MY FACEBOOK POST FROM THIS MORNING: Orlando again?! Yet another antidepressant-induced mass killing? DO NOT let any mention of a possible terrorist attack keep you from asking questions. That seems a great diversion tactic anymore. When you keep in mind several considerations you will see why I say that….

#1 The high number of antidepressant – induced cases of sexual preference changes. Serotonin is what determines sexual preference and I have additional new research to share with you on that besides the info from 2000 scientists back in 2000 who released the “canary in the coal mine” warning for mankind that the large amount of antidepressants in the water supply were causing male fish to be born with ovaries:

Serotonin determines sexual preference:

Science Can Change The Sexual Orientations Of Mice

[At that point this morning we had no information as to whether the shooter himself might be gay or the other possibility that on antidepressants he was suffering delusions that he might be gay due the the adverse effects of the medications and had become paranoid that he may be becoming gay lashing out because of that.]

#2 The large majority of mass shootings committed by those on antidepressants as documented in this database of cases:www.SSRIstories.NET

#3 The all too common tendency those beginning to go insane on antidepressants often tend to join all kinds of fringe groups

#4 The statement of the Taliban psychiatrist in an interview with an LA Times reporter who told his patients, while standing in an office surrounded by drug company promotional material on antidepressants, that swallowing antidepressants is “like swallowing a little piece of God!” Here is that full article from the LA Times:


Keep in mind as you read this that even though antidepressants are absolutely notorious for producing all of the side effects that are associated with the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder (which is actually best described as a sleep/seizure disorder, rather than what they call a mental disorder) few doctors treat the symptoms of what they call Bipolar Disorder without an antidepressant, often combined with an anti-seizure medication. So the mention of this shooter having symptoms of Bipolar Disorder is a very huge indication that he was taking an antidepressant known to cause this type of violence.

“Speaking to reporters on Sunday evening with her fiance beside her, Yusufiy [ex-wife] said she thought the shooting had ‘nothing to do’ with religion and had more to do with mental illness.

“Yusufiy, who said she did not agree with Mateen’s views, revealed her ex-husband was mentally unstable and had bipolar disorder, yet wanted to become a police officer and had applied to the police academy.”

‘After a few months he started to beat me,’ she said. ‘He was mentally unstable… he was obviously disturbed. I know he had a history of [taking] steroids.
‘I was with him for about four months, then my family rescued me….

“Yusufiy said that Mateen owned a gun during their marriage, was ‘short tempered’ and would express ‘hate towards things’. She would not reveal if he had any homophobic views.

“Following a brief romance, the pair tied the knot in March 2009 and moved into a two-bedroom home owned by Mateen’s family in Fort Pierce.

“At the start of their relationship, she told the Washington Post, he was not particularly religious and was not violent. But soon things changed.

‘That’s when I started worrying about my safety and he was abusing me physically very often and not allowing me to speak to my family and he kept me hostage from them,’ she said during her press conference….

“Despite his violence, she said there was no sign he would go on to be a mass murder.

The shooter apparently called 911 and pledged his allegiance to the leader of ISIS. My response as that came out was to me it sounded manic and suicidal. When has ISIS ever called 911 to announce something like that before an attack?

“The shooter’s father Seddique Mateen said that his son got angry when he saw two men kissing in Miami a couple of months ago and thinks that may be related to the shooting.

“He added: ‘We are saying we are apologizing for the whole incident. We weren’t aware of any action he is taking. We are in shock like the whole country.’

Read more:



These drugs are producing a massive amount of manic reactions leading many to falsely be labeled Bipolar. You can listen to me explain that to the FDA and the widespread problems it is causing in our society, people’s personal lives, and in families around the world. As I discuss the work of Dr. Malcomb Bowers at Yale and he found in 2000 that a quarter of a million per year were being diagnosed as antidepressant-induced Bipolar every year in America back then. He and his colleagues went on to stress that most doctors do not recognize the antidepressant as being the cause of the Bipolar and, therefore, do not report it as such. The general rule of thumb for figuring the real number of side effects not reported is that less than 10% are reported which would indicate a figure of 2 1/2 million people every year! Is it any wonder the numbers of those diagnosed Bipolar increased by 400%in young people just from 1996 to 2004?! And if those figures are correct what are those numbers now, a decade and a half later?!


To learn more about how antidepressants can produce Bipolar Disorder and what it really is I would refer you to an hour long DVD I have on it:


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