ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Man Attacks Prime Minister of Italy

The electronics engineer who attacked
Silvio Berlusconi at a rally in Milan on Sunday believed that the Prime Minister
was ruining Italy.

Massimo Tartaglia, 42, who has been kept in isolation
after throwing a marble and metal souvenir into Mr Berlusconi’s face, told
police that he hated the Prime Minister because “that man is ruining Italy. I
don’t agree with anything he says”.

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PROZAC: 25 Year Old Woman Commits Suicide: England

A mother is set to take legal action against a hospital trust she claims
failed to spot her daughter’s mental illness that resulted in her

Beautician Tracy Thomas was left devastated when her oldest
daughter, Kimberley, hanged herself in her bedroom just two weeks before

She claims Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust failed to
help 25-year-old Kimberley after she repeatedly threatened to commit suicide

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