Help a great Charity -KYANI

Hi, I am Ann Blake-Tracy’s daughter who regularly puts all the posts on the site to keep you up to date on these issues. But today I have my own charity request to make…Our company is having a charity Potato Pack donation drive for a destitute region of Chiapas Mexico. This region is the poorest of the poor, with no support whatsoever from their government. In addition to food, our company is also building schools, wells, and hiring teachers and maintenance for each of these programs! Our leaders are committed to changing the lives of these people, including giving several scholarships to individuals to be able to attend online universities here in the US. For the time being, food is clearly the immediate need while these other programs are currently being placed in their community. Each large pack is loaded with added nutrition and feeds a family of 5 adults or 10 children😊! Would you be interested in donating any potato packs today?❤😊 Any help is greatly appreciated! ❤❤❤❤❤!

Just go to the following link:
Potato packs

Then you’ll see the potato pack donation for 24.99. It will ask for your shipping info, don’t worry they will not be shipped to you. There is no shipping cost and it’s a tax write-off. I would really appreciate it if you can donate for this awesome cause. 💕 Thank you so much!