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Dr. John Virapen and I have been doing shows together. We have
been so busy getting things set up that I have not yet had a chance to share the
news and introduce you to him.

Who is Dr. John Virapen? (See below for more detail.)
While general manager of the Swedish division of Eli
Lilly John BOUGHT the approval for Prozac in Sweden – yes, he bribed the
doctor responsible for making the decision to allow it on the market. Luckily
another doctor stopped that, but there was enough damage done that Lilly was
able to use what they bought to encourage other countries to approve this DEADLY
drug and pave the way for all of the Prozac clones that followed. He is now
doing all in his power to get the truth to the world about the criminal
practices of these companies and the dangers of these drugs and he wants
compensation for the victims. HE DOES NOT MINCE WORDS!
Together we hope to wake up America and then the world up to
this drug-induced nightmare!!!

Tonight John will do a national radio show with Jeff Rense and I will be on tomorrow night. In a couple of weeks we will be back on the show together again. Times for that show are: 12:00 PM Eastern, 11:00 PM Central, 10:00 PM Mountain, 9:00 PM Pacific and I will be on tomorrow night – Wednesday, February 10 at 11:00 PM Eastern, 10:00 PM Central, 9:00 PM Mountain, 8:00 PM Pacific and you can access the show online if it is not on your local station by going to the following address:

Saturday we did a show with David Christopher and that
show should be posted in the next day or so and can be listened to at the
following address:
If you have any ideas for places for John and I to speak, just
let me know and we will see about getting it booked. Also if you go to John’s
site below you can hear him speak this past summer in Switzerland. It is an
incredible lecture!
Ann Blake-Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness
Author: Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? Our Serotonin
Nightmare & Help! I Can’t Get Off My

Welcome to John

This site is dedicated to increase awareness on the way

pharmaceutical companies work to make more profit on sick people.

Read this e-book and know why

  • you shouldn’t blindly trust your doctor or what the Pharma Companies tell

Did you know that…

  • pharmaceutical companies invest the considerable amount of 35,000 Euro per
    year and physician to get the physicians to prescribe their products?
  • more than 75 percent of leading scientists in the field of medicine are
    paid for by the pharmaceutical industry?
  • in some cases corruption prevailed in the approval and marketing of drugs?
  • illnesses are made up by the pharmaceutical industry and specifically
    marketed to enhance sales and market shares for the companies in question?
  • pharmaceutical companies increasingly target children?
  • Side Effects Death

Now !!

Dr. John Virapen (1943) has
worked more than 35 years in the pharmaceutical industry. He worked for several
companies (Global Players) internationally. In Sweden he was general manager of
Eli Lilly and Company. He was responsible for the market launch of several
drugs,  all of them with massive side effects. He was involved in
corruption by the Pharma Industry since 1968 when he started as a salesman.


Dr. John Virapen is available for speaking arrangements. See the video’s
below this page and/or click
for contact.


Dr. John Virapen (1/4) Big Pharma Whistleblower Speaks Out at the AZK in

Dr. John Virapen (2/4) Big Pharma Whistleblower Speaks Out at the AZK in

Dr. John Virapen (3/4) Big Pharma Whistleblower Speaks Out at the AZK in

Dr. John Virapen (4/4) Big Pharma Whistleblower Speaks Out at the AZK in

ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Murder-Suicide: Father Kills Two Children & Self: Ohio

Paragraph 12 reads:  ” ‘Daniel is in counseling and
on antidepressants,
the detective

Were their deaths preventable?
As details of the Westerville

murdersuicide emerge, there are questions about what was known of the family,
when and by whom
Saturday,  December 5, 2009 3:10 AM
Theodore Decker, John Futty and Rita Price


A memorial for Nicole and Sarah
Dobson sits outside the home where they were killed by their father. The girls
met with a child-welfare worker, who asked if their dad had hurt them, three
weeks before they died.

Three weeks before their father killed them,
Nicole and Sarah Dobson met with a child-welfare worker who asked whether he had
hurt them.

“The girls denied that they were abused or maltreated,” said
Eric Fenner, executive director of Franklin County Children


With no physical evidence or statements supporting the
allegations that had been made in a referral, the caseworker saw no grounds to
remove the children from Daniel J. Dobson’s Westerville home, Fenner said

Police say Dobson, divorced this year from the children‘s
mother, Joyce, shot the girls and then himself Thursday in an upstairs bedroom
of the house at 813 Westray Dr., just west of Sunbury Road.

Now the
agency is left to wonder: Were the girls so scared that they lied? And if so,
did investigators, who had been called about the Dobsons twice before, do
everything they could to find the truth?

“A child who is afraid may not
say everything,” said Fenner, who had tears in his eyes as he talked about the
shooting deaths of Nicole, 15, and Sarah, 11. “What worries me is, ‘Did they
reach out to someone? Did they try?’  ”

In early 2008, both girls
reportedly said that, on a scale of 1 to 10, their fear of their father “was
close to 10,” according to the complaint Children Services supplied to
Westerville police.

The report indicated that Mr. Dobson sometimes hurt
the girls by tickling them and bruised them by squeezing them too hard, usually
while he was intoxicated. Sarah reportedly said she “wished she could hurt her

father so he doesn’t kill us.”

But Fenner said those comments came not
from a caseworker but from the person who referred the case to the agency, whose
identity is protected by law. He said those were the type of claims that the
agency was unable to confirm.

Police closed their investigation of the
2008 case as “unfounded” after the mother told them “this whole thing was blown
out of proportion and has been resolved,” a detective’s report

“Daniel is in counseling and on antidepressants,” the detective

Fenner said the agency will investigate and review all its work in
the case. In addition to the recent allegation, he said caseworkers had received
referrals about the treatment of the children in October 2007 and February

In each case, no abuse was substantiated, although it was clear
that the mother and father had a volatile relationship, Fenner said. “Dad was
drinking; there was some domestic violence.” Franklin County records, however,
show that Dobson had never been charged criminally.

Fenner said the
most-recent complaint, that Dobson had slapped his older daughter on the leg,
came in to the agency on Nov. 2. The caseworker went to the house several times
before finally finding Mr. Dobson at home on Nov. 13.

The caseworker
notified Westerville police about the case, standard practice when a
physical-abuse allegation is made, officials said.

Lt. John Petrozzi said
a detective left a voice mail for Dobson Monday night. Dobson didn’t return the

Petrozzi said information supplied by Children Services indicated
that a therapist alerted the agency about Nicole’s claim that her father slapped
her on the leg “because she wasn’t getting ready for school fast

Handwritten notes that Dobson left before killing himself make
no mention of child-abuse allegations. He wrote various notes to his family, his
ex-wife, even his doctor, all on the same notepad. He thanked his family for
their love and support through the years and said there was nothing more they
could have done.

The letters expressed no anger toward his ex-wife, or
anyone else, and said that he had entertained suicidal thoughts for decades and
wanted to spare his daughters pain.

“There will be no more worries for
us,” he wrote.

“I could not stand to see Nicole and Sarah suffering and
could not leave them behind.”

He also left a note at the bottom of the

“Joyce, do not come upstairs. Call the police.”

reviewed the notes at the Franklin County coroner’s office through
a public-records request.

According to a 911 call from the younger girl’s
principal, which led to the discovery of the bodies, school administrators were
aware of domestic problems.

Kathleen Norris, the principal of St. Paul
Elementary School in Westerville, called 911 Thursday after Sarah failed to show
up for school and her father didn’t report her absence.

In her call,
Norris was asked by a 911 operator whether Daniel Dobson might harm

“Mother feels that, yes, but I have, I have no proof,” Norris
said. “She was worried.”

She described the parents’ relationship as

After 10 years of marriage, Mr. Dobson filed for the
divorce in August 2008 and it was granted in May. He kept the house and agreed
to a shared-parenting plan with his ex-wife. Nicole was to live primarily with
her father, and Sarah would move between their homes on a week-to-week basis,
court records show.

Although the girls were not in school on Wednesday,
Petrozzi said detectives think they weren’t killed until sometime Thursday
morning, possibly before dawn.

What the three did during the day on
Wednesday is unclear, though he said he thought the girl’s mother spoke to one
or both girls Wednesday morning, and a neighbor reported seeing Mr. Dobson in
his garage about 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Franklin County Coroner Jan Gorniak
could not pinpoint a time of death but said the girls and their father likely
died Wednesday night or Thursday morning. She said all died of single shotgun
wounds to the head.

Fenner said cases involving domestic violence can be
difficult for child-welfare agencies, partly because fear and threats are more
difficult to substantiate — and to read on children‘s faces — than physical
abuse and neglect.

He said the agency is developing a special unit that
will have more training.

“This is an area we want to strengthen,” he
said. “We want to find out how we can, within the confines of the law, delve

ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Murder-Suicide: 81 Year Old Man Kills Wife & Self: En…

Note From Ann Blake-Tracy: I do not know if I can tolerate reading another one of these stories!
This last week I went to the Iowa State Fair for the first time with my daughter and her family who were visiting. While riding the trolley through the fair the man sitting across from me asked an elderly couple as they got off how many years they had been together.
They answered that it was 53 years. And he wished them the best for their next 53 years together.
They smiled and said “Thank you.”
As we drove on I looked at the man across from me and said, “As long as neither of them take an antidepressant they should do okay.” And I went on to share with them how many of the absolutely horrifying reports we are getting of elderly couples, married for many years, killing one another.
I then returned home to open this report of yet another horrific tragedy for a couple who had been married a few years longer than the couple I had just met on the trolley  . . . there is just no excuse for this to continue! How sad! I is NORMAL for a man who has worked all of his life to become depressed if he has to sell his business. It is NOT a reason to medicate him!
What an absolutely horrific way to end a life of 60 years together. I hope their children know what really happened in the loss of their parents instead of one woman I met after one of my lectures who came forward crying. As she reached me she said, “I cannot thank you enough for helping me to finally have answers to why my father killed my mother and then himself 20 years ago while taking one of the older antidepressants!”
Dr. Ann Blake-Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness

Website: &
Author: Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare
& CD or audio tape on safe withdrawal: “Help! I Can’t Get
Off My Antidepressant!”
Order Number:

Paragraph seven reads:  “The court heard how Mr Mann became depressed after he sold his business in 2000 and from 2002 to 2005 was placed on anti-depressants, and again in 2008 after a reoccurrence of the mental illness.”

Depressed pensioner bludgeoned wife to death before drowning himself

Published Date:
12 August 2009
By Charles Heslett

A pensioner bludgeoned his wife of almost 60 years to death before drowning himself in the bath.

Police discovered the body of retired sales rep Doreen Mann, 80, sprawled in the living room of the house she shared with husband Kenneth.

The retired factory owner, 81, was found dead upstairs face down in a bath full water wearing only his vest and underpants.

Officers took away a hammer, a craft knife and another knife from the scene at Foxroyd Lane, Thornhill Edge, Dewsbury, after the alarm was raised by a visiting mental health nurse on December 23 last year (2008].

An investigation was launched at the time by West Yorkshire Police’s Homicide & Murder Inquiry Team.

But Detective Sergeant Ian Lawrie told Wednesday’s inquest at Huddersfield Coroner’s Court that no-one else was being sought in connection with the death of the couple, who were both born in Leeds and had been married for 57 years.

The court heard how Mr Mann became depressed after he sold his business in 2000 and from 2002 to 2005 was placed on anti-depressants, and again in 2008 after a reoccurance of the mental illness.

On December 18, 2008, he and his wife were visited by psychiatrist Dr Vinood Shukla and a psychiatric nurse, the court heard.

A psychiatric nurse came to the red-bricked home called Kendoreen, where the couple had lived for 21 years, at 2.30pm on December 23.

After getting no answer from the front door apart from the couple’s barking collie dog, the nurse saw a bathroom light on and called police.

Detectives found the two knives and the hammer close to Mrs Mann’s body.

Her cause of death was later found to be a blow to her head and cut wounds to her neck and forearms.

Mr Mann’s corpse was found in an upstairs bathroom, face down in a full bath – his cause of death was given as self-drowning.

Barbara Moore told the inquest three weeks before her sister’s death Doreen had said she feared her husband might harm her.

West Yorkshire Coroner Roger Whittaker described the deaths as a “double tragedy”.

He recorded a verdict that Mrs Mann was unlawfully killed and that her husband drowned.

Mr Whittaker said he was satisfied that the balance of Mr Mann’s mind was disturbed at the time of his death and “that imbalance…was present at the time of the death of his wife“.

Mr Whittaker added that Mr Mann had given no indication on December 18 that he intended to harm his wife and that Mrs Mann had raised no similar concerns.

But the coroner said lessons “had been learned” by the mental health trust involved.

A South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust spokeswoman said: “The Trust re-iterates its sincere sympathies to the family and others affected by these tragic deaths.

“The circumstances have been thoroughly investigated, and we are grateful to the family for their input into this.

“Sadly, we cannot change the tragic events that happened but we can learn from them and a number of changes have been made as a result.”

These included: Improved systems for referrals between services and exchange of information; Improved training for staff on assessing risk; Improved record keeping following home visits.

The spokeswoman added: “The investigation findings have been shared with the family and we are continuing to offer support as appropriate.”

The full article contains 574 words and appears in n/a newspaper.
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  • Last Updated: 12 August 2009 4:14 PM
  • Source: n/a
  • Location: Leeds

4/9/2001 – FDA Doc Claims Fen-Phen Cover Up

Once again the CBS Health Watch has given us another great article – this
time on the subject of corruption in the FDA.

With this revelation about the cover up with Fen-Phen let us hope that the
truth will begin to come out about the rest of these dangerous serotonergic
drugs. The real shame about Fen-Phen and Redux is that the drug company is
still getting away with all the psychiatric side effects their drugs
produced. The serotonergic effect with these drugs produced as many psychotic
breaks as the SSRIs have and in the end we will see that the SSRIs are
producing similar heart and lung problems as Fen-Phen and Redux did.

Ann Blake-Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition For Drug Awareness

FDA Doc Claims Fen-Phen Cover Up

April 7 (CBS) The drug company that manufactured “fen-phen,” a diet
medication linked to heart ailments, covered up problems with the drug that
emerged during Food and Drug Administration testing, a former FDA scientist
tells CBS News.

Fen-phen was removed from the market in 1997. Thousands of people who took
the drug have sued American Home Products of Madison, N.J., for health
problems they claim the drug caused.

In an Eye on America investigation, CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson
reports the FDA’s key reviewer of fen-phen, Dr. Leo Lutwak, claims the
company knew about the problems long before the drug was pulled.

“I felt from the very beginning the drug companies were covering up. I felt
from the very beginning that these drugs were dangerous,” said Lutwak.

He claims American Home Products twisted the meaning of his research to make
it seem as if there was no way to predict fen-phen’s hazards.

“What I had actually written was, that in view of the covering up of
information by the drug company, the FDA had no way of predicting some of
these side effects,” he said.

One of those who sued American Home Products was Patricia Buol, who developed
severe heart problems after taking fen-phen. She’s now in line for a life
saving heart-lung transplant.

The company settled with Buol this week.

“Being part of my kids’ lives and doing their everyday activities is a
struggle,” said Buol. “But I just take one day at a time and do the best I

Dr. Lutwak’s testimony is crucial to fen-phen cases like Buol’s. But the FDA
won’t let him testify. Now Lutwak says he’s planning to retire, making him
free to testify at will.

“I followed the rules and regulations, I didn’t go public. I tried to work
within the system, it didn’t work. People died as a result of a dangerous
deadly drug being released,”he said.

Defendant American Home Products would not be interviewed, but has said in
the past it “acted responsibly and lawfully.”

FDA Commissioner Jane Henney refused a CBS News request to answer the

The agency’s last commissioner, Dr. David Kessler, criticized the agency’s
current approach to drug regulation.

“I have some concerns that we may be losing sight of what the FDA is all
about,” said Kessler. “The question is, who’s the agency’s customers? Who’s
the agency partner?”

Consumer advocates say the FDA is constantly keeping damaging information
from the public.

“They view the drug industry in many ways as their customers, at least the
bosses do, as opposed to viewing the public as the customers they need to
protect from some of the excesses of the drug industry,” said Sidney Wolfe of
Public Citizen.

Concerns about the FDA also emerged during the controversy over the diabetes
drug Rezulin.

Kessler said the agency needs to realize the American consumer is its

American Home Products also makes such drugs as Caordarone, Sectral,
Protonix, Synvisc and Pnu-Imune.

Fen-phen is actually a combination of two drugs, fenfluramine and
phentermine, which work by suppressing the appetite of a person who is trying
to lose weight.

It was estimated that in 1996, 18 million Americans took the drugs.

But a report in the August 1997 New England Journal of Medicine found that
fenfluramine can in some cases lead to pulmonary hypertension, a rare, almost
always fatal, disease. It was also linked to heart valve malfunction.

In September, 1997, the FDA, saying it was “acting on new evidence about
significant side-effects,” asked the manufacturers to voluntarily withdraw
both medications, marketed under the names Pondimin (fen-phen), and Redux, a
similar medication.

Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, a subsidiary of American Home Products, complied.

However, the company continued to deny the drugs caused the alleged problems.
In November, 1998, Wyeth-Ayerst published a study that compared heart
function in people who had taken fen-phen and a group who hadn’t, and
concluded there was “no significant differences in cardiovascular clinical

But that didn’t stop the fen-phen fallout.

A February, 1999 60 Minutes II investigation with U.S. News & World Report
revealed that Wyeth-Ayerst knew more than it told about the pulmonary
hypertension risks, a charge the company denied.

In September 1999, the Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI was
investigating the FDA’s approval of Redux.

A month later, American Home Products agreed to pay up to $4.83 billion to
settle the more than 11,000 fen-phen lawsuits, one of the biggest product
liability settlements ever.

As part of the settlement agreement, the company admitted no wrongdoing.

1/17/2001 – Upcoming Radio Show & New Site for ICFDA

Mark Miller has spent some long hours developing a whole new look for our
website. He has really done a wonderful job and I want you all to see it. So if
you have not had an opportunity lately to take a look I invite you to check out
the site at The best “Thank you” you can give Mark, or any
of us who are dedicated to bringing you this information, is to pass the web
address out to all you know so that they too can gather the information they
need to save a loved one’s life.

And this coming Sunday (or Monday, depending on what part of the country you are
in) I will the be guest on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast radio program. Ian Punnett
will be the host of the show so it should be good. He and I did a show together
a couple of weeks ago and he is an incredible interviewer. The interview will go
for three hours beginning at 11:00 PM Pacific Time. This is a national program
and is literally heard from coast to coast. To find a station in your area to
listen in or to listen online just go to (BTW if you have read
my book, you know that I do not encourage anyone to be awake during those hours
so get a tape ready to record the show and go to bed! 🙂 )

Ann Blake-Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness

09/03/1999 – Ann Blake-Tracy on Art Bell this Weekend

Dr. Ann Tracy, the Executive Director of the ICFDA, will again be
interviewed on the Art Bell Program Saturday Night/Sunday Morning
September 4/5, 1999, 11pm to 3am PDT.  If you miss this show, and want
to hear it, and if your computer is equipped for audio and has the Real
Player software installed, you can access the file on the Art Bell site
( For a list of affiliated radio stations, go to the
“Stations” listing on that site (