Happy Memorial Day??? A Wake Up Call In Honor of My Father and Grandfather Who Served

memorial day

My grandfather lost his life in a very slow and painful death after being used in World War I as a guinea pig for mustard gas poisoning. My father also served in World War II after raising his two brothers and caring for his widowed mother for years. By the time the Vietnam War came along the world was beginning to wake up to reality, but my father would not allow anything negative to be said against such a war.

So many now are aware of what was slowly happening to our country and this man did one heck of a job of telling it like it is….please try to ignore the slip or two of his tongue as he lays out where we now stand.

World War III – the Pharma War

As this man says recognizing the problem is what is most important in addressing it. It is way past time to begin recognizing it … my father died in World War III the same war that most everyone or everyone’s loved ones are dying in today – World War III the Pharma War!!! We were told upfront they intended to destroy us from within. Is this what they meant – one pill at a time? It certainly appears to be a big part of it. The death toll and damage is beyond belief!!!

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,

International Coalition for Drug Awareness

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