ANTIDEPRESSANTS: 26 Year Old Man Assaults 16 Year Old Girl: Scotland

Paragraph 18 reads:  “He had attempted suicide by an
overdose and
was taking medication for
depression at the time of the offence.”

Paragraph 16
reads:  ” ‘Jim Stephenson, defending, told the High Court in Edinburgh
Smith wanted to apologise to the victim.  ‘He cannot believe he carried
out these acts,
‘  he said. ‘

Rapist such a risk that he’ll be under watch until he dies

Published Date: 05 December 2009

A MAN who held a schoolgirl captive for seven hours and then raped her
was given a life sentence yesterday.

Ryan Smith, 26, snatched the teenager off the street and
kept her in his home overnight. She was allowed to leave after giving him a

A judge was told that Smith, from Saughton, Edinburgh, had been
assessed as posing a “very high risk” to the public and to women in

He had earlier admitted abducting, assaulting and raping the
16yearold girl on 8 February.

The girl had never met Smith before, but
they had a mutual friend and she was in a group that was at his flat that night.

The men were drunk and there was a row between Smith and one of the
others in the street. The girl was walking away from the scene when she heard
Smith say: “You’re dead.”

He grabbed her by the neck and pushed her
against a hedge, and then dragged her into his flat.

Neil Beardmore,
prosecuting, said: “She was crying and trying to break free, but was unable to
do so. It was about midnight … there was no-one passing in the

Smith threw the girl on to a bed, and lay down beside her. He
put his hand over her mouth when someone came to the door, and then indecently
assaulted her.

She repeatedly told him to stop and hit him, but he bit
her on the arm.

“He would alternate between making threats and being
apologetic,” Mr Beardmore said.

“This continued throughout the night and
she considered trying to escape but was afraid of what the accused might do if
he caught her. She was continually in fear of her safety and her

At about 7am, Smith raped the girl, as she pleaded to go home and
was crying and shaking.

As he allowed her to leave, he told her she
would be “battered” and “killed” if she told the police.

The girl

revealed what had happened to a friend, and the police were contacted.

Mr Beardmore said she had suffered nightmares and now feared sleeping
alone or going out alone.

Jim Stephenson, defending, told the High Court
in Edinburgh Smith wanted to apologise to the victim. “He cannot believe he
carried out these acts,” he said.

The court heard Smith had an alcohol
dependency and had received treatment at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

He had attempted suicide by an overdose and was taking medication for
depression at the time of the offence.

His criminal record included
convictions for fireraising, and serious assault against a woman.

judge, Lord Brailsford, ordered that Smith must serve a minimum of seven years
before he could apply for parole.

He imposed an order for lifelong
restriction, and said Smith required treatment for underlying psychological

“An order for lifelong restriction is the only means the court
has of ensuring you will not be released until such time as the risk you pose
has been evaluated as being at an acceptable level,” Lord Brailsford

If and when Smith is released, he will remain on licence for life
and be liable to be recalled to custody.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: 77 Year Old Man Commits Suicide: England

NOTE FROM Ann Blake-Tracy: Another example of just how truly amazing these antidepressants are! In growing up I do not recall ever hearing of someone this age committing suicide, much less a more violent suicide as we see with SSRI antidepressants! Now we not only have suicides and violent ones, but we have horribly violent murder/suicides in this age group! It is all so very sickening!!
Second paragraph reads:  “Bernard Jeenes, 77, was found dead in his kitchen, in Cayman Close, Popley, Basingstoke, on June 7, after taking an overdose of anti-depressants and hanging himself.”

Suicidal man ‘let down’ by system

12:30pm Friday 21st August 2009

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A GRIEVING son said his father should have been cared for at a Basingstoke psychiatric hospital to stop him from killing himself.

Bernard Jeenes, 77, was found dead in his kitchen, in Cayman Close, Popley, Basingstoke, on June 7, after taking an overdose of anti-depressants and hanging himself.

His son Mark, who found his body, told an inquest into his death that his father had begged to be admitted to the mental health unit at Parklands Hospital after a suicide attempt the week before he died.

Now he is calling for changes. Mr Jeenes, a 33-year-old decorator from Barbel Avenue, in Riverdene, told the inquest at Alton magistrates court: “I feel like my father has been let down and if he got the help he wanted he would still be here today.”

He said a week before he died, his father was admitted to Basingstoke hospital after taking an overdose of anti-depressants. He then asked to be transferred to neighbouring Parklands psychiatric hospital.

He told the coroner: “That should have got alarm bells ringing, but the doctor just said he would be better off at home. My father said he wanted to kill himself.”

He said his father had emerged “a new man” after a spell at Parklands in 2002.

However, the dead man’s psychiatric nurse, Chris Dale, told the inquest Mr Jeenes had been referred by a GP after he had phoned Parklands directly.

He said: “I saw him several times before his death and he didn’t tell me about wanting to go to Parklands. He mentioned he had some suicidal thoughts but that he had no plan or intent to take his life. He told me he wanted to avoid Parklands, and do things on his own.

“The last time I saw him, he was more positive.”

Recording a verdict of suicide, North East Hampshire coroner, Andrew Bradley, said: “Clearly what Mr Jeenes was sharing with his son was different from what he was sharing with Chris Dale.

“The concerns were there, the bells were ringing but the assessment pushed him out the Basingstoke hospital door.”

After the inquest, a spokesman for Hampshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Parklands Hospital, said staff who knew him had been deeply saddened by the death of Mr Jeenes.

An initial review into the circumstances had concluded that the right clinical decisions were made.

The spokesman added: “A further more detailed review is being carried out. It is important to note that the coroner, in full possession of all the facts, did not make any recommendations for the trust to implement.”

He said if a clinician wanted a patient admitted, a bed would be found.

Mr Jeenes’ story has come to light just weeks after The Gazette reported the inquest of Terry Thomas, aged 54, of Kenilworth Road, Winklebury, who died after jumping from a bridge on Ringway West A340 on April 1.

His widow Jane told an inquest he had been turned away from Parklands Hospital the day before his death, despite a failed suicide attempt.

Following that story, Gazette reader Hailey Newton Roast, aged 35, of Kings Furlong Centre, off Wessex Close, Basingstoke, contacted the newsdesk to speak of her experience.

She said: “I have manic depression and have tried to commit suicide a few times. Each time I was told I didn’t meet the criteria to be admitted to Parklands.

“The mental health services here are terrible and I’ve written several times to complain.”

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Confused on Desipramine

“…(I) could not understand the English that was coming out of my mouth, and about every third word my wife was saying.”

As I have scanned through the accounts of those affected in a life altering way, I have yet to run across any dealing with desipramine, so I guess I must add my short yet important experience to the mix.

I began seeing a Pain Management Doctor, one that happens to be young, and also deeply cares whether he helps me or not. His interpretation of my sleeplessness, and my addiction to pain (it controls my life, therefore by definition classifies as an addiction), as depression for which I was prescribed Desipramine.

After two weeks my wife informs me that she thinks it is not something that is helping me, other than my newfound ability to sleep at night, which was impressive enough to ignore the one that’s opinion means more to me than anyone’s on earth. And for a note, that part of the story was many bottles or months if you will, ago.

Three weeks ago, I “came to” if you will and could not understand the English that was coming out of my mouth, and about every third word my wife was saying. It confused me to the point that I though she was full up of the maintenance that was part of helping a disabled 42 year old man entailed, and was going to divorce me, from which came what I now know as a panic attack.

Once we were able to communicate through the fog, I understood she was mine forever, and she wanted to know what course I intended to pursue. I told her to wean off of those “blue pills” was my first mission, and informed the Dr. that it was my intention to get rid of them, he wrote a prescription stating to take half a dose. With this as the reasoning, I decided to take the usual 2 and then 1, then 2 then 1 and 1. So forth until I was taking one then none for seven days. I seems to have worked rather well and by the Grace of God I can remember why I am leaving the house more often than before, and I presume the most important question is, how many of you have dealt with Desipramine and what did it do to you?

Robert Joinerville

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A Stockbroker’s Story on Zoloft

“I’m so stressed out over nothing I feel like I’m going crazy.”


I can not begin to tell you how sorry I am to read about your terrible tragedy. (“He Never Said Goodbye”–posted here) I am a 30-year-old man with a son and family of my own. When I read your story it brought real tears to my eyes. What you’’ve done to tell your story, as hard as it is to do, is for the best. It needs to be told more and more.

I will do my part to educate as many people as I can about the effects of this terrible drug myself.

In late August of last year as I was driving home from work when I began to have severe chest pains. So bad I had to pull over to the side of the road, call my wife to “say goodbye”, then call 911. When the ambulance arrived I was already feeling better, but they took me to the hospital anyway. They did all the tests and it wasn’’t a heart attack. So 2 nights later I get the same thing again (chest pains). This time no Hospital visit. Anyway, my regular Dr. sends me for every test that can be performed on a heart. When they come back negative, she sends me for every test that can be performed on every other organ that is housed within my chest, gall bladder, liver, gastro etc. All come back negative.

Because I’ve been a Stockbroker for some time, I manage more than $100m in client assets, and have witnessed a “great deal” of wealth lost by my clients over the last couple of years, which I took personally. My Dr. said my condition was a Panic/ Anxiety disorder and put me on 50mg Zoloft.

I, not knowing anything about it, and completely trusting my Dr. took it religiously every day until early Feb. Things were starting to get better in the market, and at home etc… no more chest pains etc… Decided I didn’t need it anymore. After 3 days of not having it I was forced to get back on it to avoid the dizziness from the withdrawal. I tapered like I was told. Doesn’t work. I’m so stressed out over nothing I feel like I’m going crazy. The dizziness is unbearable. –Almost killed one of my colleagues over a comment I would have laughed about 2 months ago. When I bought a bad Go-Kart for my kid for $1500, and was forced to take it back after 1 day the guy charged me $200 to take it back. I began to “egg” his store window religiously every Sat. night (including the last one) for 6 weeks straight now. I’m a model citizen. Pillar in the community, handling senior citizens entire retirement portfolios and I’m egging a business over $200 bucks. I find myself in a lot of situations asking myself what would Vito Corleone (Godfather) do in these different situations. I hope I can get back to my old self again soon. Because I’ve never been clinically depressed a day in my life. But seem to be heading that way fast.

Anyway, enough about me. I wanted to take the time, and drop this to you, because I know your son is with God. I know you will be with him again someday. I haven’t had a tear swell up in my eyes in probably years. But when I read your post, I thought about my son, and could just imagine the pain. The unbearable pain that you must feel. I don’t even know you, and I’m dealing with my own thing right now, but I swear to God if there is anything I can do for you people, “anything” at all, let me know.

God bless you, and your family!




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