Zoloft: Republic, MO woman arrested Wednesday in 2011 death of her toddler

Julie Horstmyer

Julie Horstmyer, 31

Our thanks goes out to our Southern Washington State Director, Jay Baadsgard, for bringing this case to our attention…. For two decades I have said that Pfizer has turned the Land of OZ completely upside down to change it into the Land of ZO as they have flooded KS and MO with their antidepressant, Zoloft.

In another case out of MO a mother has been charged in the death of her baby daughter. Two years ago in November of 2011 Julie Horstmyer called to report the death of her two year old daughter Berklee Marie Robertson. Apparently officials initially thought the baby had died of SIDS. But as it turned out the baby had ingested her own mother’s prescription for Zoloft. The medical examiner determined that the baby died of an overdose of Zoloft.

Although officials believe the mother intentionally gave the drug to the baby they have charged her with involuntary manslaughter in the death of the child.

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Original article and video: http://www.ozarksfirst.com/story/republic-woman-charged-and-arrested-for-childs-death/d/story/xjjweZp29Ue4VS_Dioxs3w

Republic Woman Charged and Arrested for Child’s Death

CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Mo. — A Republic woman is accused of causing her two year old daughter’s death two years ago.

Julie Horstmyer is charged with involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child.

Two year old Berklee Robertson was found dead inside a home in Clever, MO in November of 2011.

A grand jury indictment states Horstmyer gave the young girl Sertraline, better known as Zoloft, then failed to seek medical assistance.

“It’s kind of scary,” says Clever Resident Geri Wallen. “But it’s just a sad story.” Wallen lived next door to Horstmyer at the time of the two year old’s death.

Wallen remembers police and ambulance vehicles lined up outside her neighbor’s home back on November 5, 2011. It wasn’t long after that she found out the reason for all the ruckus was that a two year old child passed away.

“We didn’t know what to think,” Wallen says. “I didn’t think there would be any foul play. I just prayed for the little girl and her family because it’s such a loss.”

Now, two years later, Julie Horstmyer is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child.

“What it boils down to is there was quite a bit of forensic evidence that came back at a later date,” says Christian County Sheriff Joey Kyle. “That made the case considerably stronger.”

Sheriff Kyle says there was always a strong suspicion that Horstmyer had some involvement in two year old Berklee’s death.

“Upon arrival, nothing really seemed out of place except possibly a SIDS death,” says Sheriff Kyle. “But during the autopsy, we discovered things that led us to believe it wasn’t negligence but more of a deliberate act.”

The Sheriff couldn’t go into detail, but tells us the charges are based on what the prosecutor feels they can prove during trial.

“It’s primarily stuff like trace elements, toxicology reports, opinions from pathologists,” say Sheriff Kyle.

Neighbors living along Little Avenue says they rarely saw Horstmyer or her two year old child when they lived there two years ago.

“It’s unnerving since I have kids of my own,” says Wallen. “And it just really wrenches my heart that people could do that to their kids. They’re given to us for a reason and God gives them to us to raise and take care of. Not to take advantage of or send back to him.”

Now, two years later, Sheriff Kyle says it’s nice to finally have some closure in the case.

“It’s like the fish that got away,” he says. “There’s some closure here.”

Horstmyer’s arraignment is scheduled for Nov. 8 at 10:00 a.m.

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