Listen tonight to Columbine Survivor Mark Taylor & Ann Blake-Tracy on the Jeff Rense Show

Listen tonight to Columbine Survivor Mark Taylor & Ann Blake-Tracy on the Jeff Rense Show
When the Columbine massacre happened 22 years ago today I naively thought it would have been shocking enough & the cause obvious enough to wake the world to this drug-induced nightmare of mass shootings. But over two decades later we have just finished a 5 week period where at least 46 people have died in mass shootings here in America. We already have almost enough evidence to link antidepressants to everyone of those killings.
One who has fought this battle for the truth behind this nightmare for all the school shooting victims is Mark Taylor. Mark was dubbed the “Columbine Wonder Boy” by the Colorado media after surviving 6 – 13 bullets from Eric Harris’ gun that day as he & his friends sat discussing scriptures on Columbine’s front lawn. After arriving at the hospital the attending doctor called Mark’s family physician & said, “I have one of your patients here. He is dead but he is talking to me!”
Mark & his mother asked me to help them as an expert in his case filed against the makers of Luvox (Who are now attempting to gain approval of Luvox for treatment of Covid 19!!!!) We traveled, lectured, & did media nationwide on these drugs for years, until Mark gained  too much attention when he gave a very powerful testimony before the FDA in the 2004 hearing on antidepressants increasing suicide in children.
I firmly believe at that point Pharma decided it was payback time for Mark speaking out. They apparently felt they had not brought in enough money on these drugs, nor screwed up enough lives around the world as yet with the drugs, so they moved to shut both of us up in any way they could.
What I went through was nothing in comparison to what Mark has been made to suffer. First his court case was destroyed by his attorney not meeting a deadline. Then the drug maker, in conjunction with it appears to be his new attorney (an ex-Pharma attorney professing a change of heart in representing Pharma),  called a surprise settlement hearing as soon as Mark had his 21st birthday. He was made to believe he would go to jail if he did not sign their proposed settlement offer which gave Mark nothing but a promise that the drug maker would pay $10,000 to a charity of his choice! Mark chose a cancer charity, which would, of course, go right back into Pharma’s pocket!
Mark’s mother who was on the lawsuit with him had not even been allowed into the room for the settlement but was outside the doors with Denver Post reporter Howard Pancratz for most of the day waiting for Mark. I even spoke with the attorney over the phone to point out that legally Mark could not sign the settlement because he laid outside Columbine for 1 1/2 hours bleeding to death from those 6-13 bullet holes in him. With that much blood loss you have brain damage from the loss of oxygen to the brain resulting in a set back in brain development. That technically would ha e made Mark more like an 18 or 19 year old in his judgement when by law you must be 21. But they did it anyway.
Then they got someone to accuse him falsely of making a threat when he went  to a Borders Book store near his home to check on sales of his book. That got him put in a psych hospital where he was placed on the same drugs he had been testifying against for years! That was even though the head of that facility,  a psychiatrist we knew, understood there was no reason for him to be there or to be “medicated”! Since then he has been moved from one place to another in Colorado & Arizona. They have now had him on the drugs for 12 years he was fighting against! Sadly our world has a history of doing this to whistle blowers but we also have laws about the illegality of doing so!
Ann Blake Tracy
Here is Mark before & after what they have done to him…
Before…Giving FDA testimony
Just before being thrown in a psych ward
Mark’s full story is shared here in video: 
“Mark Taylor’s Fight for Columbine”
Evidence antidepressants are the cause of mass shootings…

Ann Blake Tracy Interviewed on Jeff Rense Show 1/22/2014


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Listen to latest interview with Ann Blake Tracy on the Jeff Rense Show from just a few weeks ago …. and just in case you think anyone is immune from this serotonin nightmare let me share that I learned yesterday that a friend, only 41 years old, was buried last Thursday after dying in her sleep. I will need to check her current medications but a year ago it was a few including Neurontin and Topamx after having an initial reaction to Reglan which caused seizures for her. Of course before that Lexapro caused her adverse reactions. She was already hypoglycemic and Reglan causes serious blood sugar reactions that for her led to seizures. Then some idiot doctor had told her to drink Dr. Pepper for that of all things!!!! She had just gotten married on Christmas so will her poor new husband be next as doctors rush to medicate him for his loss?

There is MUCH more that is associated with this case that I will share as soon as I am able to do a little more investigation. She and I had discussed it several times. She clearly understood the dangers of antidepressants worrying often about her mother and sister who are both still on the drugs but yet still tragically placing her faith in the new drugs she was being given. Even worse is the fact that we were working to tie in the murder of her infant daughter years ago by another young child to antidepressants as well. For her I will continue the search for that information. I have little doubt at this point as the information we have gathered currently is overwhelming, but I want a final confirmation. And when I do … what we now know to be a nightmare with these drugs will prove to be the worst nightmare any of us could ever imagine!

Then this morning I awoke to more tragic news – the suicide of a dear friend who I did not realize had become “depressed” over the recent loss of his mother. Although antidepressants are NOT approved for situation depression – depression brought on by something like a death or relationship break-up, etc. – I am sure there were plenty of doctors offering him an antidepressant to get him through this. He was Jewish and it has been my experience over the past 25 years of specializing in antidepressants, that Jewish people generally do not handle these drugs well. It is likely due to the P450 2D6 liver enzyme system impairment that can run through various races and families thus making it more difficult to metabolize the antidepressant. When that happens of course it will cause the drug to build to toxic levels faster than it would for most. He too was way too young … (Click link below to continue and to listen to the radio interview)

Ann Blake Tracy on the Jeff Rense Show Wednesday Ja 22

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Ann Blake Tracy will be on the Jeff Rense show live Wednesday the 22nd of January at 11:00 PM Eastern, 10:00 PM Central, 9:00 PM Mountain, 8:00 PM Pacific. Listen worldwide online at

Ann has done countless shows with Jeff Rense over the past two decades and Jeff has become very knowledgeable on the subject of antidepressants.

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