Besides all the killing he apparently set his home on fire as well because the bodies of his wives & children had to be pulled out of the burning home. So there was arson, mass murder & suicide, random killing using a bat (baseball bats seem to be very common in antidepressant murders), extreme violence requiring much strength, it happened in the early morning hours, & was all done by a man who had no previous record of violence. It also took place in Oregon where there has been one of the highest uses of antidepressants in the country. So there is a long list here of symptoms of elevated serotonin – clues pointing to the involvement of an antidepressant.

Then the text he sent his father-in-law before killing himself is very odd indicating possible hallucinations of someone else doing the killings while he tried to stop them. “Please forgive me,” the text said. “They took control of my body and did it. I BEGGED THEM NOT TO BUT THEY DID. I’m so sorry.”

These killings also happened very quickly & are so very simjilar to the case out of England I posted just weeks ago where he stabbed his wife, father-in-law, two children, the wife’s friend & her child, before stabbing himself 40 times & slashing his throat & wrists 20 times. We know that was a Prozac-induced murder/suicide attempt. This is much too similar and a case that should be investigated for the involvement of an SSRI without a doubt.

To read the full story click link below:

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