Secrecy shrouds Sandy Hook shooting investigation

Sandy Hook Shooting

Secrecy shrouds Sandy Hook shooting investigation

My comment: The title of your article is most definitely an understatement! In 2 1/2 decades of tracking and documenting school shootings for the involvement of antidepressant medications by the shooters and being called as an expert in these cases, I have never seen a case with so much secrecy as Sandy Hook! Why search for antidepressants in these cases? Because out of 70 cases investigated 68 have been on these drugs with listed side effects of both suicide and homicide. I would post that data link for you, but KSL does not allow it. Google International Coalition for Drug Awareness for a list with all documentation.

This type of keeping information from the public on these shootings began with the Virginia Tech shooting though. I was with the first boy shot at Columbine, Mark Taylor, the only one to sue the antidepressant maker for their involvement in the Columbine school shooting, when the news broke about Virginia Tech. He and his mother were visiting me in Iowa at the time after I spent years working as an expert in his court case.

After we did several news interviews on the VA Tech shooting we noticed how quickly the reports from his roommates disappeared who had reported nothing was different about Cho that day. They had reported he got up took his antidepressant with his breakfast like always and got ready and went to class. Interestingly in that case his mental health records disappeared for two years until they mysteriously showed up in a doctor’s office in his own private home. And how long do you have to file a wrongful death case in most states? Two years. Coincidence? Maybe.

It will be interesting to see what all is released tomorrow, but I am not holding my breath!

To follow up the report contained little to help anyone know Adam Lanza’s motive. Yet it said in 2005 he had been diagnosed with Aspbergers, an Autism disorder which means there were eight years in which he could easily have been medicated with antidepressants that are so commonly prescribed for Aspbergers. The drugs work by impairing serotonin metabolism which is known to produce impulsive murder and suicide. And a  journal article out this month demonstrates that 64% of those with Autism disorders are taking antidepressants or other mind altering medications. Anything that impairs serotonin metabolism as antidepressants do are known in medical literature to produce impulsive murder and suicide, extreme violence, suicide, deadly sleep disorder which includes murder-suicide, etc. 

 This article on the report out on Sandy Hook states that authorities  “… tried within the limits of privacy laws to gather information on his medical treatment.”
So since when do privacy laws apply after murder?! Never in any murder cases I worked! At that point medical records become “evidence” not information protected by privacy laws!

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness &
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Virginia Tech Gunman’s Mental Records Found

Note from Ann Blake-Tracy: The most important records in this case have never
been released. These may be interesting but we still need to know what he had
been prescribed over the period of time before the shooting. Roommates
spoke of him taking his antidepressant that morning, but then we never heard
another word about it.


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