4 Dead Unstable Cincinnati Shooter’s Mental Health History Investigated

Omar Enrique Santa Perez, 29


Thursday morning, September 6th, Omar Enrique Santa Perez opened fire inside the lobby of a Cincinnati office building where he never worked nor to which had any known connection. The city’s police chief said the gunman’s mental health history is one of several areas they are investigating. Of course with a mental health history we know there were plenty if drugs that come with that. But we only hear “mental health history” rather that “mind altering drug history” even though those drugs are known to produce both murder and suicide.

“The shooter who killed three people in a Cincinnati office high-rise once acted disoriented after being fired four years ago in South Carolina, and he filed a recent lawsuit that a judge in June said “borders on delusional.”



If the gun had not jammed during the shooting and police response had not been so swift it is not known how many more might have lost their lives. Santa Perez was carrying enough ammunition to cause “a bloodbath beyond imagination.”

“The suspect appeared to be upset and disoriented. When I would ask the suspect questions but he would respond with strange answers…mumbled something about the war and the economy, but for the most part talked about that he was upset that he was terminated.” That job was lost back in 2014.

Apparently suffering paranoia he twice filed lawsuits claiming MSNBC was spying on him.

In January he filed suit against NBC Universal and TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation, seeking $5.1 million in damages for emotional distress and “character assassination,” WCPO reported.

A county clerk dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice in June andt he allegations “rambling, difficult to decipher and (bordering) on the delusional,”

He then filed another one claiming he was watching MSNBC when they began broadcasting information about him. He believed they intended to track him down and tap into his phone and electronics. Once again a magistrate judge found his allegations “rambling, difficult to decipher and (bordering) on the delusional.”


So how on earth does anyone miss that much paranoia & delusion over at least a four year period when the two together are known to be precursors to violence & then let it reach a point where four lives are lost?! It is because we have been led to believe that the delusions & paranoia can be drugged out of someone! JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS?!  Or say no to drugs unless you have any mental issues, at which point you then are expected to say yes to as many drugs as possible?!!



The problem lies in the fact that every drug they are giving for these problems increase serotonin. And what do we know about serotonin? Although the hypothesis behind these drugs is that depression, anxiety, etc are all the result of low levels of serotonin when in fact for decades elevating serotonin has been associated with a long list of mental issues, including both psychosis & unjustified fears. So would it not be reasonable to question if this young man was taking drugs that may have been elevating his serotonin?

LSD & PCP mimic serotonin to produce hallucinations as well as leading to a whole host of serious mental issues. Listen to this long list of issues research lists as coming from elevated levels of serotonin as I read those off to the FDA Advisory Committee clear back in 2004….





What so many were not aware of is that an increase in serotonin by an accompanying decrease in one’s ability to metabolize serotonin was long known to produce both impulsive murder and suicide. See this study out of the Southern California:


1996 – Mutant Mice May Hold Key To Human Violence – An Excess Of Serotonin.





REM Sleep Disorder


What the world remains unaware of is the fact is that 86% of those who are diagnosed with the most deadly sleep disorder known as REM Sleep Disorder (RBD) are currently taking antidepressants. REM Sleep Disorder is a condition in which there is no paralysis during sleep thus allowing the patient to act out the dreams or nightmares they are having. Tragically 80% of those going into this sleep disorder hurt themselves or others, including both murder and suicide as a result.

This is possibly the most deadly of all reactions one can have to antidepressants. Even more frightening though is to learn that before the introduction of the SSRI antidepressants RBD was known mainly as a drug withdrawal effect. Thus the chances of going into this dangerous reaction should be expected to increase as one goes into withdrawal. This is why it is so important to avoid as much of the withdrawal effects as possible by tapering off an antidepressant very, very, very slowly.

Feel free to join us on Facebook to learn more about this disorder on our Antidepressant-induced REM Sleep Disorder group:



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Prozac (Heaven + Hell)

“In a period of nine months while taking Prozac I had 11 extremely violent attacks on people.”


While suffering a major breakdown following a failed suicide attempt I was committed to a psychiatric hospital where I was first introduced to “Prozac The Wonder Drug” well so I heard. At first it was an evolution to my life, It was like seeing the world in colour for the first time my senses were working over time for the first time in my life I noticed things that I never bothered to take notice of before. I could smell flowers and see butterflies and I didn’t need to know the answers to the universe anymore? I was content, fulfilled, I was just happy to be alive……….so I thought!!!! I

was starting to become fine tuned and focused, a sponge for information. I didn’t need to sleep anymore, things started to become too easy. I was living on 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night than working a 10 to 11 hour day and yet I was producing my best work ever. Next come the dark side the mood swings, the paranoia, the agitation, the uncalculated risks, the violence, the superman syndrome. I couldn’t sit still. To this day I tap my foot constantly like some sort of drug addict. I can’t stand still I become agitated and begin to pace. My moods changes like the wind, “Roses and Thorns”.

I became paranoid, everybody’s watching me, ploys plots and conspiracies which led to embarrassing confrontations. I feared nothing. Before Prozac I had never had a physical fight. In a period of nine months while taking Prozac I had 11 extremely violent attacks on people who had been unpleasant to me or tried to intimidate me including my best friend which I hospitalized. Never before have I displayed such behavior. I was becoming impulsive, thoughts were becoming reality, reality was becoming thoughts. I could no longer differentiate between the constant nightmares, reality and my thoughts, what is real? Did I just dream that? Remember how we were talking about that yesterday? I haven’t seen you since last week and we have never talked about that???? Are you okay????

I started to think everybody was trying to confuse me and make me feel like I was going crazy. I was having memory flash backs which were emotionally overwhelming as if I just lived it over again. Project Prozac was terminated after I found myself holding a kitchen knife walking towards my ex-girlfriend ready to stab her (during an argument). I stopped and realized that it was just a thought passing through my mind one millionth of a second ago and here I am acting out my thoughts on impulse without time for evaluation. This scared the hell out of me. I was losing touch with reality. As a result I no longer took Prozac.

Since Prozac I have been on Cipramil, Arapax and Fluoxetine to name a few. What originally caused my breakdown is nothing in comparison to the impact of these antidepressants on my life. These drugs have totally trashed my life and I will never fully recover.



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Two and a Half Years Later–Problems from Three Zoloft Tablets

“…I only want to resolve these problems so that we can return to our life prior to taking Zoloft.”


Two and one half years ago, I took one 50 mg. tablet of Zoloft for 3 days. On the third night, I woke up with severe flu like symptoms (nausea, diarrhea, shivering in chest area, paranoia, and extreme anxiety).

I was treated at the Emergency Room with Ativan. My blood pressure was also high. Since that night, I wake up every day with the same symptoms but to a lesser degree. Reading and writing makes me nauseated and shaky until later in the day. Occasionally I also have a fibrillating heart which I didn’t have prior to the use of Zoloft. I have had many tests, and none of them showed any problems. I was tested for Serotonin Syndrome which turned up negative. I have consulted with two psychopharmacologists, a heart specialist, an endocrinologist, an allergist, and a gastroenterologist. All without any help.

One of the psychopharmacologists suggested that there was a possibility that there might have been damage caused by the Zoloft. I am able to sleep usually until 6 am when the symptoms start again. I have been to many specialists and have tried many medications without any relief. My husband and I only want to resolve these problems so that we can return to our life prior to taking Zoloft.

You have my permission to publish it on the Internet, and you may edit the story. Please pass this communication to any of the doctors that are specializing in this field I would appreciate it if you would post my name and e-mail address on your site.




Years 2000 and Prior

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