ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Famous Supermodel Jumps Six Floors to Her Death: Columbia

Paragraph 2 reads: “According to a Colombian newspaper, police are confirming that Marulanda leaped out of the window of her Bogota, Colombia apartment. Reports are also indicating that Lina was experiencing depression as a result of a recent separation from her second husband, Carlos Onate. The stress of the split and a rumor also has…

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PROZAC: Man Engaged in Massive Self-Mutilation: Lawsuit: Illinois

A man claims he has cut numerous parts of his body, including his
testicles, because his former psychiatrist refused to prescribe him the correct

Anthony Gay filed a lawsuit April 12 in Madison County
Circuit Court against Claudia Kachigian.

Gay claims he self mutilates
himself because of anxiety problems. The only medication that prevents Gay from
cutting himself is Busper, according to the complaint. Gay claims he explained
the scenario to his psychiatrist, Kachigian.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Patients Report 20 Times More Side Effects Than Doctors Report

The investigators followed 300 patients who were in
ongoing outpatient treatment for depression over six weeks. The authors compared
what the patient reported on a standardized scale of 31 different side effects
(Toronto Side Effects Scale; TSES) with the information recorded by the treating
psychiatrist on each patient’s chart. The main finding: A stunning disconnect
between psychiatrists and their patients. The average number of side effects

reported by the patients on the TSES was 20 times (!) higher than the number
recorded by the psychiatris. When the investigators concentrated on those side
effects that were most troubling to the patient, patients still reported
2 to 3 times more side effects than were recorded by the treating

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Star D Study – Only 3% Remission, Not 67%

Two months ago, I wrote a post about a New Yorker article that reported that 67% of the depressed patients in the STAR*D trial “recovered.” As I noted in that post, the 67% figure was a highly exaggerated number. Only 51% of the 3,671 patients who entered the trial ever remitted, even for a short period. Furthermore, only about 20% of the patients remitted and then reported to STAR*D investigators, at some point during a 12-month follow-up period, that they were still doing well.

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ANTIDEPRESSANT: Woman Jumps From Brooklyner: First Suicide Ever in Bldg…

A woman jumped to her death from roof of the Brooklyner the borough’s tallest building last week, police said.

Thirty-year-old Jennifer Paek plummeted from the roof of the 51-story building on Lawrence Street between Willoughby Street and Myrtle Avenue in Downtown and landed on the seventh-floor terrace of the Metrotech office building next door at around 12:55 pm.

She was dead on the spot.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: 26 Year Old Man Assaults 16 Year Old Girl: Scotland

A MAN who held a schoolgirl captive for seven hours and then raped her
was given a life sentence yesterday.

Ryan Smith, 26, snatched the teenager off the street and
kept her in his home overnight. She was allowed to leave after giving him a

A judge was told that Smith, from Saughton, Edinburgh, had been
assessed as posing a “very high risk” to the public and to women in

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ANTIDEPRESSANT: Makes Teenage Girl Angry All the Time: Massachusetts

Dear Annie: I am a 16-year-old girl who still wets the bed. I have
tried everything from wearing an alarm to taking medication.

I am now on
a prescription that works by telling my kidneys to stop producing urine,
although it doesn’t work all the time. A urologist prescribed an antidepressant

that prevents me from sleeping too deeply. With the combination of these two
medicines, I no longer wet the bed. However, the antidepressant causes me to be
uncontrollably angry all the time. I also don’t sleep well when I take it, which
just adds to my irritability. It has gotten so bad that it has started to affect
my relationships with friends and family.

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ZOLOFT: 12 Year Old Boy Kills 5 Week Old Infant: Georgia

The mother testified Wednesday morning in a
Cobb County, Ga., courtroom, where the Tampa boy faces charges of felony murder
and cruelty to children. He has pleaded not guilty. Juvenile Court Judge A.
Gregory Poole will decide the case without a jury.

The unidentified boy
­ a court order keeps his name secret ­ was visiting relatives July 4
outside Atlanta when his cousin stopped at the Target to pick up food for a
picnic. According to court testimony, the 22-year-old mother left the keys in
the ignition and the air conditioning on as she shopped at the store for 18
minutes. When Young returned, the boy was playing on his cell phone in the back
seat. The radio was turned louder. And the infant was not responsive.

baby girl was taken off life support the next day. A medical examiner found
multiple skull fractures and ruled the cause of death blunt force trauma to the

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ZOLOFT: Charges of DUI & Child Endangerment: Florida

OCALA – An Ocala woman was arrested on Sunday and charged with drunken
driving and child neglect after she reportedly drove to McDonald’s while she was
drunk and transporting a 5-year-old boy.

According to a Marion County
Sheriff’s Office report, Nekisha Smith, 29, drove to the McDonald’s at 9737 SE
Maricamp Road in a blue Kia.

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