ANTIDEPRESSANT WITHDRAWAL: 27 Year Old Attempts to Commit “Suicide-By-Co…

The sister of the man wounded by police Wednesday night in
downtown Hastings said she believes he was trying to commit “suicide by cop.

“I’m going all the way out. Once they pull me over or anything I’m
shooting them until I run out of bullets,” Roman Tokarev wrote in a note his
sister Olesya Good’s husband found Wednesday before she alerted police.

Hours later, officers shot Tokarev, 27, after he allegedly pointed a gun
at them and tried to ram their squad cars during a chase

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PROZAC: Not Guilty of Assault Using Prozac Defense: Kansas

A former Hutchinson Correctional Facility inmate charged with battering
correctional officers and another inmate told jurors this week “Prozac mania,”
from high dosages of the prescribed drug, caused his aggressive, impulsive

The jurors agreed.

Andrew Housworth, 31, was found not

guilty Friday of five counts of battery against a correctional officer and two
counts of aggravated battery of a correctional officer and a fellow inmate.

During his trial this week before Reno County District Judge Tim
Chambers, Housworth admitted to spitting on correctional officers at the prison
and the Reno County jail in 2007.

He admitted to attacking a fellow
inmate at the Reno County jail in April 2008, hitting him and biting his cheek.

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