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Addictive Problems with Viagra


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“Viagra cost me a marriage of 45 years, my home, the respect of my family and the full use and enjoyment of a healthy normal life.”

wanted to share my story and see if anyone else has had the problems that I have had after an addictive use of the drug Viagra.

By way of introduction, my name is Travis L. Crim. I am a Caucasian male 67 years old. At age 60, I embarked on a form of martial art known as Hap Ki Do. At age 65, I earned my green belt.

Along the way of martial arts, I tried Viagra. I personally found it to be very addictive which led to other addictions. I personally found it psychotic and a complete change of personality. I was very defiant to anyone who tried to talk sense into my head. I followed the directions on the bottle of Viagra at the time which said “use as needed”. I have no doubt that my obsession with Viagra caused me to have what was termed a massive stroke.

My story of my adventure with Viagra will raise eyebrows. It is not of the faint of heart. It would make great to shower congressional testimony in addition to the stroke, Viagra cost me a marriage of 45 years, my home, the respect of my family and the full use and enjoyment of a healthy normal life. Take it from a now wise old man, Viagra can do nothing for a man worth the ravage injury it can cause. I truly was blessed with everything a man could ask for before my adventure with Viagra. I would greatly like to work with others to prevent additional injury to innocent people.

You are probably aware of the spouse abuse and murders at Fort Bragg North Carolina. I understand there is a task force from the Pentagon investigating the issue of four wives killed in three months. I wondered if anyone has investigated to see if any of the servicemen were on Viagra?

Travis L. Crim

Travis L. Crim
1211 N. Marshall
Henderson, Texas 75652
(903) 657-6329

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