WELLBUTRIN & BUSPAR: Anna Nicole Smith’s Doctor on Meds Had Affair w/Her

(Newser) – Just in case
anyone thought the Anna Nicole Smith hearing couldn’t get any kinkier: It can,
and it did. An investigator testified yesterday that Smith physician Sandeep
Kapoor who is facing charges along with psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich
and lawyer Howard K. Stern had a less-than-professional relationship with
Smith, “making out” with her and providing her with drugs, E!

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LEXAPRO: Artie Lange Arrested for DUI: New York

At long last, The
Howard Stern Show returned to the air live this Monday morning. With
the abundance of celebrity news to catch up on and current box office topper
“Bruno” in the studio, Howard Stern Show fans really only wanted to hear about
one thing: Artie

Lange’s DUI. After proclaiming that he had been clean and sober for
months, Artie Lange was arrested on suspicion of DUI on Friday after a fender
bender in Tom’s River, New Jersey.

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LEXAPRO: The Howard Stern’s Show’s Artie Lange Arrested for DUI: New York

Artie Lange was noticeably quieter than usual on Monday morning’s broadcast, only peppering the on-air conversations with an occasional joke or cutting remark. About two hours into the broadcast, Artie Lange finally broke his silence about Friday’s DUI. After stating that: “for once I’m actually doing something sensible and listening to my lawyer and not talking about it,” Artie Lange went on to tease the audience with a few details of the incident that catapulted him to the top of Google Trends on Friday, despite The Howard Stern Show having been off air for a full two weeks.”

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