16-Year Old Wanting to End it All on Zoloft

…first night I had taken Zoloft I experienced extreme anxiety and mania, I thought I was going crazy.“


I am 17, at the time I was prescribed Zoloft I had just turned 16. On the first night I had taken Zoloft I experienced extreme anxiety and mania, I thought I was going crazy. It didn’t occur to me that it could have been the medication and I thought the world was literally ending around me.
If it wasn’t for my sister being awake and in my company at the time I know I would have ended it all. I couldn’t sleep but I didn’t want to stay awake because of the nightmare that I was living, the only option it seemed for me was to end my life. My sister talked me through it and she pretended she knew what was going on and made me believe I would be alright.

The psychiatrists I have seen have all been the same “up the dosage, up the dosage by 50mg and you’ll feel better”……I feel they’re all out for the money, so I go on my own instincts now with the help of a councilor . Although I don’t feel 100% better I am helping myself , not letting a drug do it for me and slowly getting there.

Fortunately now I have discontinued use of the drug, I am taking a lighter medication but I still feel the effects of Zoloft come back at me….like a flashback.

Your Letter on the drug awareness page helped me understand what I went through and I’m very mad that I was so ill informed on the medication I was prescribed.

I’m sure this is old news to you but I thought I had to share this with you.




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Mother of Four Suffers Extreme Anxiety on Prozac

“Please God, let people learn about this so that it does not happen to others.”


Hi, I am a 32-year-old mother of 4. I have a wonderful husband, and family. When my baby was a couple weeks old, I went to the doctor (nurse practitioner) to have my thyroid checked out. She asked how I was doing, and I said I was doing really good but I was tired and irritable. (Being a mother of 4 and a new baby that is how I was supposed to be.)
She recommended Prozac, so I thought what the heck I will use it. She sent me home with a 5-day supply, and a prescription. I was on it for 15 days when I totally freaked out. I woke up with period-like cramps because I was due to start my period, and then I got a full blown panic attack. My body was on fire the skin burned from head to toe. I broke out into a cold sweat, but was hot. It was awful.

For the next 3 1/2 weeks it continued. I thought I was going crazy. In this time I saw 2 ER doctors, 2 Endocrinologists (to make sure it was not my thyroid) and 3 different family practitioners. They all said I had developed panic attacks, and sent me to a psychologist, who prescribed Ativan and Xanax which made things worse. Then a sleeping pill. Well I did not use these drugs only a couple of times.

On the 15th day of taking Prozac, I stopped taking it because I knew it had to be the Prozac although the doctors did not agree. And I never touched it since. It has been 33 days since I have taken Prozac and I am better. At least I am sleeping better. But the anxiety is awful and I still have panic attacks. I have been told to maybe try another SSRI to help with the panic and anxiety and I say NO WAY!

I will never touch the stuff again, I am so scared I have to get better. I have 4 children to take care of. And it is wearing on my husband. Sometimes I think maybe I just went crazy, and the Prozac had nothing to do with it. But then my family all says it was the Prozac.
Please God, let people learn about this so that it does not happen to others. I was a lucky one who was smart enough to not take anything else. What about those who don’t know better. How will they end up? I would have been dead or in a mental hospital. Who would have taken care of my children? I thank my sister-in-law. She has been my support through this. She talked me through my panic attacks, and I love her very much. She really cared about me, and without hers I am not sure where I would be.

Please post this and pass the word along. and anyone please feel free to contact me I am here for anyone who needs support.



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