Another Comedian Given Antidepressants – Howie Mandel Medicated for OCD


How sad! They conned Howie Mandel with these drugs too?! When I saw his picture that was my comment before even seeing what this article was about.

Why? Because he has “Prozac Eyes” indicating what type of so called “medication” (spelled D-R-U-G) they gave him, leading him to believe it would “help” him of course. What a crock! We have already lost at least two great comedians to antidepressants. We lost Phil Hartman to a Zoloft/Tramadol murder/suicide & lost Robin Williams to a Remeron induced suicide after it caused a REM Sleep Disorder. In REM Sleep Disorder 86% of those being diagnosed with this deadly sleep disorder in which the patient acts out their nightmares, are on antidepressants! How many are they going to kill with these drugs before this stops?!

Apparently I did not share enough about these deadly drugs with Elizabeth Vargas when I worked with her years ago on the 20/20 special she did on the Zoloft-induced murder/suicide of comedian Phil Hartman & his wife, Brynn. I served as the expert in that case & thought I had shared enough about these drugs that she would be warning anyone about them. Guess not.

OCD is simply Hypoglycemia! The brain cannot function properly when it does not have normal blood sugar levels. When that happens the brain becomes over-stimulated because the body kicks in adrenaline in response to the low sugar levels. All you have to do is change your diet and make sure you’re eating regularly & it will go away.

And as for the germ THEORY….it is just that, a THEORY!!! I was supposed to die of cancer 45 years ago. Because I couldn’t afford a coffin I decided to try something different. I went very strict vegan consuming mainly only fruits and veggies. Within a month the pains of the cancer were gone and within a year I was Back On My Feet Again healthier than ever after several years of being sick before. Since that time I have had no need to see a doctor. Yep, that’s right. Not having to see doctors for that many years has been very peaceful and pleasant.

All Howie would need to do to keep any germ from settling in his body is to not put anything into his body that germs are going to grow on. What a shame that they can take something with such a simple solution and turn it into something as major as this has been for him! It makes me sick! And if Howie thought OCD was tough to handle, just wait until he tries to get off that drug they gave him for it! That is when all hell breaks loose!!! I hope he learns that you have to take months, and more often years, to wean slowly enough to safely come off that stuff!

Help! I can’t get off my antidepressant! [Mp3 Download]

Ann Blake-Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness, & www.SSRIstories.NET
Author: Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? Our Serotonin Nightmare!

Luvox (SSRI)

Luvox (SSRI)
amy Bond
Was prescribed Luvox to treat my OCD prior to during and after birth of my 2nd child Having OCD i I was obsessed that this drug may harm the baby. I was reassured that it is a safe drug Our son was born with double outlet right ventricle, craniosynostosis and otosclerosis. Genetic testing was performed,but came back with no missing chromosomes or abnormalities,FISH etc we found out recently that this class C drug may have caused these defects in our child. A class C drug is a drug that no testing was performed on a pregnant woman but has been known to cause defects and morbidity in animals Why would a doctor prescribe a drug to a pregnant woman why would the FDA approve such a drug why would a company Solvay pharm make such a harmful product.. Our son has had 4 open heart surgeries, he’s deaf in 1 ear and he has a mis shaped skull and ear. My OCD was not severe enough to out weigh these possible defects. Any pregnant women DO NOT TAKE ANY SSRI good luck finding an attorney to rep you it’s been 3 years and no one will takr this case to court!!!!!!

Medications for Depression & OCD: Thanksgiving-Man Shoots & Kill 4 Relatives: FL

Paragraph six reads:  “Merhige’s troubled mental history
­ which included severe depression and
obsessive-compulsive disorder ­ dated back to a nervous breakdown
while he was an honors student at the University of Miami, said his mother,
Carole Merhige.”

Paragraph 15 reads:  “He
was supposed to be on medication when Thursday’s shooting happened, but
she said he had been self-medicating. She did not know whether he was doing so

Man accused of killing four relatives in Jupiter had long history of
mental illness, threats against

By Andrew
and John

Palm Beach Post Staff WriterPalm Beach Post Staff
Updated: 4:55 p.m. Monday, Nov. 30, 2009

MIAMI ­ Paul
Michael Merhige, accused of killing four relatives at a Thanksgiving dinner in
Jupiter, had threatened to kill family members before and often refused to take
medication prescribed to treat his longtime mental illness, according to court
records and Merhige’s mother.

In April 2006, during a fight with his
sister at their parents’ house outside Miami, Merhige told the sister “I’m going
to slit your throat,” according to a domestic violence complaint filed by the
sister, Carla Merhige.

He added that “this time I’m not going to go by
myself,” referring to an earlier suicide attempt he had made, according to his
sister’s complaint.

Seeking a restraining order, Carla Merhige wrote that
her brother’s threat to slit her throat was just the latest of many that “occur
on a regular basis since (Merhige) suffers from mental illness but refuses to
take his medication.”

Carla was among the four people killed Thursday in
what police say was a murderous rampage by her 35-year-old brother at their
cousin’s Jupiter home. He is still on the loose and being hunted by law
enforcement officials.

Merhige’s troubled mental history ­ which
included severe depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder ­ dated back to
a nervous breakdown while he was an honors student at the University of Miami,
said his mother, Carole Merhige.

“Everything was perfect until he was
19,” she said in an interview today.

But since graduating, his mental
illness had barred him from holding down a job, and he had an often-violent
relationship with his family, one that his mother characterized as “16 years of

Merhige appeared to have made preparations before Thursday’s
massacre, during which a witness recalled him saying: “I’ve been waiting 20
years to do this.”

Last month, Merhige bought at least two firearms, his
mother said, and last week he asked his parents for his passport, which they had
kept at their home in the Miami area.

Unable to hold down a job, he had
been financially supported by his parents since his mental troubles

Those troubles culminated when gunshots flashed Thursday night at
his cousin’s home on Via Veracruz in Jupiter. Police say Merhige killed Carla
and her twin sister, Lisa Knight, both 33; his aunt, Raymonde Joseph, 76; and
his cousin’s 6-year-old daughter, Makayla Sitton.

A candlelight vigil is
planned for the twin sisters, Carla and Lisa, tonight in Miami.

In recent
years Paul Merhige had become more independent and was living by himself in an
apartment in the Coral Gables area, his mother said.

He was supposed to
be on medication when Thursday’s shooting happened, but she said he had been
self-medicating. She did not know whether he was doing so correctly.

said she hopes her son is captured soon, adding that she has no idea where he
is. When Paul Merhige asked his parents for his passport, she said, he didn’t
mention travel plans.

Most upsetting to her, Carole Merhige said, was the
ease with which he was able to purchase handguns.

“A person with a
history of mental problems should not be able to get a gun,” she said. “This is
such a big country. Why isn’t there a database of mentally ill

She and her husband, who lost two daughters to their troubled
son, do not plan to attend tonight’s vigil.

“We’re devastated,” she said.
“We’re just taking it day by day.”