Listed are alternative treatments to help either BEFORE ever going on an antidepressant/atypical antipsychotic, DURING withdrawal of an antidepressant/atypical antipsychotic or AFTER being on antidepressants/atypical antipsychotic to help you get through withdrawal and to rebuild a healthy brain. I have spent several decades looking for various natural non-toxic answers to help patents rebuild their health after the damage caused by these drugs.

Although this list does not mention the standard suggestions such as chiropractic, yoga and acupuncture, all of which are mentioned in my CD on safe withdrawal & in my book, they have proven to be very beneficial in withdrawal and rebuilding and should also be utilized as well.

Keep in mind that the FDA has warned that any abrupt change in dose, whether increasing or decreasing (starting on or discontinuing the drug, skipping doses by forgetting, or when switching from one antidepressant to another where you are both abruptly decreasing one antidepressant AND abruptly increasing the new antidepressant), can cause suicide, hostility or psychosis – generally a manic psychosis which is often diagnosed as Bipolar Disorder or occasionally as Schizophrenia when it remains unrecognised as the result on the abrupt change in dose. Another problem can be if another antidepressant is added to one you are already taking thus producing a synergistic affect.

Withdrawal, especially abrupt withdrawal, from any of these medications can cause severe neuropsychiatric as well as physical symptoms, both of which can be life threatening. It is therefore, very important to withdraw extremely slowly from these drugs, often over a period of a year or more depending upon how long you have been on any antidepressant or mix of antidepressant, under the supervision of a qualified and experienced specialist, if available. We also recommend that you obtain a copy of the safe withdrawal CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant! ( by our Executive Director, Ann Blake Tracy, which has the safest methods we have found for withdrawal over the past two decades along with helps on rebuilding to rid yourself of any unpleasant after effects.

The link to that hour and a half long CD is here:

Help I can’t get off my antidepressant mp3 download


abtracy-ylIf you have read my book you know that I mention aromatherapy oils as a very effective treatment in rebuilding after using antidepressants.  I explain my own initial reservations but go on to explain how my look at the scientific research on the oils helped me to see how they could be effective in rebuilding after the damage done by these antidepressants. There is not a faster way to the brain than through the nasal passage and the oils cross the blood brain barrier to reach where the healing is needed to take place. Listen to the NPR show below to understand more of the effects upon the brain.

I use ONLY therapeutic grade oils because others have been processed with chemicals – the last thing someone in trouble on these drugs would want to be exposed to is MORE chemicals! These are processed via a low temperature (to preserve the enzymes) steam distillation with no chemical extraction at all.

There are many of the oils I personally will not be without. I carry peppermint, lemon and frankincense with me wherever I go. I feel they are essential to the well being of my family and they have saved us thousands in medical bills.  I have witnessed miraculous results with these oils over the years and what a wonderfully pleasant way to smell your way to wellness!


More information can be found in my book or tape or CD on how to come off antidepressants. But because the FDA has recently come down with an order… an astoundingly invasive intrusion in our freedom of speech when it comes to sharing information on essential oils and their benefits.

According to the FDA, “Private citizens may not share written information on the Internet about how essential oils have improved their health, the health of their families, or the health of their clients.”

Most of you who know me know that I have used essential oils for 25 years – the same time Young Living Oils came into existence and the same amount of time I have spent researching, writing, and lecturing about the SSRI antidepressants. Why have I done this? Because I felt the oils would give us many answers in healing from the adverse effects of these drugs. If you have read my book, Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare, or in other ways have been able to gather much information on the many physical and mental adverse effects of the SSRI and SNRI antidepressants along with those of the newer serotonergic atypical antipsychotics,  a quick scan of this NIH website below will help you to see why I thought we would find many answers there. Who would have known that the government had done so much research on essential oils to share with us?!! This is the database for the National Institutes of Health on essential oils where you can search for any health issue you would like to see the research on in which essential oils help.
Once again the link to where I order my oils is listed above if you decide you would like to try them. These oils plus herbs and a good fresh healthy plant based diet are my medicine and have been my ONLY “medicine” for over four decades now after I learned to use them as I fought and beat cancer! And as I have continued to use them I have watched every other health issue I ever dealt with disappear.
As you read through this database of almost 100,000 studies on what these oils have been found to do via medical research you will understand why they have worked so well for me, why I have continued to use them for so long and why I very highly recommend them…..

NOTE: You may order Young Living Oils online at using number 22048 to help us keep our site up and running in an effort to warn of the dangers of these drugs and how to recover from them. In doing so you will receive invaluable support in using the oils.

NPR Radio Show with NPR’s Shelly Slender – Young Living’s Kathy Farmer with guest Ann Blake-Tracy where you will learn from Ann how the antidepressants work and cause serious issues and from Kathy how Young Living Oils work upon the brain and can cross the blood brain barrier. (Kathy used the oils to help her teenage daughter wead off the antidepressant Zoloft.)

NPR’s Shelly Slender – Ann Blake-Tracy and Kathy Farmer

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Recommended Essential Oils:

  • Stress Away Essential Oil
  • Peace & Calming II
  • Valerian Essential Oil
  • Valor Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Bergmot (Is also in Joy & Gentle Baby Oils)
  • Frankincense oil

#2 Mega Divided Doses of Vitamin C:

It has been known for years that Heroin withdrawal can be almost or even completely avoided by using mega divided doses of Vitamin C. As heroin is another serotonergic drug it would seem that this approach should also be helpful in the withdrawal from these newer serotonergic drugs as well. The mega doses are in 50,000 units daily which can be most helpful in doses of 5,000 units each hour for 10 hours daily or with an extended release pill one could take 10,000 units every 2 hours over a 10 hour waking period. The idea is to keep the body saturated with the high dose Vitamin C which is water soluble and flushes rapidly from the body necessitating the frequent dosing.

In choosing the brand of Vitamin C try to find organic and preferably one with Rose Hips as far too many Vitamin C’s are now made from GMO corn. I have found it makes a HUGE difference in efficacy!

#3 Herbs and supplements by Dr John Christopher: ( (

Ann Blake-Tracy Recommendations

As the original Dr. Christopher Herb Shop we have the largest

selection of Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas available,
including some formulas that are not available anywhere else!
Dr Christopher’s Relaxese formula is one of the best I have ever
found for anxiety and panic, including the withdrawal anxiety
that so often is the cause of patients in withdrawal from meds
to rush to the emergency room when it hits.
I just did a search on Google to find Relaxese and learned it is not that easy to find so I will share the link I found. Just know that you may find another that is less expensive if you do a search yourself:
Ann Blake-Tracy with David and Fawn Christopher

David and Fawn Christopher


Sign up Here To Learn directly from America’s Premier Doctor of Herbal Medicine!

Take control of your family’s health care! The best online natural healing and herbal education course, The Family Herbalist, will teach you how.
Natural remedies are safeeffectiveeasy to learn, been used for 1,000’s of years, and are easily accessible.  Natural remedies will also save you $100s if not $1,000s on health care each year.

#4 Raw whole Organic Foods:



AND HERE IS MARY-ANN’S story who never took these drugs but would have been diagnosed as having “real” Bipolar Disorder. But she learned where it all comes from as I discuss in my book, & my DVD on Bipolar & took care of it with diet so she did not have to go on the drugs she did not want to take:


We are all about gourmet raw food that is simple and easy to create. Ronnie and Minh have wonderful recipe ideas to share and plain old down to earth good advice on eating more raw foods. You can find them located on the web at and learn more about why they are so dedicated to eating raw here:

Lou Corona is wonderfully informative and my favorite when it comes to diet and raw food living. He has many YouTube videos to teach you all you need to know about the amazing benefits and life giving potential of raw LIVING foods. You will find Lou’s information on his website at

He has also developed an excellent line of food based digestive enzymes and probiotics, both of which are extremely beneficial, bordering on essential, when working to recover from these drugs. Those products are available through his company Puradyme.

The Raw Food World (

Matt Monarch is a 100% raw food eater; his diet consists of only raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and seaweeds. He has been eating this way for eight years and enjoys extraordinary good health, bountiful energy, clarity of mind and a deepened connection to nature.

RAWVANA is one of my favorite for very simple, quick, and YUMMY raw food recipes:

For those in Utah who want to try a taste of raw go to one of my favorite restaurants, Ginger’s Garden Cafe in Springville:


At Ginger’s we are committed to providing the freshest and healthiest menu possible.  We strive to use only organic produce and support local growers whenever possible. Located inside Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop on Springville, Utah  Main Street.  open Monday thru Saturday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

#5 VITAMIN/MINERAL PRODUCTS: When SSRIs impair one’s ability to metabolize serotonin I find that they also generally deplete vitamin and minerals from the body by interfering with metabolism. Nurses have also voiced their concern to me about this aspect of the drugs – especially when they are being taken by pregnant women who so desperately need all the nutrition they can get.

I always recommend taking a good, easy to assimilate vitamin/mineral supplement after using mind altering medications.

BUT it is always best to get a food based vitamin/mineral supplement as it is the easiest to assimilate. Brands like Juice Plus, Usana, Garden of Life, etc. are good food based vitamins. Even better Dr. Christopher offers a vitamin product from herbal sources which is an excellent food based source.

Our in house orthomolecular psychiatrist, Dr. Bradford Weeks, emphasizes that the revolution in nutrition is to eat organic seeds.
“The seed naturally accumulates nutrients 20 times more than the flesh of the fruit or vegetable.”
“I highly recommend seeds for helping shut down inflammation, treating depression & anxiety, treating the symptoms of autism and getting off prescription anti-depressants.”
No SSRIs! Get your seed nutrition from the seed product SOUL & the seed plus greens product CORE by clicking the following link:

# 6 Nu Life Herbs:



NuLife Herbs provides superior natural formulas that relieve stress, heal the body, prevent disease and maintain optimum health. At NuLife Herbs we are dedicated to provide high quality products. NuLife Herbs uses only “Organic- Whole Food Herbs” in their formulas, with vegetable capsules.

The President and founder of NuLife Herbs, Spencer Masterson, is the formulator of these unique herbal formulas. Spencer is a Master Herbalist and author of Discover the 5 Treasures for Better Health. He is dedicated to natural healing through herbs and other natural alternative methods. Received his Masters of Herbology at Dr. John R. Christopher’s “School of Natural Healing,” he enjoys teaching about herbs and how they can heal the body.

Spencer has said if you mention “Ann Blake-Tracy” he will offer you wholesale prices.

I just got a report from someone who beat his heroin habit by using the Nulife Matrix Meal combined with two of their herbal formulas – the Wheat Grass formula & the Colon/Liver Cleanse. He said all his cravings for the drug are gone.

 Testimonials:     For Video Testimonials Click Link:

“I actually got excited about your product when I read the ingredients. I took the sample to my dad to have him do his polarity testing to see if it would be good for my body. My dad checked it twice, said he doesn’t know what’s in it but it’s a good one!

I am ecstatic, mostly because I have been looking for a healthy Protein for a long time. I am impressed with the nutrients that is in the Matrix Meal Plant Protein. Finally I am able to properly digest my protein and make a difference in how I feel. how I heal, how I run, what I weigh, ect.

Thank you for what you know and what you do.”

Lacie Pearson, St. George, UT


“I have been looking for a Healthy Protein for a long time. The Matrix Meal is the Best tasting protein I have ever had! Thanks Spencer.”

Dr. Corinne Allen, Brain Center Nezperce, ID

“I purchased your Matrix Meal 4 Pack Program.That helped me lose
40 LBS. Thanks for your help and your 4 Pack Program.”

David Riccardo, Salt Lake City, UT

“Thanks so much for the Matrix Meal. We take it with us everywhere. It is so easy to pack & then just mix up & drink. We know we are getting superior nutrition & we really like the energy we feel. This meal replacement tastes really good, not like some of the other meal replacements we have bought over the years. The Matirx Meal is also a GREAT value. Even our grandkids love the taste & want it sprinkled on their cereals. We eat it raw & also mix it in liquids. We also cook with it. We add a scoop to our morning breakfast sprouted buckwheat for an extra “punch” of nutrition. It is a great tasting and powerfully nutritious supplement to any good diet. Thanks! ”

Sue & Barry Wilcox, Hamilton, MT

# 7 Morinda Tahitian Noni Juice (
Pure Noni Juice Benefits, treasured since ancient Polynesian times. TAHITIAN NONI®Juice with bioactive iridoids provides wonderful benefits for your health. I have seen the benefits of Noni juice with mania, diabetes, cancer and in its pain killing properties.The company by the name of Morinda and based in Orem, UT brought Noni juice to the US several years ago. This is the only noni juice I have used with amazing success. I have seen someone in a full blown delusional manic withdrawal reaction lasting for six months become normal within two weeks of using half a cup of Noni per day mixed in 100% fruit juice and taken in small amounts throughout the day.I also witnessed another young woman who suffered a psychotic break when she unknowingly added cough and cold meds while in a withdrawal tapering from the use of Paxil. Within ten minutes of sipping 1/2 cup of Noni and having lavender rubbed on her feet she went from that cold blank stare so many report with SSRI antidepressants in a psychotic break to perfectly normal. She had no memory of the psychotic break but within ten minutes of getting the Noni and putting the lavender oil on her feet she had perfect memory of everything after that.From what I have seen with Noni I believe it is helping to normalize blood sugar and assisting the metabolism of serotonin. Even this young woman’s school administrator felt the girl acted as her other students do when going into insulin shock from a blood sugar drop and serotonin is critical in regularing blood sugar levels. The question remains to be answered as to if this is how many of the psychotic breaks with SSRIs are being triggered.

# 8 Dr. Paul Harch’s site on Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment 



The International Hyperbaric Medical Association at: ( ( spect imaging

I have been talking about hyperbaric for some time, but seeing these brain scans before and after is amazing! –Ann Blake-Tracy

Dr. Harch is the leading expert in the US on hyperbaric oxygen treatment. The following are case reports showing brain scans before and after treatment for various ailments. It is amazing to see and even more amazing to experience.

Earlier this year I sent Dr. Harch the most difficult patient I have seen in the past 15 years. It was a worst case senario – a patient on Paxil for six years at double the maximum dose (120mg) who came off “cold turkey”. I have never seen anyone alive in such bad shape. After he saw Dr. Harch the change was DRAMATIC to say the least!!

I have never found anything better for a patient in “cold turkey” withdrawal from an antidepressant than hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Certainly it is very important to follow the other guidelines in the “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!” tape in order to rebuild, but for acute situations hyperbaric certainly seems to be the answer to help in those situations when not even all the helps mentioned here can address all the issues.

# 9 MAGNETIC THERAPY:Another company that has products to assist with pain caused by these drugs or the end result of the drugs (such as arthritis and fibromyalgia) is magnetic therapy by Nikken. As taking pain killers, or most any drug, after being on a serotonergic drug can cause so many serious reactions, I prefer using magnets to prevent those pains. In this way you will not have additional damage from additional mind altering chemicals. They have mattresses that work while you sleep, foot pads you can slip into your shoes, pads that can be applied to local areas of the body, etc. And there is research to demonstrate that magnetic therapy when applied to the head can rid one of depression.

Also what I have always used for pain is Young Living’s Peppermint oil. I LOVE it! It will prevent bruising in injuries and stop the pain immediately. I use it for all injuries – even open wounds, concussion, back pain, neck pain, stiff muscles, broken toe, etc.

# 10 OMEGA 3 OILS: Omega 3 Oils are effective as antidepressants and are non-toxic: In September 1998 the National Institute of Health conducted a seminar I attended with doctors from around the world reporting on their amazing successes in the effectiveness of Omega 3 oils in combating manic depression, schizophrenia, depression, hyperactivity, PMS, Autism, etc. Now a new study supports those reports. Although the study looked only at fish oil, it was made clear to us at the NIH seminar that flax seed oil works just as well but the fish industry is the one that can afford to do such studies on the Omega 3 oils where those farmers growing flax seed as Omega 3 cannot. No matter the source of Omega 3 the results are the same. Plant sources are recommended as it does not pose aa much of a potential toxicity as fish  due to polluted waters in which fish live. See info on the best and cheapest source of all below.

STUDY: May 6, 1999 Fish Oil May Aid Against Manic Depression,


“Scientists believe they have found a surprising new ally in their efforts to understand and treat the sharp mood swings of manic depression — the Omega 3 fatty acids. Jerry Cott, chief of  the psychopharmacology research program at the National Institute of Mental Health said, “This is the first time we would be testing a nutritional supplement that appears to be having efficacy about to the degree of a synthetic medication.” The body’s highest concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids are in the eyes and the brain, where neurobiologists believe they are essential to the proper functioning of cell membranes.

“If levels of omega-3 fatty acids are too low, they have theorized, then that essential chemical pathways become overwhelmed and mental disorders can occur. Researchers believe omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in both bipolar and unipolar depression.” (One of the finest books on the Omega 3 oils is “Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill” by Udo Erasmus. Find more info on his book and the oils he recommends by Googling Udo Erasmus.)


Dr. Sanjay Gupta with CNN did this amazing report on a young man with a head injury so serious that all doctors were recommending the parents plug the plug on this boy. Watch his almost instantaneous and complete recovery due to massive doses of Omega 3 oils!

pursland weed or food


The very best source for Omega 3, and the very cheapest source of all, is what many look at unfortunately as a weed! It is called Purslane and is the very highest source available for Omega 3 oils. It can be added to salads or eaten alone. I LOVE the taste! In fact my grandchildren just love picking it and eating it. That is how good it tastes! I am growing it as a ground cover all around my home because it is beautiful as well! So just grow your own for a very inexpensive and nutritious food and for a happy, healthy brain!


purslane salad2




“Electrosleep treatment” – an older name for CES – came into the USA from Japan in the late 1960s. This therapy had been originally pioneered in Russia and other East Block countries. Since the current was directed across head, the FDA renamed it “Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES)” in 1978, and now allows its marketing in the USA for the treatment of anxiety, depression and insomnia (CES regulatory status). A major use of CES has been in the treatment of symptoms of the drug abstinence syndrome, including severe anxiety, depression and insomnia. The medical use of CES is now becoming more widely indicated in the USA.


Naomi Lee I started CES therapy in March last year , and it stopped me having w/d symptoms whilst tapering. These types of] therapy [CES| are worth checking out.

QUESTION: Did it help with anhedonia or apathy or mood due to meds Naomi Lee?
Naomi Lee it seemed to help with everything. I’ve been able to heal as I’ve decreased , instead of being battered about by withdrawal symptoms. Best $200 I’ve ever spent
QUESTION: Naomi Lee do you mind saying what you were on and for how long? Very interesting that you had no withdrawal symptoms! How did you taper? Was CES the only thing you did or were you taking supplements or doing anything else? Would really appreciate any info you are willing to share to help others. TIA.
Naomi Lee Delighted to share. I took AD’s 1988 to 2013. Met Dr. Yolande Lucire who suggested I never had a depressive disorder , see Peter Breggin “Your Drug May be Your Problem”. Tapered off Cymbalta , but went too fast and got very sick Dec.2013 to May 2014 (severe akathisia). Reinstated with Pristiq 50mg, held until Feb.2015 to stabilize. First 10% cut (50 to 45mg), one month of withdrawal symptoms – hypomanic, then achy, cold/flu symptoms, then extra fatigued.
Then I heard about CES from a man in the Ukraine , where it’s standard hospital treatment. Bought a CES device (Sota BioTune is the brand I bought) second hand on ebay, they retail for around $350. Did next drop to 40 , no withdrawal symptoms. Have continued going down by 10% with long holds – currently on 22.5mg. I did one big cut 17 1/2% (tempting fate?) and did have low-grade symptoms for a few weeks.
CES is a 3 week treatment , 3 x 20 minute sessions a day initially, with booster sessions as needed. I’ve been able to reconstruct my life over the past year and it really is amazing after being toxic on ad’s for so many years.
Ann Blake-Tracy Thank you for sharing the info on CES Naomi. I have been recommending CES since 1993 and have included that recommendation in my book “Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare!” since 1994. Do you mind if I quote your statements on the CES device on our main website at where we have info on it posted under Alternatives?
By the way I do hope you know that toward the end of the taper it is always good to go even slower to ease off the drugs. You have been coming down a little fast but it is good to know that your CES device is helping minimize those withdrawal effects for you.
The before and after CES scans of the brain included in my book are astounding! That is why I include them often in my lectures as well. CES is a great non-toxic way to handle withdrawal but I have rarely had anyone consider it so I am excited to have your feedback on it and that it is so positive as would be expected seeing the brain scans!
Naomi LeeAnn Blake-Tracy I’m happy to be quoted , thank you! I know I’m tapering faster than your model recommends (which would have me tapering for 14 years, lol – YES she is joking 🙂 although I DO recommend the slowest taper of all after seeing so many horrific results of coming down too rapidly).
I am so terrified of going too fast and getting a rebound reaction months after stopping , it may take me years to have the courage to jump when I get down to 0.25 of a mg.
For others on Pristiq, I’m tapering by having capsules compounded in strengths of 10 , 5 , 2.5 and 1mg , and mix and match to get my chosen dose.


Many patients have reported this to be of great benefit to them when suffering Akathisia or Serotonin Syndrome or for just overall withdrawal symptoms


The TABER’S CYCLOPEDIC MEDICAL DICTIONARY describes hypoglycemia as a condition in which the glucose in the blood is abnormally low, which is brought on by hyper-function of the pancreas. Then it goes on to list the symptoms: “acute fatigue, restlessness, malaise (discomfort, uneasiness or indisposition), marked irritability and weakness. In severe cases, mental disturbances, delirium, coma, and possibly death.” 
As we look further into the symptoms we find confusion, impaired memory, mood swings, irritability, depression, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate (attention deficit disorder?), negative attitude, hopelessness, anxiety, etc. 
One list included symptoms in the order of frequency: exhaustion, depression, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, headaches, vertigo, sweating, tremor (internal trembling), tachycardia (palpitation of heart), muscle pain and backache, anorexia, crying spells, phobias (unjustified fears), difficulty in concentration, numbness, chronic indigestion, mental confusion, cold hands or feet, blurred vision, muscular twitching or cramps, joint pain, anti-social behavior, restlessness, obesity, staggering, abdominal spasms, fainting or blackouts, convulsions, and suicidal tendencies. 

Is any of this beginning to sound like what we so often label as “depression, anxiety, panic attack, etc.”


Quote: “This Life is fragile and needs to be nurtured with loving care. Each moment we live, think about the air you breathe, the heart that beats within you, and the relationships that are important to you. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted.

Here are some other articles which may help you:

4/16/01 • Nourishing Your Brain

It’s no secret that the fats in fish and walnuts are good for your heart. New research suggests they may also ward off depression and mental maladies.

4/5/01 • Aerobic Exercise Lifts Depression in Treatment-Resistant Patients

WESTPORT, CT (Reuters Health) – A simple program of regular aerobic exercise can substantially improve depression scores in patients with moderate to severe major depression, despite prior failures with pharmacologic therapy.

01/15/01 • Aerobic exercises may help fight depression in the long run

Aerobic exercise may be just as effective as medication at relieving depression and prove easier to stick with, suggests a new study. The findings add to growing evidence that exercise can significantly improve mental health at modest or no cost.

09/01/98 • Omega 3 Oils as Effective as Antidepressants and Are Non-Toxic

In September 1998 the National Institute of Health conducted a seminar on the effectiveness of Omega 3 oils in combating manic depression, schizophrenia, depression, hyperactivity, PMS, etc. Now a new study supports those reports.

#13 Balance 3 Dietary Supplement for health, vitality, and wellness helps maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system.
.2:$end:0:$4:0″>I am Dr. Julian Whitaker, I was introduced to Balance3 in 2003 and have been using it in my clinic ever since. This product has been very effective in supporting normal blood pressure. It also seems to help my patients sleep better.”
.2:$end:0:$4:0″>”I also have been recommending Balance3 to my patients. Balance3 as a dietary supplement for health, vitality and wellness. Balance3 has worked incredibly well for helping maintain good cardiovascular health, gently soothing away the tension and occasional stress, and for the relief of occasional sleeplessness. I now have hundreds of patients on Balance3 and the results have been Miraculous!
#14 Things to do for a Healthy Brain

Eat “brain healthy” super foods such as blueberries, Raw Nuts, and beans

Meditate or give yourself quite time each day

Write and share stories of your experiences

Exercise at least 30 min a day

Get over 8 hours of sleep [Follow the sun patters sleep when the sun goes down and awake when the sun rises]

Watch less Television

Unplug from Computers, Phones & Tables and Get out in nature

Play Strategy and problem solving games

Read something new

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Alia Accad
This video by nurse Aila Accad will show you how this is done:

Emotional Freedom Technique, also called tapping, is a VERY effective modality although it may seem odd. It really works! I was shocked myself to see how very effective it was when I used it when I threw my back out of place. Amazing how it got it to go right back in place after a couple of weeks of not even being able to walk.
#16 Xango Juice 
Xango juice has been reported to be very helpful in balancing emotions and building the immune system.
#19 CBD OIL 

#20 Things to Avoid 

St. John’s Wort

Meat & Dairy

White Sugar

White flower

Artificial Sweeteners

Soda Pop