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NEW STUDY: Anxiety Disorders Linked to ELEVATED Serotonin!

YET ANOTHER STUDY LINKS ANXIETY TO ELEVATED, NOT LOW, SEROTONIN LEVELS For anyone familiar with my book and my research the information brought out by this new research will be a “REALLY??????!!!!!!!!!!” moment combined with the after thought….”ISN’T THIS WAY OVER TWO DECADES TOO LATE? JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK ANN BLAKE TRACY HAS BEEN […]


ZOLOFT MURDER: The Case of 12 Year Old Christopher Pittman

Christopher Pittman, 12 I was absolutely shocked the other night when looking through all of the television specials we have posted on our website for the International Coalition for Drug Awareness when I found that this special on 48 Hours on the case of 12 year old Christopher Pittman only had 46 views!!!! No […]