ANTIDEPRESSANT: Three Dead and Two Injured in Mass. Stabbing Spree in Mall

A suicidal man being treated for depression for some time, Arthur Darosa, 28, was taken to a hospital on Monday. And when he visited the hospital on Monday what did they do? Take him off his antidepressant? Increase his dose of his antidepressant? Add another medication to what he was taking?

The FDA has warned that any abrupt change in dose of an antidepressant can cause suicide, hostility and/or psychosis. Once again it appears we have seen all three of those in yet another tragedy.

Upon release Tuesday he went on a stabbing spree first breaking into a home stealing a knife from their kitchen and attacking a mother and daughter there. He then crashed a car into the mall and went on a stabbing spree there killing a total of two and injuring two before being shot and killed himself by an off duty officer. See links to original articles below…

What We Know About Serotonin’s Connection to Violence

From my September 13, 2004 testimony before the FDA:

“Research on serotonin has been clear from the very beginning that the most damaging thing that could be done to the serotonin system would be to impair one?s ability to metabolize serotonin. Yet that is exactly how SSRI antidepressants exert their effects.

“For decades research has shown that impairing serotonin metabolism will produce migraines, hot flashes, pains around the heart, difficulty breathing, a worsening of bronchial complaints, tension and anxiety which appear from out of nowhere, depression, suicide – especially very violent suicide, hostility, violent crime, arson, substance abuse, psychosis, mania, organic brain disease, autism, anorexia, reckless driving, Alzheimer’s, impulsive behavior with no concern for punishment, and argumentative behavior.

“How anyone ever thought it would be “therapeutic” to chemically induce these reactions is beyond me. Yet, these reactions are exactly what we have witnessed in our society over the past decade and a half as a result of the widespread use of these drugs.

“In fact we even have a whole new vocabulary as a result with terms such as “road rage,” “suicide by cop,” “murder/suicide,” “going postal,” “false memory syndrome,” “school shooting,” “bi-polar” – every third person you meet anymore – along with the skyrocketing rates of antidepressant-induced diabetes and hypoglycemia.

“Can you remember two decades ago when depressed people used to slip away quietly to kill themselves rather than killing everyone around them and then themselves as they do while taking SSRI antidepressants?

“A study out of the University of Southern California in 1996 looked at a group of mutant mice in an experiment that had gone terribly wrong. These genetically engineered mice were the most violent creatures they had ever witnessed. They were born lacking the MAO-A enzyme which metabolizes serotonin. As a result their brains were awash in serotonin. This excess serotonin is what the researchers determined was the cause for this extreme violence. Antidepressants produce the same end result as they inhibit the metabolism of serotonin.”

1996 – Mutant Mice May Hold Key To Human Violence – An Excess Of Serotonin.



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