Blue LOVES Raw Butternut Squash Spaghetti ….

The recipe on Pg 147 of “Hooked on Raw” earns….

The Baby Blue Stamp of Approval

For those of you who do not know Baby Blue, she is my antidepressant, a two pound three year old Chihuahua, who happens to love raw food better than cooked and prefers Vegan. She sets a great example for me always by begging for food before I cook it!!  Offer her a piece of jerky and a red or green or yellow sweet bell pepper and I can tell you it will only be a split second before she grabs the pepper and shuns the jerky!

Well she has just found a new dish she has fallen in love with. As this was being prepared in the kitchen tonight she began crying to come out for dinner from the bedroom because she could smell the food being prepared….

IMG 20131231 173107

Baby Blue devouring my raw butternut squash spaghetti after

begging incessantly for it….

IMG 20131231 172856

Licking her plate clean ….

IMG 20131231 174217

Baby Blue begging for MORE spaghetti….and begging and crying

and crying …. begging for seconds…..

for more raw spaghetti …. SHE REALLY LOVES THIS!!!

This recipe definitely gains the Blue Stamp of Approval!

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