Victim of Adderal Abuse

“My story just proves how ignorant psychiatrists are.”

I have been on a few different anti-depressants in the past two years. I started abusing drugs, mainly Adderal, exactly 2 years ago. This led to me getting “depression”. My mom took me to 3 different psychiatrists. The first one put me on Celexa. For a week all I could do was lay on the couch staring outside with tears in my eyes. We went back and they tried me on Effexor XR. It seemed to work, so they continually increased the dose. The doctor was even convinced I had ADHD and gave me a prescription to Adderal, my drug of choice. Eventually we changed psychiatrists. The Effexor was not working anymore, and he decided to try me on Paxil. I was on a high dose of Effexor which he told me to immediately stop taking, and to start taking Paxil the next day.

This naturally sounds like a bad idea, but I listened to him. I experienced what seemed to be an electric storm going on throughout my body. Every time I moved my eyes I would get this shocking pulse from my head down and everything would go blurry for a fraction of a second. Eventually these all went away. It took approximately a month. A year went by where the only thing that seemed to help me was my addiction to abusing drugs.

Hid this well from my parents, and they AND the doctor believed the Paxil was helping. Well a few months ago I was caught by the police abusing Adderal and my parents were obviously informed. I then went to the psychiatrist so we could all talk. At this point, I was high off of 40 mg’s of OxyContin. The psychiatrist had no idea I was on anything, and proceeded to prescribe me the drug I was addicted to for “my ADHD”. I have been clean from all drugs for 8 days now, and feel much happier. I stopped taking the Paxil a few days ago,25 mg’s a day I was on, and am once again experiencing these shocks. I feel sick and am having trouble keeping food down. But I know I have to sit and wait it out. My story just proves how ignorant psychiatrists are and seem to have no clue what their medications or themselves are doing to have not even had a clue what was going on.

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