cold turkey

ANTIDEPRESSANT WITHDRAWAL: The Most Extreme Dangers of Abrupt Discontinuation

Taper vs Abrupt Withdrawal – The Importance of Avoiding Antidepressant Withdrawal via Tapering: Antidepressant withdrawal-induced mania and the REM Sleep Disorder – Dangerous Sleep Disorder Caused by Antidepressants and Long Known as a Drug Withdrawal State ANTIDEPRESSANT WITHDRAWAL MANIC RAGE EXAMPLES No one has screamed longer or louder about the dangers of abrupt withdrawal from […]

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mark short family


  Mark and Megan Short Family This morning the nation learned that Mark Short (40) and his wife Megan (33) and their three small children, 8-year-old Liana, 5-year-old Mark and 2-year-old Willow were all found shot in another murder/suicide. Two families by the last name of Short dead in less than a year due to an […]

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Richard Bain Arrest

CYMBALTA: Canadian Man in Bathrobe Kills One, Wounds One At Election Celebration

“It’s totally different from my character. All my life I worked and helped other people.” Please read at least this part of this article to see how this poor man became so manic on Cymbalta. Why did no one catch such blatantly obvious manic behavior, indicating a serious toxic reaction to this drug, BEFORE this fatal tragedy?!! […]

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Elderly Man Sets Self on Fire, Rams Car Into Police Station

History of Mental Illness: Elderly Man Sets Self on Fire, Rams Car Into Police Station

A MAN after he set himself on fire drove his flaming vehicle filled with gas bombs into the Merrylands police station’s underground carpark. No one else was injured in the car-bomb attack when the man rammed the vehicle into the carpark about 7pm. Amazingly he survived and is in custody. At least it appears that police […]

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