ANTIDEPRESSANT: City Councilman Candidate’s Wife Attacked Him: Texas

A wife’s story of ovarian cancer and domestic
violence added yet another layer of passion to Garland’s lone contested city

council race Monday night.

Sharp questions, finger-pointing between
incumbent John Willis and challenger David McNeely and a moderator calling for
order had already made for a lively forum. Then, as parties were dismissed,
Donna McNeely stepped to the podium at Shiloh Worship Center.

She told
of being diagnosed with cancer shortly after their marriage in 1997, of
suffering depression after the treatment and of medication that magnified her

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ANTIDEPRESSANT WITHDRAWAL & ALCOHOL: Mother Murders her 3 Year Old Daughter: IL


After an emotional week in court, the Herrin woman on trial for killing her three-year-old daughter has decided not to testify, according to court documents.

Prosecutors began presenting their case against Karrae Starr, 20, by playing the tape of the 911 call she made in late September 2008.

They wrapped it up Friday morning by showing the jury a recording of her interview with investigators, which was conducted hours later.

In the video Starr wore a t-shirt with blood stains on it. She acknowledged the blood belonged to her daughter, Bianca.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Death: Possible Intentional Overdose: Texas

HOUSTON – Roy Moreno is in pain. His 26-year-old son
went to jail Sunday for two traffic warrants, but Nicholas Moreno never walked
out of holding cell D223 in Deer Park.

On Sunday, Moreno was driving home
in Shore Acres. He’d been out with friends.

His father says a block away
from their house he hit this mailbox while trying to avoid neighborhood dogs.
Police were called but left because of shift change.

When the shore acres
officers arrived at Moreno’s house they realized the 26-year-old had traffic
warrants out of Deer Park.

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ANTIDEPRESSANT: School: 14 Yr Old Student Shoots to Death Another 14 Yr Old

MADISON, AL — Both the suspect and victim in Friday’s fatal
Discovery Middle School shooting belonged to the same would-be gang, officials
said Tuesday.

Speaking inside the school in front of a large poster with
Todd Brown’s picture and memorials written by students, authorities gave their
fullest picture so far of the investigation.

Brown, 14, died Friday after
being shot during a class change at the 1,001-student school. The suspect, also

14, has been charged with murder and is being held in a juvenile

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LEXAPRO: Vehicular Manslaughter: No Alcohol: Idaho

HAILEY ­ Nearly a year after Bert Redfern died in a
March 10 car crash on Idaho Highway 75 in Hailey, a Twin Falls man has pleaded
guilty to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter for the fatal crash.

Stevens, 29, of Twin Falls, had been charged with felony vehicular manslaughter.
On Tuesday, just weeks before his district court trial was set to begin, he
pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor, which carries a penalty of up to a year in
prison and a $2,000 fine.

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ANTIDEPRESSANT WITHDRAWAL: Mother’s Baby Missing: Arizona

Bob Johnson said his
granddaughter, Elizabeth, has always been secretive.

“If she didn’t want
you to know something, you ain’t gonna find out,” Johnson said.

He said
moving in and out of five foster homes as a child made her that way. But he said
the straight “A” student also developed an irrational temper that led to bouts
of rage.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Widow Assaults Policemen With her Handbag: England

A mother has been
convicted after “deliberately wielding a handbag” and striking a police

Diminutive Lorna Vinten, 44, charged in to help her son who was
being restrained by four police officers, swinging her small blue handbag
containing her keys, cigarettes and mobile phone.

But despite Redhill
Magistrates’ Court hearing the handbag had struck with the force of a pillow,
Mrs Vinten was convicted of two counts of assault, and resisting a constable in
the execution of his duty.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Suicide: Totally Unexpected: India

LUCKNOW – Mystery continues to
surround the suicide by Uttar Pradesh IAS officer Harminder Raj Singh two days
after he allegedly shot himself dead with his licensed revolver. He was on
anti-depressants for the past six months, sources close to the family

Some of Singh’s friends in the bureaucracy are still shocked over
the death. “Harminder Raj Singh was of the type who would have definitely left
behind something in black in white,” asserted a close friend who prefers
anonymity. Singh’s body was cremated in Delhi Monday afternoon.

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ANTIDEPESSANT: 8 Yr Old Boy Antidepressant-induced Psychosis

WAGGA boy Brayden Rowley has
a good heart, a wonderful sense of humour and a generous soul his loving mum
just hopes others can see that.

Annette Rowley is desperate for a
diagnosis for her beautiful eight-year-old son, but having exhausted every
available avenue through the NSW mental health system, is now not sure where to

After reading Karene Eggleton’s journey in The Weekend Advertiser,
the mother of four young boys felt compelled to come forward and let others know
Ms Eggleton’s son’s struggle to find appropriate care is not an isolated one.

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ANTIDEPRESSANT: Young Man Collapses, Almost Dies: England

South Devon magistrates in
Torquay were told Robert Lane became agitated and angry with ambulance staff who
were trying to revive the 19-year-old man.

Following the case, a
spokesman for the ambulance service said: “Any abuse, whether verbal or
physical, will not be tolerated. The trust takes incidents of this nature very

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