TRAZADONE: Update: 13 Dead in Washington DC Naval Yard Shooting

Aaron Alexis TRAZADONE: 13 Dead in Washington DC Naval Yard Shooting This morning the New York Times released the fact that over the past month Aaron Alexis has been on the antidepressant, Trazadone (Desyrel), given to treat insomnia. (See quotes below.) Of course I am not finished asking questions. I want to know what he…

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ANTIDEPESSANT: 8 Yr Old Boy Antidepressant-induced Psychosis

WAGGA boy Brayden Rowley has
a good heart, a wonderful sense of humour and a generous soul his loving mum
just hopes others can see that.

Annette Rowley is desperate for a
diagnosis for her beautiful eight-year-old son, but having exhausted every
available avenue through the NSW mental health system, is now not sure where to

After reading Karene Eggleton’s journey in The Weekend Advertiser,
the mother of four young boys felt compelled to come forward and let others know
Ms Eggleton’s son’s struggle to find appropriate care is not an isolated one.

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Excerpts from the Denver Rocky Mountain News:

* When the local social services workers contacted her with information
about Candace, she was told the girl had a “strong temperment,” that she was
prone to uncontrollable outbursts. Candace had been through six foster homes
by the time she was five, and her birth family had neglected her, Newmaker
was told.

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