DEPRESSION MED: Assault: England

Paragraph four reads: “Michael Clare, defending, said Roberts was sorry for what had happened, that he suffered from depression, was on medication and could not remember anything when he drank alcohol.” SSRI Stories Note: The Physicians Desk Reference states that antidepressants can cause a craving for alcohol and can cause alcohol abuse. Also, the liver…

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ANTIDEPRESSANT WITHDRAWAL: Road Rage Driver Attacks School Bus Children

Youngsters were terrified when a road-rage driver smashed a school
bus window with a crook lock.

Glass shattered over the driver, while

children were on their way home from school.

Robert John Alan Campbell
(30) had earlier attacked two other vehicles, frightening the occupants,
including an elderly couple.

Campbell, a married dad of three, was jailed
for 16 months after admitting three counts of causing damage and one of having
an offensive weapon – the crook lock.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS & PAINKILLERS: Soldier Dies in his Sleep: Virginia

For years after
the parachute accident that ended his Army service, Cody Openshaw spiraled

He entered college but couldn’t keep up with his studies. He
had trouble holding a job. He drank too much. He had trouble sleeping, and when
he did sleep, he had nightmares. He got married and divorced in less than a
year. He had flashbacks. He isolated himself from his friends and drank

“His anxiety level was out of this world,” his father said. “This
was a young man who got straight A’s in high school, and now he couldn’t

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