School Board Initiative

In October, Dr. Ann Tracy, Executive Director of the International
Coalition for Drug Awareness, and two other experts spoke before the
Colorado State Board of Education. They urged the adoption of the
Resolution on Academic Standards and Restrictions on Non-Academic
Solutions which was introduced by Patti Johnson, one of the Board’s

The resolution would give Colorado parents and teachers a clear message
that education must be concerned with academic issues and NOT the
management of behavioral issues with psychiatric prescription drugs.
Recently, Eric Harris, who was taking Luvox, killed over a dozen
students at Columbine High School.

The State Board should be commended for taking the lead in this issue.
They should be applauded for trying to steer the schools of Colorado in
the direction of academia, and away from mind-altering drugs. Please
send a brief, short and very supportive note to them.

The e-mail address is State.Board@…

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