Tragic Murder


Glaxo Said to Have Paid $1 Billion So Far to Settle Various Paxil Lawsuits

paid almost $1 billion to resolve lawsuits over Paxil since it introduced the
antidepressant in 1993, including about $390 million for suicides or attempted
suicides said to be linked to the drug, according to court records and people
familiar with the cases.

ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Assault of an officer: Australia

Note from Ann Blake-Tracy: This sounds too familiar to the Donald Schell case in Wyoming that went to trial after he took Paxil for two days and then shot and killed his wife, daughter, infant granddaughter and himself. The jury ruled in that case that the two antidepressants were the main cause of that tragic murder/suicide. Cases like this immediately make me wonder about the P450 2D6 liver enzyme that is never tested for in patients before giving them an SSRI. There are about 7 – 10% of the populationRead More