Prisoner of Paxil

“I work as a home health aide, I cringe when I hear our patients being prescribed Paxil.”

My name is Nancy Patton,

I have been on Paxil for several years.

One of the side effects is weight gain. With my Drs assist he took me off Paxil and prescribed another anti depressant.

Each day was a living hell without the Paxil. My Dr. told me a few days Id be ok. I felt like banging my head against a brick wall due to severe headaches and body aches. My co workers are nurses and they we’re very concerned about my well being. I wasn’t the same person. I felt my life was over and what was the point. My husband also concerned told me to go back on the Paxil. I went back on and within 3 days I felt a lot better. I’m still taking the Paxil. I often feel great fear when I think someone will take it off the market . I don’t think I could bear to feel and live in that empty black hole. I truly think I would have to go to a detox unit to get off of Paxil. It’s almost being held a prisoner. I work as a home health aide, I cringe when I hear our patients being prescribed Paxil. Some elderly have dementia and I wonder what their minds would through if they’d stop or forget to take it. This is my sincere account of my experience.

Thank You,

Nancy Patton
Celina, Ohio 45822

Victim of Adderal Abuse

“My story just proves how ignorant psychiatrists are.”

I have been on a few different anti-depressants in the past two years. I started abusing drugs, mainly Adderal, exactly 2 years ago. This led to me getting “depression”. My mom took me to 3 different psychiatrists. The first one put me on Celexa. For a week all I could do was lay on the couch staring outside with tears in my eyes. We went back and they tried me on Effexor XR. It seemed to work, so they continually increased the dose. The doctor was even convinced I had ADHD and gave me a prescription to Adderal, my drug of choice. Eventually we changed psychiatrists. The Effexor was not working anymore, and he decided to try me on Paxil. I was on a high dose of Effexor which he told me to immediately stop taking, and to start taking Paxil the next day.

This naturally sounds like a bad idea, but I listened to him. I experienced what seemed to be an electric storm going on throughout my body. Every time I moved my eyes I would get this shocking pulse from my head down and everything would go blurry for a fraction of a second. Eventually these all went away. It took approximately a month. A year went by where the only thing that seemed to help me was my addiction to abusing drugs.

Hid this well from my parents, and they AND the doctor believed the Paxil was helping. Well a few months ago I was caught by the police abusing Adderal and my parents were obviously informed. I then went to the psychiatrist so we could all talk. At this point, I was high off of 40 mg’s of OxyContin. The psychiatrist had no idea I was on anything, and proceeded to prescribe me the drug I was addicted to for “my ADHD”. I have been clean from all drugs for 8 days now, and feel much happier. I stopped taking the Paxil a few days ago,25 mg’s a day I was on, and am once again experiencing these shocks. I feel sick and am having trouble keeping food down. But I know I have to sit and wait it out. My story just proves how ignorant psychiatrists are and seem to have no clue what their medications or themselves are doing to have not even had a clue what was going on.

Children and Anti Depressants

“…maybe if people speak up, they will stop with this medication.”

I recently wrote a true story regarding my daughter, it is a story of a child’s chilling struggle with “off label” medications. I would very much appreciate for you to post my link, it is a must read for all, maybe if people speak up, they will stop with this medication.

My Link:

R. Janis

Zoloft, Wellbutrin, and Klonopin for Brother’s Bad Marriage

“His life has been tragic since he was prescribed these medications.”

I am so excited and saddened to find this web site!?

My brother was in a bad marriage and went to his doctor for depression (I think he was in the beginning of a nervous breakdown). His doctor prescribed Zoloft, Wellbutrin, and Klonopin.

After about 3 weeks my brother started drinking and had never had a drinking problem before. He then saved the Klonopin and tried to kill himself by overdosing and taking 50 within two days of each other but I found him and his wife took him to the hospital.

He has gone through somewhat psychotic periods mainly when he is drinking. It has been 4 months of absolute torment for him and all of us as his family members. Now he has separated from his wife and is still drinking about a half-gallon of Vodka a day. What can we do? Is there any legal repercussion that can be taken by these victims. His life has been tragic since he was prescribed these medications. He has lost his job, destroyed his vehicle and distanced his children due to his alcohol problem.

Thank you for telling others and for this web site. I thought this was a possibility after reading about serotonin and the way it works. I also think that the genetic predisposition of lack of serotonin is not being taken into consideration by MDs. My dad was an alcoholic and I truly believe he had a problem with hypoglycemia also, he died at the age of 42. In my research and praying for answers to various problems in my family I think genetics has a lot to do with the depression and the drugs made it worse for my brother. If the doctors would research backgrounds of family history by asking the simple questions about alcohol addiction my brother might not be going through this right now.

Thank you once again and if there is anything that you think would help please e-mail me.

Thank YOU

Carol Harper

Effexor Prescribed for PMS

“PMS compared to this would be heavenly!”

I am 45 yr old mother of 4, working full time. I was prescribed Prozac 12 yrs ago , then was changed to Effexor 7 yrs ago and have not been able to stop. The withdrawal’s are too overwhelming and debilitating. Even the slightest reduction 1/8th, starts the withdrawal symptoms. I experience extreme crying spells, horrifying panic attacks, which has sent me to the emergency room, sweating and burning followed by shivering cold spells. I can’t sleep, work or even function . I was prescribed this drug to help with PMS. PMS compared to this would be heavenly! The drug companies need to be held responsible for their actions. I believe their greed became more important than the reason these drugs were developed, to help people. I am a Christian and firmly believe God’s Word, we shall reap what we sow. I would ask other believer’s to join me and pray that these drug companies would reap what they have sown. Destruction. I have not yet gone through ‘the eye of the needle’ withdrawal and freedom but I am believing god to go thru and I will follow. Our country messed up big time. Hopefully god will be merciful and get up through this!

Liz powers


Seroxat Withdrawal

“I would like to sue the makers of Seroxat for the terrible experience, pain and suffering I went through.”

I was put on this drug a few years ago for panic attacks and mild depression. After 12 months I tried to come off it and it was the worst experience of my whole life. For months I felt unwell, sick, dizzy, shaky, depressed (worse than ever before) and eventually I had to be given it in liquid form and reduce by tiny , tiny amounts each week. It took ages to get off it and when I did I felt suicidal. I had to be put onto another anti- depressant a couple of months later as I was so depressed. I have been told I will have to take Sertraline for the rest of my life. I would like to sue the makers of Seroxat for the terrible experience, pain and suffering I went through. I do not have a clue how to go about doing this. I am willing for my experiences to be shared with other people as a warning not to take these drugs if possible. If they can find another way through mild depression they should seek help. However, without Sertraline I become extremely depressed now and I don’t know if its due to side effects of Seroxat affecting my serotonin levels or whether I was really depressed.

J. Kendall


Withdrawing from a Decade of Drugs

“I have a few shopping bags full of drugs given to my son.”

Dear Ann Blake Tracy,

I don’t really know where to begin but I will try. Your website is incredible and anyone thinking of letting the psychiatric system help a loved one or any human for that matter should read your books, listen to your tapes and fine comb your website.

Our horror story began in 1995 and hasn’t stopped as of today Jan. 04, 2004. Our son (only child) is still withdrawing from the treacherous side effects of all the drugs given to him mostly by force throughout the last 10 years.

He is now 29 years old and having missed 10 years of living and learning is just starting to show signs of life.

Watching him almost die in front of me has taken a toll of my body and brain and we are recovering from this ordeal. Unlike many others who have lost their loved ones to these pretentious rehabs and treatment centers has endlessly aged and stolen time from our families happiness and our lives.

I have a few shopping bags full of drugs given to my son. There are hundreds of containers of Luvox, Prozac, Buspar, Ativan, Paxil, Celexa, Thorazine, Mellaril, Serentil, Prolixin, Haldol, Risperdal, Zyprexa, Stool Softeners and many others I cannot remember. In fact I had to take a breather remembering all these poisons.

The suicide attempts and induced anger created by these cocktails of poisons is unspeakable. People who do not understand the routine drugging regime of humans who get caught up in this system need to be informed before we have nothing but drugged humans living on this earth.

There are no quick fixes for human feelings and no drug will prevent anyone from feelings we are born to feel.

We know what Tardive Dyskinesia looks like and we know what acute Akathisia is all about and Tardive Dystonia. We have spent endless nights in emergency rooms and hospitals only to see our son drugged and misunderstood like the others who happen to be locked up at the same time. We have met hundreds who have been warehoused, committed, Conserved, etc. This system is nothing more than a pharmaceutical/psychiatric money making industry damaging humans and their families. We have spent thousands of dollars seeking help with little or no help to be found just more drugging and irreversible damages.

My friends Marilyn, Delores, Cathy, Felicia, Dorothy, Anne and many others know the truths about neuroleptics and SSRI’s. We live with poisoned humans and some of us lived together as we tried everything to help our loved ones withdraw from Mind Altering Chemicals.

Linda Valentine

SSRI’s Almost Cost Me Everything

“I have gone through 4-5 years of hell.”

I am very pleased that I can finally share my story with others who have suffered as I have from what I am certain are SSRI medications.

My story begins in 1998 when I read an article in a major magazine (I don’t remember which one) about the many benefits of SSRI medications. The article hyped the drug up by declaring that CEO’s of corporations where taking it to sharpen their business savvy. The article was provocative, and about a year later I decided to try it. I went to a psychiatrist, and told him that I was depressed and that I suffered from compulsive thoughts, which I new from research were commonly treated with Prozac. The psychiatrist gave me a sample pack and scheduled a follow-up appointment for one week later. One week later, I returned, and was feeling very different, very empowered. I liked it. Little did I know what my new power would yield in the months ahead.

The first stupid mistake I made happened about 2 weeks after starting Prozac; I went to Tijuana with my x-brother in law and hired a Mexican prostitute. Fortunately, I did not think myself so invincible not to use a condom. I practiced “safe sex”. During my next follow-up appointment, when the doctor asked how I was doing, I told him great, and things were looking brighter. I told him the compulsions were gone, and that I was feeling better than ever. I wanted to keep taking the drug so I did not reveal my behavior with the prostitute. In fact, I feared not taking it. I was hooked. About a week after the trip to Mexico, red, itchy, rashes started erupting on my buttock and back. My first thought was that I must have caught something from the prostitute, my second thought was that I was having an allergic response to the Prozac.

I called my doctor and told him and he said that it was very rare to have a reaction after taking the drug for a month. He was surprised, which made me feel almost certain that I caught something from the prostitute. He told me to stop taking the drug immediately (cold turkey!). This was just the beginning of the fall for me. I have gone through 4-5 years of hell since then. It took 2-3 weeks for the huge, red, itchy rashes to subside. During that time, I was terrorized by the thought that I had aids, which was exacerbated by the depression that ensued after stopping Prozac. I was so disturbed, that I confessed to my ex wife (of 8 years) what I had done, having sex with the prostitute. I emotionally collapsed and fell apart, crying since I had had unprotected sex with her less than 5 days after the prostitute. I asked her not to share silverware and toothbrushes with our children (two daughters, ages 3 and 7) just for precautions. I went to a local clinic that did free anonymous HIV screening to get tested; I had insurance through my ex-employer, but was afraid that if I were positive, my employer would be informed. I was in a full blown crisis. The results of the screening came back negative, but I did not believe it.

When I went to my next psychiatric appointment, the doctor prescribed Zoloft for me. Despite all the things that happened while on Prozac, I was eager to feel “undepressed” again. I started Zoloft, but it made me feel worse. After about a month, the doctor upped my dose. Again, I wanted to feel better, so I took it. A couple days after upping the dose, hot flashes consumed me day and night. During the day my body was billowing off heat, and at night I soaked the bed with sweat. I was so delirious that I did not think it was the Zoloft and did not think to take my temperature; I thought it was the HIV virus. I decided after about a week of this, that I would stop taking the Zoloft and stop going to the psychiatrist. The hot flashes diminished and went away after about two days. However, after about 4-5 days neurogentic pain swept across my face, neck, lower abdomen, and arm pits. It was incredibly painful, constant, and burning mostly around my eyes, roof of my mouth, tongue, and gums. I would rate it as a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. In addition, my intestines constantly cramped and my bowels rumbled. My stools were loose to diarrhea. My physical deterioration made it nearly impossible to continue working, but I persisted in excruciating pain.

After a few months, I was certain I was dying. I went to a family practitioner, and told him the entire story. He ran a plethora of tests, including HIV since I informed him about the prostitute. Everything came back negative. He told me I was likely depressed, and that the my abdominal distress, and neuropathic pain were symptoms of my depression. He prescribed Paxil. I was so desperate that I took it. Paxil made me feel a lot like Prozac did, and before long I began incurring the hatred of everyone around me, but it did not alleviate my neuropathic pain at all. After several months on Paxil, one day I left work to go to lunch, and did not go back. I called the regional manager and told him that I quit on voice mail. My wife came home from work, and I told her that I quit my job, just walked out. That was the craziest thing that I had ever done in my life. I found another job, doing the same line of work, and was fired (first time ever being fired) after deliberately throwing important document into my trash can, costing the company three thousand dollars. Even worse, when interviewed about it, I admitted doing it and doing it intentionally. My supervisor said “I cant believe you did that”. About that time, I also decided to get a tattoo (never had one before), ran my credit card up to the max (never even used one before), dyed my hair ink black (first time dying my hair), began beating my wife (never did that before), bought a junky car for an outrageous price(out of character), and was behaving violently towards my children. After losing my job and insurance, I never went back to the physician. The doctor never suggested that I was having adverse reactions to the Paxil.

I found another job, and was fired after a week (second time being fired in 3 weeks). I was in a tailspin. I was so physically weak and mentally disarrayed that I could not get out of bed. My ex wife said something that provoked me, and I pushed her to the floor in front of my daughters. She bumped her head on the floor and lost consciousness. My girls were screaming and crying. Their once calm and collective father had become a monster. I will never forget their crying faces and voices saying “mommmmmmy, mommmmmmy”. When my ex wife awakened she called the police, and stormed out of the house. After the police came and inspected the house, I packed up a suitcase and left the state to reside with my parents in another state. I dread to think of what I might have done if I stayed. I know now that I was capable of doing great harm because the SSRI medications eroded my conscience away to nothing. I have not taken any SSRI’s since the day that I drove out of Los Angeles on that terrible day.

I successfully got off of the drugs by seeking professional counseling (6 months once a week), exercise, nutrition, and persistence. I found medical help for my neuralgia at the VA hospital in Portland, Oregon; I am an air force veteran of six years. I currently take 50mg of amitryptelene per day to alleviate the constant burning sensation on the roof of my mouth and face that I still bear . Since coming to Portland and getting off SSRI’s, I finished my Bachelors of Science degree at Portland State University, and am a senior, going to graduate in June, from Walla Walla school of nursing. I choose nursing because of my own experience with illness and aim to help others in crisis. I will be an RN soon and will be practicing. My long term goal is to be a nurse practitioner. Heaven willing I won’t be fooled by advertisers or anyone else into buying and taking anything so harmful for me again. SSRI’s almost cost me everything.

I hope this testimony will be of some consolation to others who have shared in similar experience.

Scott Ferguson

Prozac and Alcohol

“I have experienced blackouts when drinking alcohol and engaging in embarrassing and even dangerous behaviors during the blackouts.”

I want to share my recent experience with Prozac. My e-mail address may be posted, but not my name.

I have taken Prozac for close to 15 years, and I would have to say it has provided relief from my depression. Several months ago, I was going through an ugly marital separation and other problems and felt very depressed again. My doctor doubled my Prozac dosage from 20 mg. to 40 mg.

I have always been a social/moderate drinker, consuming 1-2 glasses of wine with dinner most evenings. It never presented a problem on the 20 mg. of Prozac. However, since increasing my dosage, I have experienced blackouts when drinking alcohol and engaging in embarrassing and even dangerous behaviors during the blackouts. I am also craving alcohol in a way I never have before. I also feel that my short-term memory has been negatively impacted.

It has taken me several months to make the connection between my recent behavior and the altered Prozac dosage, but I am absolutely convinced the first is a result of the second.


Misdiagnosis Destroyed My Life

“I went from a young women to an old lady, homebound and sick.”


I hope this group will help me, my story is unbelievable, in my eyes, for the very reason that I had trust in doctors and in the system to help me, I was wrong. When all went wrong from a misdiagnosis, and taken a harmful drug that has destroyed my life, my health, my economy. I went from a young women to an old lady, homebound and sick.

This nightmare has been going on for 10 years, and I will not live long, and I will not get help due to organized doctors groups, that has financial interest by big time investments here, around America and the world.

This should not happen in America today, and not to be able to get help, even though I am just skin and bones, with everything going wrong with my system

Due to my experience I KNOW what has to be changed to stop too many people from dying in this country.

If you like to here more, and if there is a doctor out there, let me know.

Thanks for listening,