Please read the following before contacting ICFDA.

This e-mail feature on this site is for posting one’s experiences of adverse reactions to prescription drugs.

If you wish to correspond with someone who has had similar experiences to yours, many of the authors of stories contained in the “Experiences” section have also included their names and email links. Most are more than happy to share information with you.

What you should know about sharing your story.

In sending your experience to us, we understand that you are wishing us to post that experience. Please let us know if you do not wish your name or email address to be included. If you provide this information without a request to post your story anonymously, we will assume you want to have it included. If at any time you need to have your story, or your name, removed for any reason, feel free to let us know at this address.

Where to get information about health questions.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of email received daily, we simply cannot answer each individual health question. However, it is rare to receive a question about SSRI antidepressants that cannot be answered by reading Ann Blake-Tracy’s book Prozac: Panacea or Pandora?, “Our Serotonin Nightmare” The Rest of the Story on the New SSRI Antidepressants, or by listening to her CD on methods for a safe withdrawal and how to rebuild your health after withdrawal. Both the book and tape are very inexpensive and they will save you hundreds, perhaps thousands in additional medical bills and possibly save your life.

These materials can be purchased directly on this site’s Book Store.

Are these materials available at my local library?s

Ann Blake-Tracy’s book may also be available at your local library. However, if you cannot find the book, we would encourage you to request that your library obtain a copy.

You can also find a great deal of information in other books listed on our “Books” page.  Many of these books should also be available at your local library.

It’s obvious that you are anxious to learn more, and we encourage you to educate yourselves as much as possible about these drugs. As you learn how your body functions, you will gain insights as to why you are feeling the way you do and learn how to rebuild your health.

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