Help Mark Escape His 22 year Columbine Nightmare

Message from Donna Taylor:

My son Mark Taylor was shot 6 – 13 times at Columbine High School April 20, 1999 and almost died. The hospital doctor called his family physician & said, “I have one of your patients here. He is dead but he is talking to me.” The media dubbed him the “Columbine Wonder Boy” after surviving such life threatening injuries.

We filed suit against the antidepressant maker for causing Eric Harris to suffer the now listed side effect of “homicidal ideation” to cause him to shoot Mark & his classmates that day. Our hope was to stop this from happening again. So we went on to continue lecturing about the dangers of these drugs. Mark gave a very powerful testimony before the FDA in their 2004 hearings which resulted in Black Box warnings issued for increased suicide in children given these drugs. The FDA panel was so moved by his words they even stepped down to shake his hand.

Sadly his attorney ruined his case by not meeting discovery. So the minute Mark turned 21 he was railroaded into a surprise “settlement” where he was pressured into signing a settlement agreement that the drug maker would pay $10,000 to a charity of Mark’s choice! Mark got nothing for the damage he suffered & on top of that was led to believe if he did not sign that settlement he would have to go to jail!

Not long after we believe the drug makers set Mark up with false accusations to have him thrown into a psychiatrict hospital where the doctor in charge even told us there was no reason for him to be there. He had suddenly gone from being a Whistle Blower exposing the Anti Depressant involvement in school & mass shootings to a patient being forced to take the same drugs he was speaking out against!

Look up Mark Taylor Columbine and see all written. Now he is in a group home being drugged and wants out. He does not belong there & is very sick from all the drug side effects. He has rashes, shaking, vomiting, tired all the time, poor memory, & has little time to do much. I visit him weekly & the people in charge there are not the least bit friendly & never answer the phone for us to even check on him. I am very concerned about him & his current condition.

In order for you to see what has been done to him here is Mark being interviewed just before all this & then after they started drugging him with the same drugs he was fighting to expose…

Testimony before FDA in 2004:

Just before being thrown into a psych ward on false accusations in 2007….

After being drugged…

Documentary on Mark’s Fight For Columbine…

Well over a decade later Mark is on social security with little income for necessities. I am now retired & his father is very ill & in an assisted living facility. We have found an attorney to help Mark get out of there, to put an end to this Columbine nightmare that has seemed to never end for us, & finally live the rest of his life with his mother & his brothers. But we need financial help for the legal paperwork to set him free. We would greatly appreciate any help to get this done.

Thank you,
Donna Taylor

Tortured Like A Lab Rat for 17 Years – Zyprexa and Zeldox

Tortured Like A Lab Rat for 17 Years – Zyprexa and Zeldox
Courage Grows Strong at a Wound
Paula ”vaquous” Stewart
The following was written in July 2011 – I was in a state of panic and very, very ill.
I was very tired and I had not eaten properly for days – this was in 1994. I went to a restaurant with my sister and had an argument. I decided to leave the restaurant abruptly (Basha on Guy). I walked so fast that my sister Sylvia did not see me All I remember is walking quickly and I ended up on a “bridge” where I collapsed. I then remember being in a vehicle and being driven somewhere – I did not know by whom or where I was being driven to.
The next thing I remember is being dragged into a hospital in Richelieu by armed Police and then placed in restraints in this hospital. I was eventually transferred to the Montreal General Hospital (MGH) once they realized that I had my own apartment in Downtown Montreal.
I was taken to the 4th floor of the hospital, unconscious. They injected me with Haldol. My mother who lived in Chambly took a bus to find me at the hospital. They told her that I had Schizophrenia and that it was a debilitating disease. Therefore, I would not be able to take care of myself. They then tried to coerce her to sign documents to place me into a Group Home. My Mother was in shock over the condition her daughter was in. They never explained in detail why they felt I needed to be in a Group Home — she flatly refused to sign any documents.
They gave me pills, took my blood, imposed all kinds of rules on me that I had to follow, in order to be released – They never gave me a release date even though I asked. They kept me in the Psyche Ward for three months against my will. If my Mother did not pay my rent and all of my other bills for the three months, I would have been homeless at the time of release.
I was then forced to take medication for 17 years against my will — forced to participate in Therapy sessions with two Medical Teams from the MGH and now at the Allen Memorial Institute without signing any documents. Occupational Therapy, Collective Kitchen, Group Therapy, individual counselling — all against my will. The Medication they gave me was so strong that I was sleeping on average 12-14 hours a day. My vision was blurred, I was dizzy, forced onto Welfare and with little money – not eating well and I could not work for long stretches of time— for years.
They say that I have Paranoid Schizophrenia and then the changed my diagnosis to Schizoaffective Disorder without explanation. On many, many occasions I have asked my Medical Team to show me empirical proof that I indeed have these DSM disorders. They told me that there is no empirical proof- no scientific test. Then I asked them, repeatedly “so how do you know I have this condition?” No answer. I have asked them to observe me without the neuroleptics and to just offer me “talk therapy” instead– they all flatly refused. I was also told that there were no natural ways to treat Schizophrenia (See two lists of references from the Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psyciatric Drugs)
Dr. V also mentioned to me, while my social worker was present, that “all neuroleptics are all basically the same with different side-effects.” — This was said after I told him that I wanted to stop taking these Meds (Zeldox), because I was getting sicker and sicker. He down-played my concerns, although the Zeldox pamphlet mentions to discuss with your health professional if you have any side effects — I have had over ten side effects listed on their Zeldox Website!
I almost died this year and it was a wake-up call to take action –TO SAVE MY LIFE!
There is a long list of side effects of Zyprexa and Zeldox and many are life threatening (sudden death is one). I told my medical team that I wanted to stop all medication. They denied me my Civil Rights and my Human Rights for 17 years and to this day continue to prevent me from stopping Zeldox. I have never given INFORMED CONSENT for any treatment I have received or which has been imposed on me over the past 17 or more years.
Because I have been on neuroleptics and atypical anti-psychotics for so long, I will probably need to withdraw over a two-year period — this is very painful and they never mentioned that I could become so dependant when they administered it to me.
I feel sick daily and have been sent for tests recently, due to my poor health because of this drug (Zeldox).
I have stopped all psychiatric medications– permanently.
I lost lots of weight and I have gained my physical and emotional
strength back… I am still working through the trauma:)
I have filed written complaints with the Ombudsman, Employers of my abusers and
Patient’s Rights Groups– I have deposited the written complaints on November 7th, 2011
I am preparing my SHIELD ALERT with
I have become a Psyche Rights Activist !
I AM THE 99%
Finally, I want to say the following:
Although I was forced-drugged for 17 years, I still am an eternal optimist and I have hope for my future.
I also have lots of love in my life (No money to speak of :(…but love)
I am very smart, happy and ready to make a big difference in the World.
Some of us are now disabled —we have permanent damage to our brains and our souls—but it is not over….share your experiences.
People will learn from you and guard themselves from these evil, evil men and women who have chosen a profession of torture and abuse.
Don’t defend or support your abusers…Find people who understand you and gain strength through your union with them:)
The title, ”Courage grows strong at a wound” is Paula’s ”Stewart clan” Motto.

ANTIDEPRESSANT: Girl (11) From Bedwetting to Agitation & Psychotic Break

NOTE BY Ann Blake-Tracy (

What a TRAGIC case and all too common! It compares with the
case of the 15 year old girl given Zoloft for warts – yes warts – and ended up
committing suicide. Of course Pfizer tried as hard as they could, albeit
unsuccessfully, to convince the court in her wrongful death suit that it
was the warts that drove her to suicide, not the Zoloft! And this case is also
very similar to the case of the little girl I discuss in my book, “Prozac:
Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare” who was given Prozac because as
an A student it was felt she spent too much time doing homework! (I thought that
was how you became an A student!) She was described before the meds as an
excellent student and well behaved child.  Yet, within days on
Prozac she was throwing herself downstairs. They then took her off the meds
and then put her back on the meds at higher doses and the Yale
study ends with her pulling her hair out and being locked in a psych
ward where she would jump up and down on her Teddy Bear screaming “Kill, kill!
Die, Die!” As I have asked for years, how many productive and caring lives have
we cut off from us all by these deadly drugs?!
Paragraph three reads:  “He also includes the stories of
individual patients, all of whom fared poorly on psychiatric medications and did
better after coming off them. One was of a young woman from Seattle
prescribed an antidepressant at age 11 to treat her bed-wetting, who then became
agitated and spiraled into full-blown psychosis.
When Whitaker met her
at age 21 she was living in a group home for the severely mentally ill, mute,
and withdrawn. Her story is heartbreaking, and the implication is that her
deterioration was triggered by the medications she was given.”

Tying the rise in mental illness to drugs used in its treatment

By Dennis

April 14, 2010

Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America
Robert Whitaker

Crown, 416 pp., $26

In “Anatomy of an Epidemic’’
Whitaker presents his theory that the dramatic increase in mental illness in the
United States since World War II is the direct result of the medicines
psychiatrists have been prescribing to treat it, and that this itself stems from

an unholy alliance between the pharmaceutical industry and corrupt physicians.
However, although extensively researched and drawing upon hundreds of sources,
the gaps in his theory remain too large for him to succeed in making a
convincing argument.

Whitaker cites studies showing better outcomes for
patients with depression or schizophrenia who have come off their medications
than for those who have stayed on them, but doesn’t consider the possibility
that this may be because those with milder disease recovered and no longer
needed medications, while those who were sicker to begin with simply could not
do without them.

He also includes the stories of individual patients, all
of whom fared poorly on psychiatric medications and did better after coming off
them. One was of a young woman from Seattle prescribed an antidepressant at age
11 to treat her bed-wetting, who then became agitated and spiraled into
full-blown psychosis. When Whitaker met her at age 21 she was living in a group
home for the severely mentally ill, mute, and withdrawn. Her story is
heartbreaking, and the implication is that her deterioration was triggered by
the medications she was given.

But how can one be certain of this?
Perhaps she was destined for mental illness through a combination of her genes
and the environment in the same way that some children develop cancer,
irrespective of any medications they may be taking. Perhaps without the
medications given to treat her psychosis her course would have been even worse.
Many children are treated with tricyclics for bed-wetting and the vast majority
do fine. A single case does not prove the rule, and here lies the basic problem
of this book. As Whitaker himself points out, there simply are not enough data

from well-designed, trustworthy studies. And without this information, it is
impossible to conclude anything meaningful about cause and effect.

there remain unanswered questions about the efficacy of some psychiatric
medications in some patients and their long-term consequences, there is no
denying that they have brought about a huge improvement in quality of life for
millions. While it is reasonable for Whitaker to raise his concerns, it is
critical to remember that hypothesis is no substitute for data.

this can lead to disastrous consequences, such as occurred in South Africa at
the turn of this century. Thabo Mbeki, then president of that country, refused

to accept that AIDS was caused by the HIV virus, believing instead that it was a
side effect of malnutrition and the medications used to treat AIDS itself. In
the absence of an effective treatment and prevention program, it is estimated
that 365,000 South Africans died prematurely of AIDS between the years 2000-05
(currently, 18.1 percent of South African adults have HIV/AIDS).

who would seize the opportunity to cast psychiatry as a discipline into the
rubbish heap without consideration for the benefits it has brought to so many
would do well to remember how Mbeki’s inability to distinguish between theory
and fact exacted such an enormous toll in human life and

Dr. Dennis Rosen is a pediatric lung and sleep specialist
at Children’s Hospital Boston and an instructor in pediatrics at Harvard Medical
© Copyright 2010 Globe Newspaper