PROZAC: Man Engaged in Massive Self-Mutilation: Lawsuit: Illinois

Paragraph five reads: “Gay wants to go back on Busper, though,
as he says Prozac sexually frustrates him and causes his
stomach to hurt. In addition, during the 11 months that Gay took Prozac,
he cut his testicles, arms, thighs and neck, all of which required
the complaint says.”

Plaintiff wants psychiatrist to prescribe medicine to stop self
4/21/2010 12:00 PM By Kelly Holleran

A man claims he has cut numerous parts of his body, including his
testicles, because his former psychiatrist refused to prescribe him the correct

Anthony Gay filed a lawsuit April 12 in Madison County
Circuit Court against Claudia Kachigian.

Gay claims he self mutilates
himself because of anxiety problems. The only medication that prevents Gay from
cutting himself is Busper, according to the complaint. Gay claims he explained
the scenario to his psychiatrist, Kachigian.

However, Kachigian allegedly
refused to prescribe the medication to Gay because it’s a nonformulary
medication, according to the complaint. Instead, she prescribed him Prozac on
April 26, 2009, the suit states.

Gay wants to go back on Busper, though,
as he says Prozac sexually frustrates him and causes his stomach to hurt. In

addition, during the 11 months that Gay took Prozac, he cut his testicles, arms,
thighs and neck, all of which required sutures, the complaint

Finally, on March 8, Kachigian discontinued Gay’s Prozac and on
March 29, she discontinued his psychiatric services, which has caused Gay
additional emotional distress, he claims.

Gay, who will be representing
himself, wants the court to order an independent psychiatrist to examine his
needs. He seeks compensatory and punitive damages.

Madison County
Circuit Court case number: 10-L-416.

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It All Started after the Zoloft

“…suicidal urges, feeling out of it, feeling faint, heart racing, nervousness, dizziness, feeling out of it like You’re not here, feeling cold which accompanied the EXTREME anxiety and shaking…”


Jan 22nd & 23rd 2002, I took 25 mg of Zoloft each day.

The 24th I woke up at 7 AM shaking all over & petrified for no reason. I automatically linked it 2 the Zoloft cuz I was great before I took them. Again it happened that night. Friday morning I went to ER, I was given some medicine (did nothing because it wasn’t what was wrong)

For about a week-a week and a half I would be shaking and petrified Mostly the symptoms were at night. Somewhere I read on these boards that it usually happens after the time period that U took the Zoloft. I was taking them in the middle of the day. So maybe that explains why it happened at night. Anyways. My mother slept in my room 1 night, was w/me other nights/& I was even in her room sleeping some nights… I haven’t waked up with that shaking and PETRIFIED since then BUT I have had a long list of other symptoms. I will say which just so U can inform others…stomach aches, diarrhea, stomach burn, chest pain (left, right, middle areas) SPINNING feeling, SWAYING feeling, nausea, WEAKNESS real bad, feeling unreal, VERY sound sensitive, VERY food sensitive, suicidal, suicidal urges, feeling out of it, feeling faint, heart racing, nervousness, dizziness, feeling out of it like You’re not here, feeling cold which accompanied the EXTREME anxiety and shaking.

I got slow motion one time, and very light sensitive once, one time I felt like I was gonna black out (things actually got dark).

So many others probably I missed.

A few calmed down. But sometimes I feel as though I’m worse in some ways.

Sometimes I fear going to sleep; sometimes it’s hard for me to eat cuz my symptoms get worse. And most the time I want to give up. If I weren’t so afraid to do something to myself (afraid of pain or More pain should I say) then I probably wouldn’t be here. It’s sooooo hard to deal with this. Day in and out I get soooo weak and have to lie in bed all the time. I feel sad from this. I feel alone at times. And scared a lot. I mean dr’s don’t agree, and most people say Oh but Half time life on that pill, or oh how could it do that. I worry cuz I heard something on serotonin syndrome, yet I know drs wouldn’t test me, besides I’m afraid to even look at what it is. I mean this only all started right after Zoloft.

My pills were very out of date about a year or 2…

I went through withdrawal b4 but it was NO WHERE near as bad as this. My mom and I also aren’t good with medicine, one time I took generic Tylenol I think 500 mg and I got real nervous. That’s what happens when I take to much medicine.

Anyways that’s enough for now.




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A Cipramil [Celexa] Survivor

“I have lost all contact with my body.”


Dear Ann Blake-Tracy and The International Coalition for Drug Awareness

I write to you from Norway, Europe. I am a 52 year old woman, and I want to tell my story about severe adverse reactions to a SSRI drug called Cipramil (Celexa) manufactured in Denmark by a company called Lundbeck.

On the 15th of April 1997 I took my first Cipramil (Celexa) pill. Six days later I had to quit (in agreement with my doctor). During these days I experienced the most terrible kind of “electric surges” throughout my body. It was as if my head was going to blow away. I also got huge bruises on my arms.

After I stopped taking the pills I thought that my body would return to its normal state. BUT IT DID NOT. The “electric surges” continued during the days, weeks and months to come, and soon I am going to celebrate their 1st anniversary. The surges have changed somewhat in character. The center has always been (and still is) in Solar Plexus. Now the sensations are mostly in the stomach region and resembles that of “scratching, burning knives”. These sensations are always there, 24 hours every day, 60 minutes every hour, 60 seconds every minute. My whole body feels “electrified” and “dead”. It feels like the nervous center in Solar Plexus has DIED OUT. There is no more “aliveness” in there. It is transformed into a dead crater. Do you have any idea of how it feels living in this torture? Do you have any idea of what has happened to my nervous system?

I have lost all contact with my body. I can no longer feel hunger. I can stop eating for weeks if I want, and my body give no signals about being hungry. On the contrary, if I want to, I can eat and eat and eat the whole day. My body never gives a sign that my stomach is full and satisfied. Also I no longer have the normal ability to get tired and sleepy. My body has only one way of behaving: the “electrified, dead” way. Day and night. It is as if I walk around like an “electric cable”.

My skin feels “dead”. It has no “human” feeling. I cannot feel the human dimension of a hug, only the technical touch. I have lost the personal smell of my body, the smell that was ME.

But the worst thing (actually it is only another dimension of the complex I have described above) is that I HAVE LOST ALL MY HUMAN EMOTIONAL LIFE. I have no ability to experience any human feeling at all. I cannot be happy, not sad, not angry, not irritated, not interested, not ashamed. Name any human emotion you can: I cannot experience them.

I AM SURE: The Cipramil (Celexa) pills (even if they were only 6) have caused a terrible chemical disaster in my brain and my nervous system. They have destroyed my ability to experience human emotions. They have destroyed the HUMAN part of my life. They have taken away all “ALIVENESS” from my life. I feel totally dead inside me. The physical precondition for my emotional life is destroyed. Will it ever come back? I doubt it. I have no longer a human personality, a human psychic life. I have no longer a SOUL.

As you understand, I exist (I will not use the word LIVE) in terrible torture, physical and psychological. It is impossible to stand it. It is impossible to escape it. What shall I do? I have never been a candidate for suicide, but now I can see no other way out. (I have no problem understanding that an adverse effect of these pills is suicidal tendencies.)

The motor part of the nervous system is intact. The autonomic part of the nervous system is intact. The part of the nervous system that governs the intellectual life is intact. The part of the nervous system that governs the human emotional life is PARALYZED, DEAD. It is in this part the medical/chemical attack has taken place.

The adverse effect that I have experienced is the total paralyzing of my soul. The soul is as important to a human being as the body. The paralyzing of the soul therefore is as serious as if it has occurred to the body. It is impossible for me to act in human life with NO INNER HUMAN “ALIVENESS”.

I used to be an active person. I had husband and children. I liked my job. I traveled around the world as a photographer. Now I am transformed into a human wreck with a totally “dead” life. I lie on a mattress, staring up into the ceiling, trying to think of nothing.

I have no contact with my children. I can no longer live with my husband. It is impossible to be with the people I loved the most and be totally dead inside. I can no longer travel anywhere, I can no longer take my pictures, I can no longer go for a vacation. I cannot visit my friends or go to the movies or theatre. I cannot do anything because I cannot EXPERIENCE anything. I AM NO LONGER A PARTICIPANT IN THE HUMAN LIFE.

So, Ann Blake Tracy, this is my story. Have you heard of anything like this before, or am I the only person in the world experiencing this? (very unlikely, I suppose) Do you think there is any hope? Is there anything I can do? Or am I going to spend the rest of my life in Hell? If so, the SSRI drugs can add another suicide to its adverse list.

I am desperately in need of help, but see no hope.

Note: Because it is important to know that there is hope of getting better you need to know that Bjorg is doing much better now. She flew to America to meet with Dr. Tracy and left with many ideas for alternative treatments she could use. She used many natural alternative treatments and began to feel better right away which gave her hope again and courage to keep working at feeling even better.

Bjorg Johnsen;

Years 2000 and Prior

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