Florida Doctor Loses It When Questioned On His Medicating

No big surprise coming out of Florida where there are SO MANY on antidepressants it would appear that a prescription for an antidepressant is a requirement for residency! These drugs are notorious for producing rage & violent outbursts!!!

And considering that widespread use in Florida they likely have more than the average of 75% of doctors taking antidepressants.

I personally already have several antidepressant – induced murder cases there, one by a doctor & one by a police chief & another doctor who suffered gender dysphoria from them & lost his family, practice & everything else as he began to think he was homosexual like in that big case in France the fellow won against that Parkinson’s drug so similar to Prozac.

l would not want to confront one of these drugged up doctors! It is safer to just go around them to contact the supervisor & hope you can find a drug free supervisor you can actually talk to.

The patient advocate has every reason for concern since for three decades medications used as prescribed, not abused, have been the number 3 cause of death in America! Everyone needs to be questioning any & every medication especially when they have drugged up doctors handing them out!!!


Last night in President Trump’s State of the Union address the one thing I was most grateful to hear was that he is going to ask Congress to make late-term abortions illegal nationwide, thereby overturning what just happened in New York & was attempted in Virginia.

For those of us familiar with the effects of these antidepressant & other serotonergic medications, like the anti-psychotic, stop smoking medications, headache medications, etc. are well aware of the fact that nearly every mother killing her child over the past 30 years was taking an antidepressant at the time. So hopefully you would also be aware that the rate of mothers milling their children BEFORE they are born is also very high. Hearing about young women giving birth to a baby & throwing it into the garbage or leaving it in a toilet to die was basically unheard of before the SSRIs as well. But when you are on a drug patients have long called the “I don’t give a damn!” drugs, drugs known to produce rage & extreme violence & homicidal ideation, & drugs also known to be found in 86% of the cases of REM Sleep Disorder where you act out your worst nightmare in a sleep state – the most deadly of sleep disorders long known to include both murder & suicide, why would that drug not also contribute greatly to the killing of hour child before it is born? We know these drugs produce “increased libido” as a side effect & nymphomania (manic sexual compulsions) which lead to the listed side effect of “unwanted pregnancy”. All of those adverse effects are certainly going to add to a higher rate of abortion. Please keep those thoughts in mind as you listen to Dr. Dave Janda’s comments on this issue below…so refreshing to hear a doctor comment with wisdom! You will appreciate his stand on their oath to “do no harm”…

Dr. Janda, I have not seen a better & more thorough response to this absolutely insane move by NY & VA on abortion laws. Both of my children are adopted & I have always been SO VERY GRATEFUL to their mothers for not choosing to abort their babies, but instead giving me the privilege of raising them as my own! They are my greatest blessing bringing more joy & wisdom than anything else ever possibly could! You are exactly correct in calling this what it really is “infanticide” – the worst form of murder – shedding the blood of the most innocent among us! I thank you & am sharing this with my several thousand followers now.

Impact of Antidepressants Upon Our Society

As some of the comments below stated, we are living out the nightmarish prediction laid out in George Orwell’s book, 1984. We are definitely there. My book on antidepressants first published in 1994 has a chapter asking the question, “In 1994 how far into 1984 are we?” An entire chapter showing how these drugs, with glaring evidence they were ordered by the CIA to replace the LSD Congress banned in 1966, would usher in Orwell’s all too real prediction of things to come. Understanding how these drugs affect the brain & behavior is critical in understanding how the drugs would usher in the 1984 scenario for this country & sadly now our entire world.

The Direct Attack Upon Christians

Satan knew exactly WHO to attack as Christian women have for some time now have become the highest users of these deadly drugs. And to my shock, I learned only two weeks ago that 1 out of 5 pregnancies end in abortion, while 1 out of 3 abortions performed were on church-going Christian women! The future of Christianity is clearly under full attack!

The article below on spirituality & sorcery was written at the request of a high profile reverend friend of mine & explains how antidepressants would cause this & how we were warned in clear terms in Revelations that this would happen:

Spirituality and Sorcery

A perfect reality version of an antidepressant TV advertisement.

This video mix of several instances would make the most perfect reality antidepressant advertisement ever! (Notice that in the first video she even knows to excuse her behavior by warning them that she has not taken her antidepressant, Cymbalta, yet for the day.)The ad should say, “No matter the antidepressant you choose it can produce the same attitude, foul language, rage, perceived entitlements, etc.! So talk to your drug pushing doctor today!” The part they leave out is, “so that we can make yet another trip to the bank while you attempt to figure out why you just did what you did!!!”

PSYCH MEDS: Ex-Girlfriend Gives Answers in FL Bank Shooting

Alex Gerlach, who said she dated Xaver on and off for about three years, said she met him in a psychiatric hospital in 2013 in Plymouth, Ind., the area where Xaver grew up and attended high school. Gerlach provided a photo of herself with Xaver to WSBT, a station in South Bend, Ind. (Xaver’s parents did not immediately return calls or messages from The Post to confirm whether a mental illness had been diagnosed.)
[Did these amazing Washington Post reporters (45% were on Prozac in the mid 90’s according to their editor) think this kid was taking a vacation in a psych ward?! Why would he be there without a diagnosis?!]

Alex Gerlach, who dated Zephen Xaver when he was living in Indiana, told WSBT-TV that Xaver has been “fascinated with death and guns” for a long time. Gerlach said they had an off-and-on relationship for two years, but kept in touch after breaking up. She said Xaver talked often about wanting to hurt people, and recently showed her a photo of a handgun he had purchased.

“I never understood where it started,” Gerlach told the news station. “For some reason [he] always hated people and wanted everyone to die. He got kicked out of school for having a dream that he killed everybody in his class.” SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE BELOW FOR FULL QUOTE

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: https://heavy.com/news/2019/01/zephen-xaver/

This is called a REM Sleep Disorder, has long been known to include both murder & suicide
Now go to this link “WHY I TOOK A GUN TO SCHOOL” & watch this 12 – 13-minute video of the only school shooter to speak out about what happened to him to see the shocking similarities:

This is called a REM Sleep Disorder, has long been known to include both murder& suicide & 86% of those being diagnosed with this are currently taking an antidepressant. But this disorder. Has LONG been known as a drug withdrawal state & yet with such a high rate presenting with this deadly sleep disorder while on the drugs, no research to date as far as I am aware has been done to determine how often it is found in those, like comedian Phil Hartman’s wife Bryn, who have fairly recently rapidly withdrawn from antidepressants or had there dosages4 abruptly & drastically changed?!
DATABASE OF CASES: www.SSRIstories.net

Caucasian birth rate at an all time low

These reports on the birth rate have been coming in for some time now but few understand the role antidepressants are playing in this. For instance, Utah, Arizona & Idaho, each with a high population of Mormons, would have had much higher birth rates if it were not for the high use of antidepressants among Mormon women in those states who in the past have always been known to have higher birth rates.

And why is that? Because serotonin was initially used to put pregnant women into labor. So as they take these antidepressant drugs designed to increase serotonin levels the risk of miscarriage is increased. So even if the drugs have not completely robbed them of the ability to have any sexual feelings as in PSSD (Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction) so that they can actually get pregnant, the drugs can abort that fetus resulting in miscarriage. And if that happens early in the first few weeks of a pregnancy it may even go unnoticed as a miscarriage.


Antidepressant impact on police suicide and shooting

So when you read an article like this you need to ask what kind of vested interest does Men’s Health Magazine have in Pharma?!!
To do such a long article on police suicide, and  then their only recommendation is to turn to NAMI, an arm of Pharma for help?! Police suicide has been rapidly increasing over the last couple of decades, since the SSRI antidepressants hit the market, to the point that we not only have police suicides everywhere now but we have record numbers of police officers shooting people, even those calling them for help!
This is so maddening! NAMI is Pharma’s Trojan Horse, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, presenting themselves as a patient support group while 81% of their funding comes directly from Pharma (according to a Senate probe led by Senator Charles Grassley) and not surprisingly, the only solution they offer is drugs, drugs, drugs, and more drugs as the answer for anything that goes wrong in life! As a result, this article will do nothing more than increase exponentially the rate of law enforcement suicides and killings!
As if officers did not already have enough to deal with as the term suicide-by-cop became such a common occurrence after the SSRI antidepressants hit the market, with suicidal people pulling guns on them to get them to kill them, it got much worse as more & more officers have been prescribed the drugs those threats even began coming from fellow officers! Just last week I had cases of two police officers, one-in Florida & one in California who both killed their entire families!
I need to get together with a few people I have worked with over the years…
#1 Elaine Billings, mother of New York detective Thomas Ford who committed suicide on two antidepressants
#2 The widow of an officer in a western state who developed the cravings for alcohol produced by antidepressants, even in those who have never even tasted alcohol before, who then took his life while on antidepressants
#3 The widow of a highly decorated officer who ended up going on a shooting spree as he drove down a major highway whose family asked me to speak at a special meeting for friends & family after his funeral to give them answers to the always festering question after such out of character actions … “Why?!”
#4 A retired officer whose friend and fellow officer, also a pastor, went on a shooting spree in a police department
#5 A police officer, now disabled by antidepressants, who swears that no one who carries a gun should be allowed
#6 A police chief whose son committed suicide on antidepressants after which be documented many of his officers who did the same
#7 A retired prosecutor whose son, attempting to just stop his Zoloft, shot and killed an officer in a standoff and then took his own life
#8 The mother of a police chief’s son who killed himself in on Paxil and asked me to speak at a memorial for him.
#9 The family of an officer who also attempted to just stop his antidepressant causing him to develop the cravings for alcohol, which come from the withdrawal-induced hypoglycemia, who subsequently shot and killed two entire families across the street from his home and then drove to a neighboring community in an attempt to murder his best friend the police chief before taking his own life
#10 The widow of a first responder, also on two antidepressants, who shot his wife, killed a friend of his wife’s and then killed himself
 …. so that together we can shine a light on the fact that the cure being offered is far worse than the original problem and we need to put an end to this nightmare! The truth is that this nightmare is the exact reason why far too many of us are now afraid to call an officer for help!


My “Tribute” to George Bush…

I have been so upset for days now knowing what I know ab out George Bush and the role he played in getting the SSRIs on the market but it has gotten so bad at this point that I am about to either scream or throw up!! I cannot bite my tongue any longer as I watch this! How could we all have been so duped for so long as to allow so much damage to have been done to us all by this person we voted in as our president?!!!

And then to continue on for days honoring him as if he is honorable?! If you are finding those comments shocking it is because you did not read my post almost two weeks ago on the 55th anniversary of the death of JFK.

Let me put it in a nutshell for you…without the influence & vested political manuverings of George Herbert Walker Bush none of you would have gone through the hell you have gone through on antidepressants!!  Add to that the fact that the large majority of the people on this list www.SSRIstories.net would still be alive and thousands more would not be locked in prisons or psych wards, divorced, or in a multitude of ways had found their lives a shattered mess as a result of these SSRI antidepressants & the atypical antipsychotics, etc. We would have had a world with all of the following continuing to be extremely rare in oour world rather than at epidemic numbers as we do now:  school shootings, mass shootings committed for no reason & out of character, suicide by cop, small children committing suicide, mothers killing their children, fathers killing their whole families, grandparents killing their grandchildren, children killing their parents, teachers seducing young students – all those serotonin nightmares that have turned our world upside down!

Although his statement above about lynching him was an answer to her question about Iraq gate & the Iran-Contra scandal it certainly would apply to many of his other  activities accomplished via his political influence  as he held the following positions of great influences.

Preface: Before listing those you need to know that his father Prescott Bush was a Senator in Connecicut who was also a banker who was funding both sides of World War II. He also arrainged for the CIA to open their first office in Germany in the same office where IG Farben, the drug company who was so involved in the human experimentation in the camps & was prosecuted for war crimes.

“The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism.

“His business dealings, which continued until his company’s assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz and to a hum of pre-election controversy.

“The evidence has also prompted one former US Nazi war crimes prosecutor to argue that the late senator’s action should have been grounds for prosecution for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.” 


Just how deeply involved both were in Operation Paperclip where 1600 Nazi scientists were brought to America after the war to continue their research is my next research project.

#1 George HW Bush was Director of the CIA from 1976 – 1977 under President Gerald Ford (to fully understand his connection to the CIA and CIA’s search for the perfect mind control drug to replace their favorite drug of choice LSD after it was banned in the US by Congress only a decade before I would suggest you refer to a section of my book published on our website. Click here: https://www.drugawareness.org/history-of-antidepressants-just-where-did-your-medication-come-from/)

#2 in 1977 Bush left the CIA & was made director of Eli Lilly by none other than Dan Quayle’s father and family, who owned controlling interest in the Lilly company and the Indianapolis Star. 

#3 Dan Quayle later acted as go-between for drug kingpins, gun runners, and government officials in the Iran-Contra scandals.

#4 The entire Bush family were large stockholders in Lilly, Abbott, Bristol, and Pfizer, etc.

#5 After Bush’s disclosure of assets in 1979, it became public that Bush’s family still had a large interest in Pfizer and substantial amounts of stock in the other aforementioned drug companies.

#6 Bush actively lobbied illegally both within and without the Administration as Vice President in 1981 to permit drug companies to dump more unwanted, obsolete, or, especially, domestically-banned substances on unsuspecting Third World countries.

#7 While Vice President, Bush continued to illegally act on behalf of pharmaceutical companies by personally going to the IRS for special tax breaks for certain drug companies (e.g. Lilly) manufacturing in Puerto Rico.

#8 In 1982, Vice President Bush was personally ordered to stop lobbying the IRS on behalf of the drug companies by the U.S. Supreme Court itself. 

#9 He did stop lobbying but the pharmaceuticals still received a 23% additional tax break for their companies in Puerto Rico that make these American outlawed drugs for sale to Third World countries.

#10 1981 – 1989 Acting Vice President under President Ronald Reagan during which time he put the Fast Track drug approval into effect allowing drugs to be approved after only 5 & 6 weeks testing thus paving the way for Prozac’s approval. 

#11 And while that was being done in America Dr. John Virapen who was Lilly’s right hand man in Sweden bribed the official in charge of drug approval there to obtain a Prozac approval there first as they were known as having strict approval guidelines. So once Sweden approved a drug other countries would follow with little scrutiny of their own. (You can listen to Dr. Virapen confess to all of that in detail in his first American interview. Click here: (http://new.drugawareness.org/meet-dr-john-virapen-the-man-who-bought-prozacs-approval/)

(Financial disclosure statements; Bush 1979 tax report; “Bush Tried to Sway A Tax Rule Change But Then Withdrew” NY Times, May 19, 1982; misc. corporate records; Christic Institute “La Penca” affidavit; Lilly 1979 Annual Report.)

From the authorized on-line version of Jack Herer’s “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” 



My brother’s granddaughter, my great niece, sweet Hannah, was on her way home from a birthday party a week ago Saturday evening, November 24, when the car lost control as they hit a wash, spun out & hit another car head on. Hannah & another  girl are both in very serious condition with head injuries & more plus both are in comas. Your prayers in their behalf at this time would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all of my Facebook friends & followers for your prayers & support for Hannah which have poured in non-stop all week after her terrible accident resulting in very traumatic brain injury! And thank you for also sharing our prayer request with so many! I firmly believe in the power of your prayers!

I want to share this documentary with you by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the Neurosurgeon from CNN, so that if anything like this happens to one of your loved ones you will be aware of this option available to you that the doctors may not yet be aware of since it tends to take so very long for information on new treatments to make it out to the masses.

In 2002 I attended a conference at the National Institutes of Hralth in DC for doctors from around the world who were there to present their research on using Omega 3 oils as a cure for everything from ADHD to PMS to Depression (including Postpartum) to Bipolar Disorder & Schizophrenia. It was a very eye-opening conference with amazing cutting edge research & astounding results being shared! One of the very important points made there was that Omega 3, no matter if it was fish oil or flax oil derived Omega 3, produced similar benefits. They explained that more research on the fish derived Omega 3 existed because that industry had the money to fund the research.

This special documentary is on the case of Grant Virgin, a teen who suffered a very serious head injury after being hit by a car. Although his doctors felt he had no hope of recovery & recommended that his parents pull the plug on their son, he had an amazing total recovery using high doses of Omega 3 oil. It is unbelievable that the doctors gave this boy no hope & were ready to pull the plug on him! He was only one year older than Hannah! Yet with this Omega 3 treatment, which the boy’s parents fought hard to get doctors to try, although they were being given NO HOPE at all for his recovery, it was only two days after they began treatment with Omega 3 oils that his brain function was restored to the point of him making a call to his mother! He has since made a complete recovery. 

I did an hour or two interview for CNN with Dr. Gupta about 2003 & just recently made another connection on a different issue he & I are both working on. So, I can tell you from personal contact with him that he is a very brilliant & inquisitive physician who is still open to learning – a trait sadly missing in so many physicians today who believe they already know everything.

Someone, who knew the mother of the boy in the video above, contacted me to let me know about Grant’s miraculous story & shared the mother’s website with a video of how bad he was before they were able to turn him around with the Omega 3’s.  Below find a link to Grant’s Mothers website Click here

And Yet Another Report of a Miraculous Recovery

I also include the following report that came in yesterday as a comment on the post about Hannah from someone who was unaware that I knew anything about this treatment & wanted to share her own family’s experience with Omega 3s being used in a serious brain injury her own niece suffered…

“I am so sorry, unfortunately, I know firsthand how devastating this can be as it happened to my niece when she was crossing the street. When she was transferred to a long-term facility to try and wean her off the ventilator they gave her extremely high doses of Omega 3s in her feeding tube to assist the brain’s healing. She is now recovered so this could be a treatment for you to listen keep in mind. Definitely ask about trials and the omega 3s. They told my sister her daughter would likely not survive and she is doing amazing! Sending positive thoughts, love and healing.” … Lisa Kenar  

And yet another miraculous report after 0 brain function

“My son is also a miracle story on recovery from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). He arrived at the hospital with no brain function, so we definitely know the power of Prayer. He is not fully recovered like those featured here, but 16 years out from his accident, we are using a product high in omega-3 oils. We don’t have access to Mega doses of Omega-3s. In the past 2 years he has progressed from a three-year-old level 2 almost a 9-year level. This is much more progress than in the 14 years previous!”

                                                            … Maryann Radke Marshall​​

Grant’s Mother’s Website


The family says that progress would not be happening if they had merely accepted what conventional medicine told them.”I think one of the saddest things is to get to a place and have someone tell you, ‘You should just let your son die,’ and you don’t have the information to make the right decision,” said JJ Virgin.

“There is such hopelessness about brain injury and there shouldn’t be.”

That rampant hopelessness when it comes to traumatic brain injury is fueling a push by Bailes and Sears to do further studies about omega-3….The Virgin family, based on their own dramatic experience, is sure that omega-3 will do for others what it did for their son.

“OK, what if it didn’t do anything?” said John Virgin. “It certainly couldn’t hurt, but what if you have this kind of result?”

ICFDA Cyber Monday-Friday Sale

NOTE FROM ANN: This week has been filled with family tragedies & two close family members currently hospitalized in serious condition. Therefore getting our news out about our own “Cyber Monday” is late & therefore extended throughout this week  into a “Cyber Monday – Friday”! Our way of saying Merry Christmas to all of you as well!! 


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Help! I can’t get off my antidepressant! [Mp3 Download] $10.95 $6.95

Here blow are two reports from those who have used this information to come off these drugs & restore their lives – as you will see both previously had their lives & health severely negatively impacted by antidepressants for many years before learning there is an easier way to come off these drugs & rebuild when you understand more about how the drugs work….

#1 Successful Antidepressant Withdrawal After Ten Years Use
#2 Is Rebirth Possible After Serotonergic Medications?

In the Middle of WWIII We Pause…RIP JFK 55 Years Ago Today

In Dallas, TX 55 years ago today we lost John F. Kennedy in a tragic assassination. We pause today in the middle of this serotonin-induced holocaust, which I have come to call World War III, to honor the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. This is a war being waged against us all via chemical warfare rather than guns. And after 3 decades of research into these serotonergic drugs I have come to firmly believe President Kennedy was murdered because of his attempt to prevent this from happening to us all which I will explain in detail as you read on.

Because this tragedy happened so long ago before many of you were born, you never had the opportunity to learn much about  President Kennedy or the goals he had for our country. Here is a 5 minute YouTube video posted this morning of him speaking about his plans to put an end to this secret society working to destroy our country, our freedoms & our very lives – our modern day Trojan horse – pharmaceuticals….


John F. Kennedy, Jr

President Kennedy had a son while serving as president, John, Jr. who was only 3 when his father was assasinated.

Sadly in July of 1999 we we’re given the news that we lost his son JFK, Jr. in a plane crash just before he was to announce his run for senator in New York State against Hillary Clinton. As everyone loved him there was no question that he would have won that race.

(Now before anyone gets the idea this is a political post you are WRONG & I would advise you to continue reading in order to see all these connections & WHO all is behind the damage you have suffered because of these drugs, not only to you, but to our whole country & at this point the whole world. And as upsetting as you may find this information, whatever you do PLEASE remember that coming off too rapidly can prove to be the most dangerous thing you can do!)

But John had once made the following statement about the death of his father, “I will expose my father’s killers no matter who they are – even if I have to bring down the government.” … JFK, Jr.

John, Jr’s mother, it is rumored, thought Lyndon Johnson had something to do with her husband’s death. But who did John blame for his father’s death? He blamed George Bush, Sr., whose father worked closely with the Nazi’s, had extensive ties to Pharma & later headed the same group I always thought was behind his death, the CIA, who President Kennedy wanted to dissolve along with the Federal Reserve.


George Bush, Sr.

I do hope you noticed in the short video above that President Kennedy, like President Trump, also went after the press & had little good to say about them. And seemingly unbeknownst to most Americans JFK, Jr. & President Trump were friends. It also appears that what President Trump has been saying about going after the “Deep State” is no different than what President Kennedy was saying about going after this “secret group” behind our government, a “shadow government”.

So is President Trump working to fulfill the plan of President Kennedy as well as make good on the vow of his friend John, Jr. to bring those who killed his father to justice? It certainly appears to me that this is the case because every morning in the White House under the direction of our 45th President, the following prayer is given daily in the Oval Office:

“Rest in peace Mr. President (JFK), through your wisdom and strength, since your tragic death, Patriots have planned, installed, and by the grace of God, activated, the beam of LIGHT. We will forever remember your sacrifice. May you look down from above and continue to guide us as we ring the bell of FREEDOM and destroy those who wish to sacrifice our children, our way of life, and our world. We, the PEOPLE.”


President Kennedy’s Nephew Douglas Kennedy

While working for Fox News Douglas Kennedy did more reporting on the dangers of antidepressants than any other news reporter in the world. He understood the issues surrounding these drugs very well & worked hard to get the warning out about them. Sadly, as with all of us, family can be the most difficult to teach about these drugs, & Douglas lost a sister-in-law to a Zoloft-induced suicide, Robert Kennedy, Jr’s wife. Hopefully her children understand & as all children they retain their right to file a wrongful death suit for a parent until 2 years after they turn 21. And I just learned tonight of more of my own close family members in trouble on these drugs.

But here is one of several reports Douglas Kennedy has done on Fox which you can find more of on our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/icfda/videos

Connections to the Battle for Truth About These Drugs

Now onto the additional connections to this battle for truth about these drugs…

For those of you who have read my book you will already see many of those connections. And I will include below one section of the book that does go into that.



Preston Bush

Where to begin? First there was Preston Bush, George Sr.’s father, & grandfather to our latest President Bush. He was a US Senator who helped to fund both sides of WWII, & had close enough ties to Hitler, I G Farben, eugenics, population control, & the Nazi’s that according to what we now know he should have been prosecuted for high crimes. Was involved in getting the European headquarters for the CIA set up in the IG Farben pharmaceutical head office!

If you click & listen to the following link from about the 42 minute mark to the end you will find that information. And during the CIAs’ Operation Paperclip, which apparently both Preston Bush & George Sr were involved with, 1600 Nazi scientists were brought to America to continue their research!


Here is additional information on both George, Sr’s, & George, Jr’s, Pharma ties…

After leaving the CIA in 1977, Bush was made director of Eli Lilly by none other than Dan Quayle’s father and family, who owned controlling interest in the Lilly company and the Indianapolis Star. Dan Quayle later acted as go-between for drug kingpins, gun runners, and government officials in the Iran-Contra scandals.

The entire Bush family was large stockholders in Lilly, Abbott, Bristol, and Pfizer, etc. After Bush’s disclosure of assets in 1979, it became public that Bush’s family still had a large interest in Pfizer and substantial amounts of stock in the other aforementioned drug companies.

“In fact, Bush actively lobbied illegally both within and without the Administration as Vice President in 1981 to permit drug companies to dump more unwanted, obsolete, or, especially, domestically-banned substances on unsuspecting Third World countries.

“While Vice President, Bush continued to illegally act on behalf of pharmaceutical companies by personally going to the IRS for special tax breaks for certain drug companies (e.g. Lilly) manufacturing in Puerto Rico.

“While Vice President, Bush continued to illegally act on behalf of pharmaceutical companies by personally going to the IRS for special tax breaks for certain drug companies (e.g. Lilly) manufacturing in Puerto Rico. In 1982, Vice President Bush was personally ordered to stop lobbying the IRS on behalf of the drug companies by the U.S. Supreme Court itself.”



George W. Bush

Apparently once George, Sr. became President he used different powers to assist his friends in the pharmaceutical industry. As Eli Lilly prepared to bring their first SSRI antidepressant to the market they needed a favor & knew who had vested interests to help them. So the current President Bush changed the laws at the FDA to allow for “Fast Track” approvals of pharmaceuticals allowing Prozac to be approved on only 5 & 6 week studies. And several years later as George, Jr became president he tacked on a policy to a bill to prevent lawsuits for damages against pharmaceuticals.

And to get the full picture behind the CIA & their interest in getting these drugs on the market after Congress banned their drug if choice for mind control you can find all that explained in the following post from that section of my book on these drugs, Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? Our Serotonin Nightmare!


HISTORY OF ANTIDEPRESSANTS – Just Where Did Your Medication Come From?