ANTIDEPRESSANT: Violent Assault on a Minor: Canada

A New Brunswick man accused of a violent

assault Friday will undergo a psychiatric assessment.

Corey Thomas
Goodine, 35, appeared briefly in provincial court Monday to face a Nov. 13 count
of aggravated assault, alleging an attack on a minor.

Duty counsel Joseph
FitzPatrick asked the court Monday to send Goodine for a 30-day psychiatric
assessment to determine if he’s fit to stand trial or might be exempt from
criminal responsibility for his alleged actions.

He said Goodine’s
sister, a social worker, informed him that Goodine has been diagnosed with a

chemical imbalance and takes medication for depression.

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ANTIDEPRESSANT: Woman Attempts Suicide After Therapist Had Affair with Her: CT

GUILFORD ­ After allegedly engaging in a sexual relationship with a depressed and suicidal patient for more than a year, a New Haven-based therapist was arrested this week on a sexual assault charge, police said Wednesday.

Alan M. Shulik, a 58-year-old town resident, turned himself in to police Monday, and is accused of second-degree sexual assault, Chief Thomas Terribile said. The victim reported the incident Aug. 31.

Shulik met the victim when she and her husband went to Shulik for marriage counseling in Shulik’s New Haven office, Bishop Street Counseling. The Cheshire couple attended four to five sessions together, and Shulik requested the husband and wife come separately to appointments, according to Shulik’s arrest warrant.

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PAXIL: Road Rage Death: Woman Drives on Wrong Side of Freeway: No Alcoh…

Note from Ann Blake-Tracy: Why are police still looking for the reason why she was driving the wrong way on the freeway when they already know she was on Paxil? A large number of these cases of driving the wrong way on the freeway involve these antidepressants. __________________________________________________________ Paragraph one reads: "A Monroeville woman who…

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