I Said No to Tegretol

“I took one look at the prescription and shoved (it) back across the desk toward the doctor.”


When my son was only 8, he was 10 pounds over weight. When I asked his pediatrician to put him on a diet…..the pediatrician told my son not to eat between meals and to drink ALL the diet sodas he wanted. Within 2-3 weeks my son was hallucinating, hearing voices and seeing things in either fast or slow motion, he was confused and his memory was suddenly poor. When I told his pediatrician, his doctor suggested to go to UCLA to their pediatric psychiatric department.

After a battery of tests were run, I was told to come back in two weeks with the results. Before I left I asked the doctor what he thought he would do with my son. He said that he thought he would end up medicating him. I asked what drug he would choose. He said Tegretol would be his drug of choice. I asked him how long he thought my son would have to take Tegretol. He said for the rest of his life.

Well, since I was tired of seeing empty diet soda cans all over the place, I told my son I didn’t care what his doctor said about drinking all he wanted to lose weight…. I was going to limit him to two cans of diet soda per day. ALL my son’s symptoms improved! After two weeks I returned to UCLA and sure enough the doctor shoved a prescription across his desk at me for Tegretol. I had asked a pharmacist friend of mine what the side effects were and he said this was nasty stuff. It could cause the genitals to be underdeveloped and small and cause liver damage as well. Frequent blood testing would be necessary.

That was enough for me. I took one look at the prescription for Tegretol and shoved the prescription back across the desk toward the doctor. You should have seen the look of shock on his face when I said my son wouldn’t be taking this drug. I told him by limiting the intake of diet sodas my son’s symptoms had improved in frequency. I went on to tell him I was going to take him off of ALL diet sodas and see how much improvement I could get from this move.

Well, needless to say…..ALL my son’s symptoms went away by monitoring his diet and restricting ALL diet sodas from his diet. UCLA never once asked me a question about my son’s diet. Not one question. Well, parents use your common sense and don’t trust doctors blindly!

Julie Scharfe in Pasadena , CA

Years 2000 and Prior

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Tegretol Destroyed My Life And My Family

“I wanted to withdraw from life on this drug.”


Day by day, we are beginning heal. I’ve had a lot of POST TRAUMATIC things happen since Daryl Foster died who was my very best friend of 12 yrs.

He went hypomanic after taking Zoloft for 3 1/2 weeks and we didn’t find Daryl for 3 days in 105 degree heat. If I had not gone manic myself on Zoloft, none of would have known as to why Daryl died.

Five weeks after Daryl’s death, Karen, my very best friend, her sister Dalene and her little boy CJ Noyce were murdered by Dalene’s husband by arson. He is now currently spending life in prison without parole.

I had been sent to the hospital as I was under a lot of stress not to mention that I had been overdosed without my knowledge with METHAMPETAMINE. Now when they got me to the ER they never asked me if I had taken it, they just assumed that I was Bipolar and off my medication, which was not true as I never have been on anything for Bipolar.

Once admitted to the hospital, things got really bad as they were loading me up on high quantities of this poison–TEGRETOL, and I just lost all ability to function. THE SIDE EFFECTS were mania, MY TEETH CLENCHING SO BADLY IT MADE MY JAWS ACHE. EXTREME INSOMNIA, DEPRESSION. I COULDN’T CONCENTRATE ON ONE TASK. This drug , caused frequency in urination. I was very AGITATED FROM LACK OF SLEEP. LOUD NOISES MADE ME VERY NERVOUS & UPSET. MY SHORT TERM MEMORY WAS EFFECTED TO THE POINT THAT I NEVER KNEW WHAT DAY IT WAS.

I also wanted to withdraw from life on this drug. I am not Bipolar or Bi-nothin as I tell everyone. I was so drugged after being admitted into the hospital that I couldn’t walk and talked like a drunk, I actually feel down with my food tray that I lost my balance and fell to the floor and hit my head.

I had to stay on this drug for 4 months because if I didn’t, it was threatened that I would be sent to a state hospital! We also got hit by a Tornado this year and last but not least, I just got out of the hospital yesterday from a car accident and have whip lash.

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Years 2000 and Prior

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