ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Suicide: Totally Unexpected: India

LUCKNOW – Mystery continues to
surround the suicide by Uttar Pradesh IAS officer Harminder Raj Singh two days
after he allegedly shot himself dead with his licensed revolver. He was on
anti-depressants for the past six months, sources close to the family

Some of Singh’s friends in the bureaucracy are still shocked over
the death. “Harminder Raj Singh was of the type who would have definitely left
behind something in black in white,” asserted a close friend who prefers
anonymity. Singh’s body was cremated in Delhi Monday afternoon.

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Merrill Osmond’s Amazing Alternative Health Transformation

Back home, my family searched for answers. Our good friends, Brian and Barb Kuckuck, went to a Young Living convention in California and returned with help — an audio tape and a book by Dr. Ann Blake Tracy.

The tape opened our eyes to the destruction that these drugs can cause in people’s lives. Today, I know that I have a disposition towards depression, but I am not bipolar. I am not psychotic and I do not have a borderline personality disorder. My mental and physical disorders were caused primarily by the medication I was given by my doctors. I lost ten years of my life.

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