Media Bias on Antidepressants Astounding!

Bravo to Dr. Urato for working to get this information out to a far too unsuspecting public!!!! Thanks to David Bostrom for bringing this article to us. I have specialized in antidepressant adverse reactions for 25 years now and have a large book out on the subject, Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare! For many years now I have worked to get the media in Utah, where so many women of child bearing age are on these drugs, to address the Autism/Antidepressant link to no avail.

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Study: High Psychotropic Medication Rates For Children With Autism

STUDY: HIGH PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICATION RATES FOR CHILDREN WITH AUTISM (Keep in mind as you read through this critical information that Autism is a condition of ELEVATED serotonin levels and nearly everyone of the medications Autistic children are being given are drugs designed to INCREASE serotonin levels thereby making the Autistic symptoms worse. Yet doctors are…

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