A Tribute To Lisa Marie Presley: Gone Too Soon at Age 54. Seems The Whole World is Living the Serotonin Nightmare!

No matter who you are or the status you hold in our world the Serotonin Nightmare plagues us all. When Pharmacist Maris Malikoff presented testimony at the FDA’s first hearing on Prozac in 1991 she told everyone that this drug was NOT a “medication”, but a very dangerous & deadly drug & warned the day would come that every family in America would be affected by this drug. What a prophetic statement! She began warning after she made her own suicide attempt on the drug.

But her FDA testimony came only weeks after her own husband walked into the family’s TV room & stood between his family & the television & shot himself in front of them all! Her husband was also a pharmacist. Together they owned their own pharmacy in South Florida. He was also on Prozac. He had constantly assured her he was doing fine on Prozac & there was no need for her to worry. For some time now this drug & all its myriad of clones have flooded our world.

Lisa Marie lost her famous father Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll, to the antidepressant, Elavil (Amytriptaline) & a whole host of other prescription drugs his pill pushing doctor had doled out to him, when she was only nine. Elavil is considered a tricyclic antidepressant but has the same strong affect upon inhibiting serotonin reuptake as Prozac.

Thereby causing serotonin to build up in his system which shuts down major organs when that level becomes too high. But Elvis was not the only man in Lisa Marie’s life she lost to this Serotonin Nightmare. On June 25, 2009 one of her four husbands, Michael Jackson, “King of Pop” lost his life due to the organ stopping effect of Serotonin Syndrome. That was thanks to a drug that should have been removed from the market decades ago – Demerol. A serotonergic pain killer similar in action to antidepressants, atypical antipsychotics, and various other pain killers. When I interviewed the leading expert on serotonin for my book in the early 1990’s he told me his goal in his medical carrier was to get Demerol off the market. Serotonin constricts smooth muscle tissue. And the major organs of the body are composed of smooth muscle tissue. When serotonin levels increase too high the major organs constrict and shut down.

Elevated serotonin, known as Serotonin Syndrome, which all of these medications produce, causes death via multiple organ failure.

This is the same way Daniel Smith, Anna Nicole Smith’s young son lost his life to the combination of four serotonergic medications while sitting in a hospital room visiting his mom & new baby sister. The famous celebrity pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht & I were interviewed by the Associated Press on Daniel’s sudden death while visiting in the hospital at the young age of 20. His mother died of the same thing due to her many years on antidepressants only about a year later.

My concern in Lisa Marie’s death is that they may have given her Seroquel (Quitapine) to “help her sleep” after her son, Benjamin, committed suicide in 2020. Seroquel, as you can tell by the brand name, is also a serotonergic medication & is notorious for producing heart attacks. And I am sure that as devastated as she was about losing her son & understandably so, I would expect her to have sleeping issues. I will most definitely have her mother check into that! She had these drugs do too much to cause her pain & suffering in this life as so many others have as well. How much longer we will remain the American Auschwitz because of these deadly drugs remains to be seen how many of us will share what is really going on as every family in this country has been affected. 😢😢😢 So we say goodbye to you, Lisa, for now with a promise that your father’s death, Michael’s death & possibly your own death we will refuse to allow to be in vain. But we will let the world know the truth so that what you suffered might save the lives of others! 💖💞💖.

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