ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Suicide Numbers Are Soaring! Suicide: Georgia

Paragraph eight reads: “Billy saw a psychologist. He was taking prescription antidepressants and attended meetings of a support group. In the end, it wasn’t enough and Billy took his life.” Published Saturday, April 24, 2010 in Local Coweta suicide numbers soaring By Alex McRae The Times-Herald Suicides are rarely reported in the news. But…

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As soon as Arylane Ala walked into her house that day
in 2007, she saw blood a red pool stretching from the coffee table to the
fireplace. Then she saw her youngest son face down on the floor, an antique
rifle by his side.

She didn’t approach his body, she said: “I didn’t
want to see his face … his expression.”

Four tumultuous years after
serving in the Middle East with the Kentucky Air National Guard, 25-year-old
Bryan Ala of Louisville took his life part of a rising number of military

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