ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Prince Charles Fights for Alternative Treatment for Depression, Chronic Pain, IBS, etc.

Of all those in high profile positions who have suffered some of the worst antidepressant adverse reactions ever while it all remained basically unknown both to the family and the public it is Prince Charles and Princess Diana, so I am very pleased to see Charles making the statement supporting alternatives!


Prince Charles Fights for Alternative Treatments

Prince Charles wrote: “The only reason I persist in my efforts over integrated healthcare – despite waves of invective over the years from parts of the Medical and Scientific Establishments – is because I cannot bear people suffering unnecessarily when a complimentary approach could make a real difference.”

He went on to suggest illness should be treated with a “whole person approach” rather than a “reductionist focus on the particular ailment.”

He suggested alternative remedies could be used to treat “effectiveness gaps” in mainstream medicine, especially with:

musculoskeletal problems
chronic pain
irritable bowel syndrome

Original Article: Prince Charles letters: Royal wrote about ‘threat’ to homeopathy hospitals treating depression and eczema

The Truth About the Royal Divorce

I think every woman on the planet must have watched the fairy tail wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. It was beautiful and they seemed so very happy that day. So it pained me greatly to witness what happened to the entire Royal family when Princess Di was given Prozac to cope with Postpartum Depression.

Here is the official drug company version of what happened to Diana which is straight from their front group – NAMI’s website [see this to learn the drug industry/NAMI connection:] where they blame everything on the so called “mental illnesses” Diana suffered which they are actually causing with their antidepressants. How sad and tragic the entire situation was for Charles, Diana, and their sons who were growing up believing their births were what caused their mother so many issues rather than Prozac driving her crazy!

“… Diana suffered post-partum depression after giving birth to Prince William, which she described in an interview with the BBC in 1995.”

…Diana struggled with bulimia and self-harm, both [side effects of Prozac and other antidepressants] coping mechanisms due to the stress of her marriage, as well as the pressure of being thrust into the public eye. She was constantly hounded by the paparazzi and the details around her loveless marriage were public knowledge.

“You have so much pain inside yourself that you try and hurt yourself on the outside because you want help, but it’s the wrong help you’re asking for,” Diana said. “I was actually crying out because I wanted to get better in order to go forward and continue my duty and my role as wife, mother, Princess of Wales. [Because we have LONG called antidepressants the “Divorce Pills” Diana was being given the very thing that would destroy what her goals were: “to go forward and continue my duty and my role as wife, mother, Princess of Wales.”]

“So yes, I did inflict upon myself. I didn’t like myself, I was ashamed because I couldn’t cope with the pressures.”

“Diana’s bouts of depression, eating disorders and self-harm surrounded her with stigma. She was called unstable, attention-seeking and crazy in the press.

“(My self-harm and depression) gave everybody a wonderful new label: Diana’s unstable and Diana’s mentally unbalanced,” she told the BBC.”

[When, in fact, it was the Prozac’s increasing of serotonin levels that was making her appear crazy and to self harm. Serotonin is what LSD and PCP mimic in order to produce hallucinations and psychotic breaks. In fact the chances of psychosis with Prozac are TEN times higher than the rate of psychosis from Postpartum!]

Original article:

After suffering such serious reactions to Prozac as serious as throwing herself down stairs she also went on international television accusing Charles of things I am sure were a shock to him to hear. (as so many other husbands and wives of those on antidepressants have been falsely accused of everything that has happened in the lives of their mates who are taking antidepressants). The extremely vivid nightmares which patients cannot distinguish between the nightmare and reality begin to become a part of their new drug-induced reality and as Kramer points out in Listening to Prozac – the drug rewrites your history and turns “molehills into mountains” in your life – just what someone who is depressed needs, right?!

All the bulimia, self harm, false allegations, and divorce can be traced right back to Diana’s Prozac use far more than everything else it was all attributed to. So concerned was I about her with so many serious reactions coupled with the increase in adverse reactions her head injuries she must have suffered in the falls would bring on, that I feared her own use of Prozac, rather than someone else’s use of Prozac, would be the cause of her death. But thankfully Diana was also very much into alternative treatments and used essential aromatherapy oils to help her with her depression which I am sure helped to counter the negative effects of the medication. She may have also been using homeopath treatments as well.

Knowing what I know about the accusations made by those on these medications I saw right through Diana’s BBC interview and could only empathize with poor Charles since unlike most wives, she was in a position to make these allegations to the world. How much of it all was true lies to be seen, but when I have heard the exact same things repeated over and over and over again by those on antidepressants and then proven false in the end and have them recant those accusations after coming off the medications (something Diana never had a chance to do) I will stand on the side of those allegations being unfounded.

Besides that I knew something of Charles’ character because I dated an incredible young doctor from Austria who had just spent a week as the honored guest at Buckingham Palace just before I met him and we began to date. He was being honored for his work by coming to spend a week with Charles. He had nothing but good to say about him. He was extremely impressed with him as a person and with his great intellect. As well as I know this doctor I know him to have incredible insight into others and have never had any reason to doubt what he shared with me about Charles and his character.

Tragically Diana lost her life to Prozac when her driver,Henri Paul, suffered out of character compulsions for alcohol on the drug. Although described by all who knew him as a non-drinker on Prozac Henri began to drink to the point that he was treated with a medication to help him stop drinking and his blood alcohol at the time of the accident was three times the legal limit!

The compulsions for alcohol were the first thing to catch my attention with Prozac as I witnessed over and over non-drinkers becoming alcoholic almost overnight when placed on antidepressants. [You can read about the serotonin-induced alcohol compulsions here:] So I called the police in Paris and told them I had no doubt that the driver was indeed on Prozac and they should check. A week later the police made the public statement that they had found that Henri Paul was on Prozac at the time of the crash. The truth is that it was Prozac that destroyed Princess Di’s life and robbed her of life itself in the end!

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,

International Coalition for Drug Awareness & ssristories.NET
Author: ”Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare – The Complete Truth of the Full Impact of Antidepressants Upon Us & Our World” & Withdrawal CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!”

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