ANTIDEPRESSANT, PAIN KILLER & ALCOHOL: Soldier: Suicide Attempt: Iraq/Colorado

Paragraphs three through five read: “It did not work. He was prescribed a list of medications for anxiety, nightmares, depression, and headaches that made him feel listless and disoriented.” “His weekly session with a nurse case manager seemed inadequate to him. And noncommissioned officers ­ soldiers supervising the unit ­ harangued or disciplined him when…

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Death: Man Becomes Violent, Lunges at Police, Shot Dead: GA

Paragraphs three and four read: “The officer gave several verbal commands for the suspect to drop the knife. That’s when the suspect lunged towards the officer and the officer opened fire,” said Cpl. David Schiralli, spokesman of the Gwinnett County Police Department.” “CBS Atlanta spoke to Bagley’s family. They said he was a huge teddy…

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A nurse who was found dead on her sofa had taken an overdose of her
daughter’s painkillers, an inquest heard.

Lindsay Davies, 50, was
discovered by her 22-year-old daughter at the family home in Southcote on August

She had just finished a 10-day stint of night shifts at the Duchess
of Kent House in West Reading and the inquest heard it was thought she decided
to have a few drinks and fall asleep on the sofa.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS & PAINKILLERS: Soldier Dies in his Sleep: Virginia

For years after
the parachute accident that ended his Army service, Cody Openshaw spiraled

He entered college but couldn’t keep up with his studies. He
had trouble holding a job. He drank too much. He had trouble sleeping, and when
he did sleep, he had nightmares. He got married and divorced in less than a
year. He had flashbacks. He isolated himself from his friends and drank

“His anxiety level was out of this world,” his father said. “This
was a young man who got straight A’s in high school, and now he couldn’t

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS & PAIN MEDS: Death: Former Woman Soldier: England

Chanice Ward, 29, died in April after taking a cocktail of painkillers and antidepressants in her Barford caravan, but yesterday greater Norfolk coroner William Armstrong said he could not be certain she committed suicide.

Her father maintains a belief that Miss Ward took her own life because she was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder bought on by her years in the army, and has now vowed to continue with the fight for recognition she began before she died.

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